Radio: A Top ‘Paid Media’ Source

Customer referrals continue to rule as the best source of new customers, says leading media advertising analyst Gordon Borrell. But, when it comes to paid advertising, the top spots go to social media and "the original social media."

Health & Beauty Go Big With Spot TV

Two big moves in the Top 5 stand out in the latest Media Monitors Spot 10 TV report. They each involve two big health and beauty aid brands, with one soaring to the top -- and scoring nearly 4,000 more spot plays than top advertiser GEICO.

Radio’s Big Two Spot Advertisers: Nearly 100k In Ads Last Week

Two big brands are heavy users of spot radio. One is The Home Depot, regularly found at the top of Media Monitors' Spot 10 Radio reports. The latest report shows a change at the top. Surprise: It's one of the top advertisers in the nation.
Burger King

Hungry For Growth: This QSR Loves Spot Cable

The summertime months are particularly strong for the quick-service restaurant chain. One in particular is seeking to lure more customers for its flame-broiled hamburgers, and it is using Spot Cable to accomplish this.

Best Practices On Being Known For Social Good

In this guest RBR + TVBR Intelligence Briefing from Karla Jo Helms, the head of a public relations firm, how the media can restore goodwill back into the graces of public opinion is tackled. The author calls on her firsthand experience of protecting revenue erosion while mastering the keys for "CSR for the Broadcast Industry."

Nielsen Pact To Yield New Omni-Channel Data Set

A new partnership between a digital-first provider of data, media and promotions platforms powered by purchase data and the nation's dominant audience measurement data provider is poised to bring clients an improved path to data-driven marketing.

Stability Reigns At Spot Radio

There's not much movement on the latest Media Monitors Spot 10 Radio report, and that's a good thing. It demonstrates that brands that use radio stick with radio -- including The Home Depot, a mammoth of AM and FM spot use.

The Most Popular Form Of Paid Advertising Is …

There's no denying it: More local businesses are buying ads and boosting posts on social media than they are on any other type of digital media, says local advertising analyst Gordon Borrell. His latest Chart of the Week shows just how popular it has become.

Auto Insurers, QSRs … and Travel: Cable’s Big Users

Yes, GEICO is again a dominant brand with respect to spot cable use. But, look at the brand at No. 5. It's a growing travel company with its sights set on Expedia.

A Warning On CBD Promotional Copy

CBD has been a hot topic for media companies – trying to decipher what products are legal and which can be advertised. Noted D.C. communications attorney David Oxenford offers new insight on the clarity of legalities tied to CBD, hemp and other cannabis advertising.

Will Slowing Growth Force Netflix To Ad Ads?

A newly released report suggests that Netflix needs to recalibrate both its engagement and its revenue mix to win over the next 150 million subscribers. "In the era of stalling membership growth, the previously unthinkable becomes thinkable and the A word – advertising – becomes strategically pertinent," MIDiA Research says.

Bad Sales People Get Hired. Here’s How To Stop It.

If you've hired a bad sales rep, you know how painful it is. So what lessons can be learned? Expert sales coach Barrett Riddleberger has some answers to share in this freshly penned column.

Nielsen Advanced Audience Gets Its First Agency User

Nielsen has a set of forecasting and posting tools that bridge the planning, activation and measurement of consumers beyond basic demographic details such as age and gender. Now, a long-time media services client has become its first agency subscriber.

Now Here: Digital Identity Resolution Across Audio Ad Campaigns

A digital identity resolution company has agreed to participate in a "new joint capability" with digital audio advertising solution firm AdsWizz. The partnership combines Tapad's digital cross-device technology with AdsWizz's AudioMatic buying platform.

This Credit Card Wants Radio Listeners To Discover Its Benefits

There's more stability seen among the top users of spot radio for the week ending July 21, the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report shows. That said, the advertiser at No. 10 is betting that it can grow its user base by using national AM and FM stations -- and the power of audio. 

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