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Hispanics: ‘Good For Business Growth’

"Companies that plan to reemerge and grow in 2021 would be wise to include Hispanic consumers in their strategic business growth plans," notes David Mesas, with Claritas. "Hispanics are critical to our country’s recovery, and they will be major drivers for our growth and expansion over the next 5-10 years." Are your stations speaking to them?

An ‘Outcomes Database’ Is Created At Nielsen

Now from Nielsen: a database designed to leverage the company’s global scale to establish syndicated normative (norms) standards for campaign outcomes measurement.

Local Ad Buying Is Returning to ‘Normal’

"They're far from feeling great about the economy, but the ad buyers in our latest panel are emitting positive vibes," says Gordon Borrell of Borrell Associates' freshly minted look at ad buying habits from small and medium-sized businesses. Could this be good news for broadcast media, or another lump of coal and direct mail and local digital instead benefit?

Skyview Networks To Rep AP

International news organization the Associated Press (AP) has reached a multi-year network audio sales agreement with Skyview Networks.

A Connected TV Planning and Portfolio Optimization Platform Arrives

An advertising technology company has unveiled what it is calling a "significant enhancement" to its portfolio optimization product, used for predicting and planning advertisers’ "most premium and high impact TV, connected TV (CTV) and digital video investments."

Cleaning Supplies and Wellness Products: Ad Categories Ripe For Growth

As cleaning, safety and wellness products continue to be a priority for American households, spending on this segment has increased 34% since COVID-related worries began at the end of February. These findings are part of new data released by CPG brand ad effectiveness research consultancy NCSolutions (NCS).

How AI Plays a Critical Role in Maximizing TV, Radio Ad Performance

A new Veritone study finds that live reads, organic mentions and visual integration "vastly improve campaign performance and outperform prerecorded spots by more than double." But, the AI-focused attribution services company says most radio and TV stations aren’t able to automatically and accurately measure in-content live reads and organic mentions.

Triton Digital Activates A Political Data Cloud for Streaming Audio

Advertisers can now purchase digital audio inventory on an audience-addressable basis according to political interests and behaviors. It's a capability made possible through the targeting capabilities within the Political Data Cloud by Tru Optik, an "identity resolution" platform seen across "Over The Top" platforms, Connected TV (CTV) and streaming audio.
NFL / National Football League

NFL’s Return Sparks Spots. So Does Joe Biden

For the week ending Sept. 13, the Media Monitors Spot 10 TV report has two notable entries. The first shows that the National Football League used spot television to promote its unique start to the new season, given the COVID-19 pandemic. The other relates to the Democratic presidential candidate.

Babbeling Bucks Rolling To Radio

The latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report is out, and a language-learning software gaining in top-of-mind awareness -- and consumer use -- has emerged as one of the year's more active campaigns involving AM and FM broadcast stations.

Four Killer Questions That Can Make or Break Your Hiring Process

You want to hire the best sales reps possible. Before you make an offer to your top candidate, frame your decision with these guidelines, says Barrett Riddleberger, CEO of xPotential Selling Inc.

Nielsen Debt Offering Price On News of Location-based Measurement Ax

Nielsen is shutting down its 12-year-old place-based video networks measurement service. But, don't fret: this service is different from its currency-grade out-of-home measurement that estimates viewing of content done outside of the home.

AdLarge, IBA Alliance Results In Two New ‘Independent Station’ Nets

The Independent Broadcasters Association (IBA) has forged a network radio ad sales partnership with New York City-based AdLarge Media. The arrangement will result in the creation of two new independent radio station networks.

Predicting Post-Pandemic Media Consumption

The first wave of a post-pandemic survey has been commissioned, and its goal is to explore the impact that COVID-19 has had on entertainment, leisure, and lifestyle habits. It includes a special focus on changes in television services used and viewing behaviors.

Hispanic Lives, Livelihoods In the COVID-19 Recovery

Hispanics and Latinos are key to the nation's recovery. However, a trio of McKinsey researchers conclude, this important and growing population group has been "damaged disproportionately" by the COVID-19 pandemic. Their recommendation? Targeted interventions are required to improve their health and economic outcomes.

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