RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS Podcast: Scott Schiller

To get the latest insight into where broadcast TV's post-pandemic future path may go, Scott Schiller, the Global Chief Commercial Officer at global media and marketing services company ENGINE, participated in the latest RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS podcast hosted by Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson. LISTEN HERE

Viant Widens Omnichannel Ad Abilities With WideOrbit Deal

Advertising technology company Viant has inked a partnership with WideOrbit, the media platform known for connecting ads and audiences across multiple touchpoints. The deal gives Viant's customers the opportunity to advance linear TV ad buying and delivery of ads "in a true omnichannel approach."

Global’s U.S. Audio Ad Platform Grows With Ex-Radio Exec

The U.S. audio advertising platform created by U.K. broadcast radio giant Global has lured a former Clear Channel, CBS Radio and Pandora executive to serve in the role of Chief Growth Officer for its domestic operations and for its Canadian business.

The Media Sales Organizations Deemed ‘Most Trusted to Deliver on Promises’

How trusted are media sales organizations to consistently and reliably deliver on their promises, whatever those promises may be? The Myers Report from media ecologist Jack Myers has some intriguing answers. For Myers, companies that prioritized trust and reliable ratings delivery are more likely to capture market share in the challenging COVID-19 era and beyond.

Gesundheit: Allergy Med Brands Step Up Spot TV Efforts

"Achoo! " No, it's not the novel coronavirus and, instead, it's seasonal allergies, thank you. Makers of some top allergy medications know this, and as such have ramped up their advertising efforts at broadcast TV, the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten TV report shows.

D.C. Dominates The Latest Spot Radio Report

While auto insurance specialists and DIY big-box home improvement stores are certainly present in the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report, it is the U.S. Social Security Administration and the U.S. Census Bureau that are among the biggest users of AM and FM radio. 

‘Rising Through The Ranks’ Will Wait Until 2021

This marks the first time in 13 years where the program has to be rescheduled, due to the current travel restrictions and fluid situation of COVID-19. "It made sense to look toward 2021 for the professional development course," the groups said Thursday. The course is designed to foster and educate current and emerging female radio managers within the industry.
People watching TV

What’s The COVID-19 Impact on TV Advertising in Sitcoms

Strategic brand communication during the COVID-19 pandemic poses challenges for advertisers. Whether to produce coronavirus-specific ads or to maintain traditional messaging must be carefully considered, along with where to place spots. This could make ad placement in sitcoms a more difficult task than, say, news programming.

Seven Key Questions Sales Managers Should Ask Their Reps

Field coaching is a critical part of sales management, and in these challenging times, bringing more clarity to your team's field work may be critical as shelter-in-place restrictions start to melt away with warmer temperatures. Expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger offers seven "smart" coaching questions Sales Managers should ask when coaching their reps.

A Cox Media Staffer Creates Its Snazzy New Logo

Now a reconstituted organ thanks to Apollo Global Management's ownership stake, Cox Media Group (CMG) isn't the same business as it was previously. As such, the company thought a new logo may be a good way to usher in its new era.  But, who could CMG commission to design the art defining its new corporate identity? That task was left to its employees.

With Americans Less Scared of COVID-19, Ad Opportunities Abound

With television and digital media consumption up — including live, linear TV — one in four consumers surveyed by Horowitz say they are watching more ads overall than before the pandemic. It's good intelligence for broadcast TV companies struggling to bring advertisers in despite a surge in viewing over the last six weeks.

Is Remote Work Here to Stay?

Many of the positions at a radio station have now proven to be able to work successfully on a remote basis—definitely those in sales, if the right tools, processes, and procedures are in place. How realistic is it that more people will work from home once the pandemic concludes? Laurie Kahn of Media Staffing Network shares her thoughts in this Media Information Bureau article.

Federal Funds Flow To TV’s Ad Revenue Repository

With the help of federal funding, the U.S. Census Bureau has run advertisements on broadcast media for the 2020 Census; these efforts have put the Bureau at or near the top of recent Media Monitors Spot Ten reports. Guess what? The Census effort was the top brand campaign at Spot Television for the week.

TVB Goes Forward With Virtual October Event

The novel coronavirus heavily impacting the Big Apple has just put the kibbosh on an in-person option for the TVB's annual fall gathering of television industry cognoscenti. The Forward conference staged by the television industry's sales advocacy group is being replaced by a fully digital "Alt"-ernative.

AARP Works With NABOB To Launch COVID-19 Radio Effort

In recent days, it has been widely reported that African American communities are among the hardest hit by the novel coronavirus pandemic. With the help of NABOB, AARP moved forward with an educational ad campaign with tips on how to stay safe. The effort put a big focus on broadcast radio advertising.

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