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A Big Radio Bump For A Home Improvement Giant

PSAs and podcast promotion, along with iHeartRadio content plugs, permeate the latest Spot Ten Radio report from iHeart-owned Media Monitors. What brands stick about in-between all of those efforts? Indeed, there's a big return for the nation's largest do-it-yourself home improvement chain.

The Rising Confidence Of Hispanic Consumers

Hispanic consumers are gaining more confidence in the nation's economic outlook and their own finances as COVID-19 vaccines become widely available and government support helps hard-hit households recover from the devastating pandemic. That's according to new research from Florida Atlantic University.

Mature Consumer Data Skills and Capabilities? Few Companies Have Them

Have you assessed the maturity of your consumer data? What about the level of capabilities seen across your organization? It may be a fine time to do so. The Mobile Marketing Association has just released its findings of a survey powered by EY that reviewed consumer data accessible to senior U.S. marketing leaders. Your clients have a lot of work to do.
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Comcast’s Ad Sales Division Adds Sales Development Arm

The advertising sales division of Comcast Cable has launched a new "function" in a move it says will better serve advertisers' evolving needs for audience delivery within a rapidly changing TV marketplace.

Twitter Melds Nielsen Cross-Media Planning to Ad Platform

In a move that further cements the importance of quality metrics for social media advertising and for marketers, Twitter has integrated Nielsen's cross-media planning and measurement services into its video advertising platform.

Consumer Sentiment On Pandemic Recovery On The Rise

Newly released Nielsen research looks at consumer sentiment regarding the COVID-19 recovery. It examines several consumer sentiment areas and includes insights about activities consumers engage in, including health, schooling, employment, and transportation during the pandemic.

Comscore Expands into Out-of-Home Measurement

Comscore has joined the DPAA and the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA). The new alliances with two of the leading industry organizations come as Comscore accelerates its efforts to add OOH measurement to its cross-platform product suite.
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Brand Stability Continues At Spot Radio

What are the most active brands using spot radio? The list of companies isn't so different for the week ending April 4 than it was in the prior week. And, that's good news for Radio.

Unilever, P&G Power Up Spot TV Buys

With GEICO firmly in place as the top brand using Spot TV, by play count, there's lots of new activity at over-the-air television with respect to campaigns getting a boost. For the week ending April 4, a Unilever brand and a Procter & Gamble Co. brand, in particular, made waves with consumers.

New Initiative Measures AdCouncil COVID Campaign Efficacy

A collective of TV measurement leaders has joined forces to quantify the effectiveness of the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative’s “It’s Up to You” COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative. It happens to be the largest PSA campaign in U.S. history.

FreeWheel: ‘Viewing Has Come Back to the Living Room’

As people’s consumption of media has fragmented across devices over the past 10 years, many have returned to the living room to watch video programming, FreeWheel reports. But, are viewers watching your TV station?

The InFOCUS Podcast: Sean King, Veritone One

With the dynamic insertion of ads along with podcast measurement and the podcast industry’s continuing consolidation all impacting radio and TV in some way, how added ears can translate to dollars for linear media is at the heart of this InFOCUS Podcast, presented by DOT.FM. To learn more on the subject, RBR+TVBR chats with Veritone One's Sean King. LISTEN HERE

End Of Q1 Auto Ads Rev Up

The final days of the first quarter of 2021 are upon us. For auto dealer associations, that means the push is on to attract potential customers.  It's a welcome sign, as it marks the first time in nearly a year under the pandemic that multiple automotive brands are actively using Spot TV.

Indeed, This Brand Is No. 1 at Spot Radio

The latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report is out, and it shows a top job-seeker website is tops with respect to the number of spots played at radio stations tracked by the iHeartMedia-owned service for the week ending March 29.

Full-Service Ad Agency Inks New Comscore Deal

The agreement will see this advertising agency using Comscore exclusively as local TV currency in 20 markets — a noteworthy tidbit for broadcast television stations and their owners. This includes Comscore’s advanced automotive audiences overlay in the South and Southwest regions.
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