Bring in the oxygen tanks Pt I


I wonder if radio was fixed what some of these radio bloggers would write about. When there is time, which is very little, I scan a number of blogs just to read the latest rant and raves. Some are interesting. Some want ya to dial 911 to report code blue – heart attack in process. Some are down right comical.

Here is one for you because it is dramatic and has truth it to. If you wait for the ivory tower CEO’s to fix it best dial 911 now – code blue. — Jim Cramer’s Mad Cap Recap: Dead Air: Why Radio Stocks Should Not Be Touched.

Jim Cramer’s Mad Cap Recap: Dead Air: Why Radio Stocks Should Not Be Touched. Video content from CNBC

Carnegie observation: Last Monday, 3/10/08, Cramer’s view dealing with radio stocks that are so broken they just are not fit to own. Viewing the video on wide screen mode he’s pulling no punches so be prepared for a dramatization as Cramer is dressed as a walking billboard for XM/Sirius while beating the living crap out of radio companies and he names these companies. Got to remember Cramer has been dumped by just about every radio network provider and in my view in today’s cable biz he is their shock jock. Get past the shock as many of his dramatic comments do make sense when dealing with ‘Why Radio Stocks Should Not Be Touched’. 

Cramer compared stock prices today to a few years back. See if you agree or disagree with Cramer I pulled via our RBR archives closing prices compared in time; 2004 vs 2008.

Closing Friday March 14, 2008


Closing Friday March 12, 2004


CNBC’s Cramer may go over board on his dramatic presentation after all the show is call MAD, but maybe he is not so crazy after all as the numbers speak for themselves.

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