Broadcast, Multimedia Distributor OKs Exclusive IBA Partnership


The recently formed Independent Broadcasters Association has forged a partnership with a top distributors in the broadcast and multimedia space. This gives member radio stations access to parts and service and new inventory.

The agreement is with Broadcast Depot, and brings member-only deals to IBA stations.

“Our goal is to provide a one stop shop for members of the IBA, where they can utilize
Broadcast Depot as a resource for knowledge, service, planning and equipment
acquisitions,” U.S. sales manager Tim Jobe said. “It has also proven beneficial for us and
our clients to have a partnership with Balboa Capital where we can present financing
options and jump the hurdles that usually slow projects and reaching goals.”

The IBA presently boasts membership of 1,500 independently owned radio stations.

IBA President Ron Stone, who heads Adams Radio Group, says, “This was one of the most important partnerships we wanted to solidify for IBA members. Having an equipment provider that can respond quickly, provide industry leading prices and provide our members with potential finaancing when needed was incredibly important.”