Urban One’s Radio Stations Go With Bohn Boost


The multimedia company superserving African American consumers has reached a deal with Alabama-based Bohn Broadcast Enterprises to deploy its wireless services and hardware to strategic locations with the publicly traded company — including transmitter sites and remote broadcast deployments.

Urban One will now use MaxxKonnect services; they are being utilized in both primary and backup/standby capacities.

Data for all MaxxKonnect deployments within the Radio One division will be pooled to allow for greater flexibility during times of emergency use and disaster recovery.

Urban One’s radio stations are also now using MaxxPhone, Bohn Broadcast’s POTS replacement service, at select locations.

Josh Bohn, President/CEO of Bohn Broadcast Enterprises, notes that Urban One radio stations in Indianapolis were early adopters of MaxxKonnect.

“Their use for broadcasts at the Indianapolis 500, as well as their multiple transmitter site deployments, has proven the value of priority LTE internet in broadcast settings,” Bohn said.

John Soller, Corporate Vice President of Engineering for Urban One’s radio division, said, “We have found MaxxKonnect to be an extremely useful and reliable tool for the backhaul of remote audio as well as emergency STL applications. The ROI is very short and can usually be justified by the elimination of a single POTS, DSL or ISDN circuit.”

MaxxKonnect is available directly through Bohn Broadcast Services at www.bohnbroadcast.com, as well as through BSW at www.bswusa.com.