Broadcasters and wireless see eye-to-eye in opposing spectrum fees


The battle over incentive auctions in the television band of spectrum has had broadcasters and wireless associations – namely NAB and CTIA – at loggerheads for some time. But they did find a area of strong common ground – an administration proposal to cut into the deficit by raising billions of dollars in spectrum fees from FCC license holders.

The groups object to a portion of the American Jobs Act that seeks to bring in $4B over ten years on the backs of FCC-regulated businesses, and have written to the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction to make their views known.

They point out that all FCC licensees already pay a great deal of cash to the government to maintain their licenses, and question whether hitting these companies for money that could better be spent on capital investment and, as a result, new jobs is a wise choice.

In addition to NAB and CTIA, the letter is signed by The Satellite Industry Association, National Religious Broadcasters and PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Foundation.