Cannon fodder for husband and wife


SoldKQCB-FM will be the only station for Mark and Mickie Evans once they close on their acquisition of the Cannon Beach OR facility.

Their license company is Spinlogic Enterprises Inc. Their son Andrew also has a role in the company but is not credited with a stake in it.

The seller is Calcomm Stations Oregon LLC, headed by Johanne L. Miller.

The price is heavily backloaded with seller paper. The deal is valued at $170K, with $42.5K paid in cash and the remainder pursuant to terms of a promissory note. $50K of the price is allocated to tangible personal property, and $120K to intangibles and good will.

The station is a C3 on 94.9 MHz with 7 kW-H, 1.2 kW-V @ 302’. It is located on the northern portion of the Oregon coast, south of where the Columbia River empties into the Pacific Ocean and a distance northwest of Portland.