Broadcaster named Oklahoma Poet Laureate


In one of his last acts as Governor of Oklahoma, Brad Henry (D) appointed a new State Poet Laureate. That poet is also a daily radio host, but if you’ve guessed that he broadcasts on a non-commercial, artsy station, you’d be wrong.

KWHW-AM Altus broadcasts Country music, farm reports and lots of local news and information. One of its most beloved personalities is morning host Eddie D. Wilcoxen, who has written seven volumes of poetry and one non-fiction work. His newest book, “Faith, Hope and Poetry,” is to be released next month.

“It was really a thrill to get the call announcing my appointment as Poet Laureate. Poetry has been such a source of comfort and inspiration to me that I can’t help but feel honored to have the chance to visit and talk to people all across the state. I’m really looking forward to the adventure of sharing stories and poems,” said Wilcoxen.

The new Poet Laureate will serve through 2011 and 2012.

Audio files of Wilcoxen reading some of his poems and stories are available on his website, which also sells his books. His morning show is streamed live as well as broadcast locally.

RBR-TVBR observation: Live and local is what makes radio really personal. Let us hope that unique local personalities such as Eddie Wilcoxen never become extinct.