Camping takes another stab at rapture date


Family Stations radio group founder Harold Camping has spent a lifetime studying the Bible, with a civil engineer’s mind, and says his studies have enabled him to calculate the date of the world’s end. And it’s on a faster track than the one the Mayans and Hollywood have noted.

According to San Francisco Chronicle, Camping has determined that the 2012 predictions are tardy, and that the last day will be 5/21/11.

Camping had earlier predicted a final day, 9/6/94, and admitted to the possibility that his math was off at that time.

Family Stations is a non-commercial broadcasting group based in Oakland CA, heard on KEAR-AM San Francisco and on other O&O radio stations and translators scattered throughout the US, and also has a Class A television station in San Francisco and a full power TV in Newark NJ.