Buyer pulls MS AM off the deleted list


The owners of WONA AM-FM in Winona MS decided they could get along just fine with the FM alone and asked the FCC to go ahead and pull the plug on the AM. But an experienced radio owner came along and offered to buy the station and restore it to life.

Sharon Kent’s Southern Electronics Company is the seller. It picks up the nominal price of $5K for the station.

The buyer is Brantley Broadcast Associates, a subsidiary of R3 Partners, which is owned by Paul, Joan, Lee and Lyle Reynolds. They hold stations and CPs for stations in Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana and Utah.

In addition to paying the $5K, the buyers agreed to handle all fees associated with the acquisition, including getting the license reinstated. It is currently listed as licensed but silent by the FCC.

The facility is a Class D on 1570 kHz with 1 kW-D and 25 W-N off a non-directional antenna. Winona is in unlicensed territory in the central part of Mississippi.