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D&I … And ‘A Lack of Multicultural Marketing’

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives have reached full tilt across Corporate America. Now, there is a growing realization that "DEI," or D&I, action is no replacement for marketing and advertising to ethnic consumers. That's the crux of a statement being sent by the Hispanic Marketing Council today to Fortune 1000 Chief Marketing Officers and the media.

The 2021 U.S. Broadband Forecast: ‘Lifted by Rising Digital Home Profiles’

U.S. broadband providers are carrying considerable momentum out of the pandemic despite increased competition and impending service maturity with penetrations nearing 90% of occupied households. That's according to the updated forecast from Kagan.
Chris Ripley

Sinclair’s Plan to ‘Reinvent How Media Is Transacted’

A multi-year enterprise partnership agreement has been executed, one that will see Sinclair become the first local television broadcaster to consolidate all sellable assets across its platforms and markets into a single ad sales system, creating a unified brand experience for customers and sellers.

Canada’s First Self-Serve Ad Platform for TV, Digital Arrives

One of Canada's biggest communications companies has forged a strategic alliance with an advanced ad tech company designed to leverage its platform, enabling it to deliver "a proprietary omni-channel demand-side platform (DSP)" for advertisers.
Federico Garza

Telemundo Snags iHeart Pro For Research Strategy and Insights Post

NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises has a new SVP of Research Strategy and Insights. In this role, this individual joins the company to lead research, insights and analytics to inform programming, marketing and digital strategies across the portfolio. He joins from iHeartMedia and reports to Mónica Gil.

MSI, MSN Forge Strategic Partnership

"With our tutelage, we can better prepare the MSI graduates to address the position for which they are applying," notes Media Staffing Network CEO and founder Laurie Kahn. "Sadly, many colleges and universities are not as up to date on what a recent graduate should include on their resumes."

Rising Through the Ranks, Virtually

The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI), and the Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio (MIW) Group will conduct its 13th annual Rising Through the Ranks program as a virtual event.

A QSR Returns To Active Action at Spot Radio

The latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report is out, and it shows a big new entrant to the latest review of the top brands using AM and FM radio to reach consumers. It's a quick service restaurant chain, and it is the only one on the latest report. And, it's not the Golden Arches.

QSRs and Cars: The TV Ad Trend

The latest Media Monitors Spot Ten TV report is out, and it looks like a QSR that's heating it up at spot radio is equally fond of reaching consumers via spot television. We've also got the latest look at the Spot Ten Cable report.
Kelly Abcarian

Ex-Nielsen Exec Abcarian Shifts to NBCUni Role

Until this morning, it was largely understood that a 16-year Nielsen veteran who had been a highly visible member of the company's global audience measurement team would be transitioning to Roku. That's not the case, as it is now known this Nielsen pro isn't going to Roku. Instead, she's going to a Comcast arm.

A New Auto Insurance Leader at Spot TV

When it comes to spot TV, a competitor for Progressive, Allstate and GEICO has risen to the top in the latest look at brand activity by play count, courtesy of Media Monitors. A fresh Spot Ten Cable report has also been released by the iHeartMedia-owned ad tracking firm.

A Big Spot Radio Lead For A Big Home Improvement Brand

The latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report is out, and it's very clear who wins the home improvement retailer battle when it comes to spot count. Lowe's has been practically silent with its radio advertising, while Menards continues to use radio where it has stores. Nationally, there's no competition.

A Learning Opportunity on Automating the Ad Buy and Sell Process

Members of the Media Ad Sales Council (MASC), an industry advocacy group founded by the media technology provider, will lead Matrix's April Media Ad Sales Summit "Candid Conversation," which is focused on automating the buy/sell manual transactions and processes.

Veritone Extends Its Audacy Agreement

The continuation of the agreement arms Audacy’s 235+ stations nationwide with the ability "to seamlessly ingest, index, organize and analyze its media" through the use of Veritone Discovery, an AI-powered content search and analysis application.

Can A Sales Leader Be A No-Experience Rookie?

Can a non-sales person lead a sales team? Of course, says sales training expert Barrett Riddleberger. Many companies have leaders over sales teams that have never made a sales call in their life. In fact, many small business owners are the sales managers of their sales teams and have never been a sales rep, either. In this column, Riddleberger shares three reasons why, in his view, experience matters.
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