Cars that need a marketing boost


AutoAn online automobile website says there are some automobiles out there that it believes should be “flying off dealer lots,” but for some reason aren’t attracting the love they so richly deserve. Perhaps your station can help move some of them.

The list comes from online new and used car resource

“Good products usually sell themselves, but that’s not always the reality,” said executive editor, Joe Wiesenfelder. “There are so many great options on the market and these 10 vehicles are no exception. Our editors recommend that car shoppers research and test drive these models if they’re already shopping for similar cars.  They might even get a good deal because these are not moving off lots as fast as some of their competitors.”

The list of top ten underappreciated vehicles:

* Ford Flex—This seven-seat gem is terrific, yet it’s outsold five-to-one by the Ford Explorer.

* Suzuki Kizashi—An efficient sedan that’s fun to drive and has a stunningly high-quality interior.

* Mazdas (all models)—These fun-to-drive vehicles are just as good as the competition but lag competitors, sometimes drastically, in sales.

* Kia Optima—With its handsome exterior, high-quality interior and generous standard-equipment endowment, there’s no question why the Optima was chosen as’s Best of 2011.

* Hyundai Genesis—It was awarded our top honor when introduced in 2009, and has only improved since.

* Nissan Quest—With a troubled past, the new, competitive, high-quality Quest has yet to build a name for itself.

* Dodge Challenger— Voted’s Shoppers’ Choice Award winner in 2012, it is roomier and far more comfortable than virtually all of its direct, better-selling competitors.

* Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen—A surprisingly versatile, fun car that beats many of its trendy crossover competitors.

* Chevrolet Avalanche—It does the work, serves as a five-seat SUV or full-length pickup truck, and comes from a trusted truck brand.

* Chevrolet Volt—Though GM’s sales expectations were too high, the Volt definitely deserves more success than it’s seen.

RBR-TVBR observation: OK, broadcast salespeople. It may be that all these cars need a little advertising help. This is your lead sheet. Now get out there and sell!