Rod Schwartz

Finding and Keeping A Great Salesman

Six years ago, Seth Godin noted the difference between the perception and the reality among professionals regarding their allocation of time in operating their business.  He used professional photographers to illustrate his point that managing time and resources involves trade-offs, but it certainly extends to entrepreneurs and leaders in any field. We revisit his points today.

Goodbye, Black Friday? Turkey Day Buys Surge

Pass the turkey ... and the credit card. PwC’s 2018 Holiday Outlook suggests that a steady shift in attitudes about Thanksgiving Day shopping is underway: more than 70% of respondents saying they plan to shop on the actual holiday, rather than on Black Friday.

AdsWizz Gets Integrated With Google Display and Video 360

A fresh integration between a digital audio ad firm and one of the world's biggest tech giants will open up Pandora to audio ad buys via its "Display and Video 360" tool.
Jelli, Inc.

Jelli Ring: iHeart Acquires Programmatic Player

The nation's No. 1 owner of radio stations just made another debtor-in-possession move designed to bring more profits to the company that hopes to lower its debt to $5 billion. Two months after making a big podcast push, iHeartMedia is acquiring the tech company that powers its SoundPoint programmatic ad platform.

Radio’s Top Advertisers, On Repeat

There's little fluctuation from the previous Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report released by the iHeartMedia-owned ad tracking service, with home improvement, retail and a big QSR being joined by a cold-and-flu season favorite.
KFC / Kentucky Fried Chicken

A QSR Ramps It Up With Cable Spots

GEICO may once again be the leader -- by a big margin -- on the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Cable report. But, there's an entrant on this week's report that is now challenging Taco Bell in the QSR category.

A Big Holiday Advertiser Shows Its e-tailer Strength

Across the final weeks of 2017, one of the nation's largest retailers weaved its way back to radio by investing in a holiday season campaign that very much included the medium. With 2018 efforts expected to appear in the next Media Monitors reports, Walmart is emerging as an e-retailing giant -- something radio GSMs and AEs may wish to take note of.

Nielsen Brings ‘Impact’ To Radio

A cross-platform planning solution available at both the local and national level that allows users to understand cross-media reach, frequency and duplication through the use of advanced audience segments now includes Radio as a media type available within the optimization tool.

New Nielsen Tools Tackle Audience-based Buying Across Linear, Digital

Audience-based buying across linear and digital ecosystems is a growing necessity among today's marketers. As such, Nielsen has responded to the need with the launch of Nielsen Advanced Audience.

For Radio, There’s No Brand Like ‘Home’

The latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report is out, and GEICO isn't No. 1. While that is noteworthy in and of itself, there's a new leader that certainly is an active user of radio to reach consumers. This week, this brand — The Home Depot — holds a 20,000-plus play count lead over GEICO.
Shopping / Christmas / Holiday

Holiday Season Surge Seen From Big Retailers

Happy Veterans Day. Oh, and Feliz Navidad, too. Holiday greetings in English and Spanish are popping up all across the U.S., and fueling the longer-than-ever shopping season tied to Kwanzaa, Chanukkah and Christmas are two venerable department store chains. They are No. 2 and No. 3, respectively, in the latest Media Monitors Spot 10 TV report.

A Burst Of Spots For A Brick-and-Mortar Retailer

Shocker: GEICO is the big No. 1 brand using spot cable to reach consumers for another week. But, the No. 2 brand in the latest report from Media Monitors is a heritage department store chain that has stepped it up with more than 40,000 spot plays at the cable TV networks the iHeart-owned service keeps tabs of.

The Top Shopping Tool Tomorrow: The Smart Speaker

Ask anyone in the radio industry what the biggest boost has been in the past year for audience building, and you'll likely get two responses: podcasts and Smart Speakers. It is the latter that is "bringing radio back in the home." Now, there's evidence that suggests radio broadcasters' sales coffers could further grow thanks to the nascent use of Smart Speakers as a shopping tool. For that to happen, it must take eyeballs away from the top consumer shopping aide of today -- also a radio industry must.

Westwood One’s Big, Cloudy Move With Nielsen

In a move designed to transform its auto marketing and measurement capabilities, Westwood One and a growing podcast technology for publishers and advertisers have each selected the Nielsen Auto Cloud, fueled by J.D. Power to handle the job.
Shopping / Christmas / Holiday

Ho, Ho, Hooray! Holiday Sales To Hit A New High

Forget about Election Day. The holiday shopping season has already started, and retailers are anticipating a banner year for sales. According to newly released data from eMarketer, low unemployment, strong income growth and high consumer confidence will combine to make the 2018 Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa shopping season an exceptionally strong one for retailers. Both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retailers are poised to benefit.

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