Carl T. Jones Sr. Passes


Carl-JonesCarl T. Jones Senior passed away at the age of 92 earlier this week.

He began his career as a radio engineer in 1946 while attending Catholic University, working for Consulting Radio Engineers in Washington. In 1949, he began working at the FCC, where Jones was involved in the final allocation of UHF and VHF television channel assignments throughout the U.S. While at the FCC, Jones was a technical advisor during hearings to select the final color television standard, which was used until the digital transmission standard was implemented in 2009.

Jones partnered with George Gautney in 1953 to found Gautney & Jones Communications Engineers, specializing in directional antenna design, adjustment and licensing for owners like Capital Cities Communications, Taft Broadcasting, Newhouse Broadcasting, Belo Broadcasting, United Broadcasting and Buckley Broadcasting. After George Gautney’s retirement in 1976, the firm continued under Carl’s direction as Carl T. Jones Associates and later as Carl T. Jones Corporation. Carl owned and operated radio stations in Clovis, California and Prince Frederick, Maryland and was part owner of 50,000 Watt Radio Station KDWN in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Carl Senior retired in 1985 and his son, Carl Jones who goes by “Tom,” runs the firm. He tells RBR+TVBR his dad “lived a full life.”

There will be a private family service.