Brett Favre joins Sears campaign


The anticipation surrounding Brett Favre’s decision to sign with a football team has reached a fever pitch. So, it was with the secrecy and security of a presidential summit that Favre flew into Chicago on 7/20, walked onto the set and taped a television commercial for his new “team” – the Sears Blue Electronics Crew. The TV spot, scheduled to air in early September, launches the Sears Blue Electronics Crew campaign, which includes print, events marketing, social media and PR.

The TV commercial features Favre agonizing over selecting a new LED television. The scene unfolds through a discussion between Favre and a member of the Sears Blue Electronics Crew (actor Brad Morris from “The Second City” comedy club in Chicago). The two banter as Favre is undecided on his decision about a Samsung LED TV. In one scene, Morris describes Sears “real time price checks – no regrets” – as a way to help guys who have a tough time making decisions. “You know the type, right?” Morris says. “Yeah, I hate those guys,” Favre quips.

Eddie Coms, Divisional VP/CMO of Sears Holding Electronics, tells RBR/TVBR the national campaign will air on NFL programming as well as college programming, predominantly on the weekends: “You’ll also see the GRPs rounded off in other male-focused programming, whether it is The History Channel. Discovery Channel, etc. But the tonnage of our spend is around football programming—live games and some pre-and post games.”

He added that ESPN in particular will be a buy for both TV and Radio. “And just because we are rounding off our reach, there will be some minor syndication play.  There is a chance you will be watching Seinfeld late at night and catch it, but that is a very minor portion of it.”

The entire campaign starts in September and runs for a couple of months.