Cancer-fighter Imus hit by cancer


Syndicated radio host Don Imus announced on his show Monday morning that he has been diagnosed with stage two prostate cancer. Imus said the cancer has not spread and that his doctors have told him it can be treated and likely cured. He joked on the air about his New Mexico charity ranch: “So I’m changing the name of the Imus Cattle Ranch for Kids with Cancer to the Imus Cattle Ranch for Kids with Cancer and Me.”

The list of prostate cancer survivors is long, including Sen. John Kerry, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former FCC Chairman Al Sikes, to name just a few of the well-known ones. Imus said he got the diagnosis last Wednesday. And while he has confidence in his doctors, he plans to go to see specialists in San Francisco for a second opinion.

“They’re predicting that they can treat it, and they can cure it,” Imus said, before complaining that the doctors have been unwilling to give him a “wiener warranty.”

As it happens, Imus will be before a live audience today as he takes his show on the road to Boston where affiliate WTKK-FM will host him for the 10th annual “Kiss Me I’m Imus” live St. Patrick’s Day broadcast. A special online charity auction was held last week for premium box seats to the event with all proceeds benefiting the Imus Cattle Ranch for Kids with Cancer. 

“Don Imus is a true fighter and all of us at the network are in his corner pulling for him. I know he is optimistic and has a great deal of confidence in his doctors who are providing excellent treatment. We know that as he faces this challenge he will emerge successful as he has throughout his life and career,” said a statement from Jim Robinson, President, ABC Radio Networks, which syndicates Imus’ show for radio.

Imus, through a spokesperson, issued this statement: “Don appreciates the good wishes he’s already received from his listeners and viewers. After years at the Imus Ranch surrounded by inspirational children battling cancer, Don is well-prepared to fight this. And no, this does not make him eligible for the kids’ rodeo competition,” said Matthew Hiltzik.

Don Imus broadcasts his show daily from WABC-AM in New York and is seen on RFD-TV.  The “Imus in the Morning Program” is nationally syndicated through ABC Radio Networks.   
RBR/TVBR observation: No cancer is good, but this is one with a pretty high successful cure rate. After all the abuse Don subjected his body to back in his drugs and alcohol days, surely it will be able to beat back prostate cancer as well! Seriously, our hopes and prayers are with you, I-Man.