Walgreens Pharmacy

Walgreens Seeks To Win Over Radio Listeners

Walgreens is in a battle with CVS/Pharmacy, as CVS Health ponders an acquisition with Aetna. The drug store/convenience store marketplace is hypercompetitive, and Walgreens wants to stay top-of-mind with all customers. This could explain its activity at radio stations tracked by Media Monitors for the week ending Oct. 29.

MRC Issues New Standards For Digital Audience-Based Measurement

The Media Rating Council (MRC) has released new standards for digital audience-based measurement — a 69-page document that offers much detail as to how it arrived at its new standards. While the new standards build on the MRC’s prior work on viewable impression measurement and invalid traffic filtration requirements, they spell out recommended practices for the collection and processing of information used in the assignment of audience characteristics to impression-level data. The concept of Duration Weighting for video ads is also now included in the MRC's standards.

Katz TV Grows Its Partnerships & Development Team

New York-based television advertising sales company Katz Television Group is bring on three media executives that are joining its Partnerships and Development team. The moves are effective immediately, with the trio of new hires each reporting to EVP Doug Pfaff.

New Study Shows Context, Language Targeting Matter

With increased discussion among marketers about reaching "diverse" consumer groups, in addition to traditional multicultural groups, understanding how to best reach this important segment of spenders is more crucial than ever. A newly released study from MAGNA and Univision suggests that — at least with digital video ads — contextual targeting can double purchase intent among Hispanics. It also sends a message that communication on Spanish-language radio and television is paramount for achieving truly exceptional brand ROI.

Pandora Purchases AdsWizz In Digital Audio Ad Play

A global leader in digital audio ad technology has just been gobbled up by an audio streaming giant in need of a revenue jolt. The deal is designed to allow Pandora to "upgrade its ad tech capabilities, provide its advertisers with greater audience reach, and expand the company’s revenue opportunities."

After Cambridge Analytica Scandal, Can Radio Win Audience?

For one hour on Wednesday CMO Inc. founder Peter Horst and Jebbit president and co-founder Jonathan Lacoste made some predictions and "bold claims" in the wake of a marketing and advertising world controversy surrounding Facebook, third-party data use, and dollar allocation from brand managers. Our Editor-in-Chief tuned out halfway through, upon realizing that, in his view, ads on Instragram are a complete waste of money and that radio was a much better ROI delivery vehicle. Do you agree? Read on.

Nielsen’s Yogurt Choice: Chobani

One of the nation's top Greek yogurt brands has selected the Nielsen Data Management Platform (DMP) to power its cross-screen media campaigns across connected TV (CTV), online video and programmatic channels.
Taco Bell

This QSR’s Hunger For Consumers Includes Spot Cable

Two QSRs under the Yum! Brands banner are big users of spot cable, according to the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Report. One of them soars into the Top 5, thanks to 42,500 spot plays detected by ad monitoring service owned by iHeartMedia.

Back To School Push Heads To Radio

School starts today in Hawai'i and in one week in locales ranging from Los Angeles to West Palm Beach. It's therefore no surprise that two big department store brands chose to increase their advertising activity last week. What's also no surprise to radio's leaders is that these efforts include radio.

A New ‘Digital Viewability Solution’ Arrives From Nielsen

Nielsen on Tuesday introduced a "proprietary viewability solution to bring greater transparency to digital advertising and enable greater comparability to TV." This new tool, Qualified Ad Audiences, launches with premium ad servers Freewheel and Innovid.

Travel Brand Turns It Up At Spot Cable

Yep, GEICO is again the No. 1 brand using spot cable to reach consumers. That said, there's a big new entrant to the latest Spot Ten Cable report from Media Monitors, and it comes as the holiday travel season fast approaches. What other brands are using Spot Cable?

The Near-Ubiquitous Use Of Video Streaming

New data from the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) show a huge jump in the number of adults aged 25-34 streaming video. Today, 9 out of 10 people in this age group are streaming something they can watch.

How to Quadruple Your Local Direct Sales

What if you could learn how to improve your local direct sales techniques, and as a result, score bigger sales the rest of the year and beyond? Would that help make your station budget — and increase your bank account as well? What if you could learn all of that and have fun doing it? The Hispanic Radio Conference is pleased to present a special session by a renowned sales guru on Wednesday, March 13.

In Facebook We Trust?

"Welcome to the world of trade-offs," writes James Pethokoukis. "Facebook is the imperfect creation of one group of imperfect humans used by other imperfect humans -- lots of them." But, the American Enterprise Institute columnist and policy analyst writes, that doesn’t have to be the end of story.

Media & Communications: Ready For Downsizing?

U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics data show businesses posted nearly 7.6 million jobs at the beginning of 2019, indicating a shift within the labor market. Despite this, there are roughly 1 million more open jobs than there are unemployed workers. But, are media jobs few?
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