Buffalo indy wins carriage battle with TWC


There are ten counties in the Buffalo NY DMA, but Time Warner Cable carries independent WBBZ-TV in only two of them. That’s about to change.

WBBZ licensee ITV of Buffalo took its carriage complaint to the FCC, pressing its right to be carried throughout the DMA.

It turns out part of the problem was the delivery of a usable signal from the television station to TWC’s various headends.

TWC objected to ITV’s complaints on procedural grounds, but said that if the FCC did in fact find in ITV’s favor, it must put the burden of providing the necessary equipment to deliver the signal on the station.

ITV had no problem with that – bringing that portion of the dispute to a resolution.

Score one for WBBZ.

Part two involves dual digital/analog carriage of WBBZ. ITV demanded it; TWC argued that since the dual carriage requirement is in a sunset period, and that it does not intend to carry both signals going into 2013, it should not be required to honor the request.

The FCC essentially said there was a reason for the interim period and stated, “Therefore, we deny TWC’s request for digital only carriage of WBBZ and require that it carry the station in analog until TWC satisfies the conditions allowing digital only carriage…” as stipulated in the respective order.

Score another for WBBZ – that’s game, set and match.