Broadcasters Gathering in Washington


NAB / National Association of Broadcasters600 member of the broadcast and radio communities are discussing issues this week at the NAB State Leadership Conference. And NAB celebrated the occasion by advertising in the Capitol Hill news organs.

The NAB ad states:

“Informing communities. Providing a lifeline during emergencies. Helping neighbors in need. Reporting the facts and uncovering the truth.

“This week, broadcasters from across the country will meet with their legislators to share the many ways they serve their local communities each and every day.

“Local stations are an integral part of every town and city, providing viewers and listeners – your constituents – with the best local news, emergency warnings, most-popular entertainment and sports they rely on. Through digital apps, social media and new technologies, we are enhancing the delivery of the content and services our communities value.

“And when other services are unavailable, local radio and TV broadcasters are still on – still there when it matters most.

“We are America’s broadcasters.”