Bon Jovi using radio to catapult recording sales


Car RadioThe next album due out from Bon Jovi is set for a 3/26/13 release, but the first single is coming out right now, and the musician and his label, Island Records, is using radio across the globe to create a big splash.

The album is “What About Now,” and the first single is “Because We Can.” According to Island, its availability on iTunes is deliberately coincidental with its release on global radio – or as they put it a bit more emphatically, it’s “…Coinciding With Global Radio Launch!” The exclamation point is theirs.

Other singles will be released in advance of the availability of the full album, and a North American tour by the artist kicks off 2/9/13.

Island Records is part of the Univeral Music Group.

RBR-TVBR observation: Again we have to point out that if radio was such a blight on the music industry they would be doing whatever they could to cut radio airplay out of the equation. Of course, the reality is just the opposite – they do everything they can to GET radio airplay. To expect radio stations to pay for the right to grant the airplay the labels crave on top of that just seems a little silly, doesn’t it?