Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s say “Don’t Fall for the McHype”


The two CKE Restaurants burger chains have a message for America: Don’t believe the McHype. McDonald’s recently launched Angus Third Pounders. CKE will be offering a money-back guarantee if they don’t agree that Hardee’s Thickburgers or Carl’s Jr.’s Six Dollar Burgers are better tasting than Mickey D’s Angus. The offer will begin in mid-September and will be supported with advertising.

In addition, since turnabout is fair play, Carl’s Jr. locations throughout the Western states will launch the company’s newest product: The Big Carl. A counterpunch to McDonald’s iconic burger, the Big Carl has twice the meat as a Big Mac, twice the cheese and sells for just $2.49 or less in most restaurants. The Big Mac ranges in price, but averages more than $3.

An ad campaign supporting The Big Carl will begin airing starting today as well. The commercials, created by Mendelsohn Zien Advertising, can be viewed at