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Q1’s End Brings Auto Dealer Spot Boost

Like clockwork, a surge in spot plays from some of the nation's biggest automotive brands was seen at broadcast TV in the final week of March -- also the final week of the first quarter. What auto dealer association outpaced them all?

‘Premium Video’: Prime Growth In 2018, Says FreeWheel

FreeWheel, A Comcast Company, is now making available its fourth quarter Video Monetization Report. The key takeaways from this quarter’s report, “Growth & Convergence: The Evolution of Premium Video in 2018,” reinforce the growth of "premium video."

Inscape Arrangement Widens Lanes For 605

605’s national dataset now includes Inscape viewing data, expanding 605’s measurement footprint to include more than 20 million households across all 210 Nielsen Designated Market Areas.

Auto Dealers Seek A Big Q1 Sales Finish

With two weeks to go in what is looking to be a dismal quarter for automotive sales, dealer associations revved up their marketing dollars in the home that a new lease or sale would result from their efforts. Which auto brand saw the most spot activity at broadcast TV?

Discover This: Outreach, Sign-Ups Through Spot Radio

Of the brands making the most noise in the latest Media Monitors Spot 10 Radio report, one is a credit card company seeking to boost its customer numbers by using AM and FM spots to aid awareness, recall -- and register new sign-ups.
Cable / Satellite

Steady Activity Seen For Spot Cable

There's little movement among brands electing to use spot cable to reach potential customers. That's good news, as it shows commitment to the medium by such brands as Trivago and Allstate.

Hey, Radio! Check Out Pandora’s ‘Sound On’ Effort

Attention radio industry C-Suiters: Pesky audio streaming pioneer Pandora, now owned by Sirius XM Satellite Radio, is at it again with its aggressive marketing efforts to attract and inspire listeners. The 12-week, six-market "Sound On" brand campaign is worth noting.

WWO Seeks Bigger Impact With Wider Nielsen Pact

Westwood One has expanded its relationship with Nielsen to license the national version of Nielsen Media Impact (NMI) powered by Nielsen's Total Media Fusion.
Walgreens Pharmacy

Two ‘Wal’s Make Radio The Right Choice

It's another week of consistency for marketers who use Spot Radio to build brand awareness and sales, as Media Monitors' Spot 10 Radio report shows continued strength from GEICO and McDonald's. There is also a strong presence from both Walgreen's and Wal-Mart.

Another Dominant Week For GEICO

Of the advertisers using Spot Cable to reach consumers during the week ending March 17, there is one that sticks out above the rest. Of course, it is GEICO -- a company that is also a big user of spot television and spot radio. But, just how dominant is GEICO at Spot Cable?

Is OTT Growth Stymied By Ad Measurement Troubles?

Digital media news source eMarketer belives that despite OTT's surge, "this amount is still small when compared with the $69.2 billion that will be spent on linear TV." It could be bigger. But, "for some advertisers, measurement challenges prevent them from investing more in OTT."

Three Key Tasks To Make Successful Event-TV Spots

Successful ads during major broadcast events, such as the Super Bowl, need to meet three goals. What are they? A new analysis from Kantar provides TV industry ad sales execs with the answer.

Tales and Tips On Quadrupling Your Local Direct Sales

Are radio industry sales executives dooming their own client captures and sabotaging a surge in revenue? That's very much the case, says veteran media industry sales coach Paul Weyland, who had the crowd engaged -- and in stitches -- at the Hispanic Radio Conference.

Auto Insurers Continue To Drive Dollars To Spot TV

Two big auto insurance brands have been consistently huge users of broadcast TV to reach consumers. Another brand in this top category is now in the Media Monitors Spot Ten TV report.

Spring Job Season The Reason For Spot Radio Boost

Here's a way to get the attention of job seekers looking for a change of scenery, duties and salary in the next several weeks: radio.

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