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Smart COVID-19 Era Steps to End Procrastination

Got stuff to do that you hate doing? You’re not alone, notes expert sales training consultant Barrett Riddleberger. Procrastination kills productivity for millions of people. His suggestion? "Follow these surprisingly enjoyable steps and you’ll actually look forward to getting tasks done that were painfully avoided just last week."

‘Next Gen Methodology’ Comes To Nielsen Digital Measurement Tools

"Sweeping changes" are coming to Nielsen's digital measurement methodology, moves the company says usher in a new era of "privacy-centric measurement that provides comparable, cross-platform metrics for both marketers and publishers." As part of the transformation of its measurement, Nielsen is "reimagining its offerings." Here's what that may mean.

Fully On-Screen Completion Measurement Comes For TV Marketers

A software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics has brought to market the industry’s first Connected TV (CTV) Fully On-Screen Completion measurement offering. The new capability from New York-based Double Verify will, it is words, allow advertisers to measure signals that offer a strong proxy for viewability on CTV. 

A Golden Arches Leap At Spot TV

Watch out, gecko -- the Hamburgler is coming for you. The latest Media Monitors Spot Ten TV report is out, and a certain QSR is not only a category leader, but now the No. 2 brand by spot count at broadcast TV.

Spot Cable: The Auto Insurance Ad Mecca

Auto insurance specialists, to little surprise, remain the most active brands using linear media to reach consumers. A new Media Monitors report codifies much of what has been shared in its weekly snapshots of ad play count across various media, and at Spot Cable, auto insurers rule.

Impressions Up For F&B On TV, Despite Spending Dip

The food and dining industry was adversely impacted by the effects of COVID-19. Yet, many brands in the QSR, casual dining, delivery and pizza industries are finding ways to advertise through it. This has seen some brands evolve their business models accordingly. A new iSpot report of the first half 2020 finds which brands are finding more impressions on TV than last year.

CBS O&Os Go With Alphonso

TV attribution for local advertisers is now coming to all 17 CBS Television Stations O&Os. It's thanks to an agreement with a TV data company that's growing in presence, and top-of-mind awareness.

Marketing, and Repositioning, During and After COVID-19

You never know where your next source of business intelligence and insight can come from. Today, it's thanks in part to a longtime friend and the South Florida Interactive Marketing Association. The SFIMA on Thursday hosted a webinar featuring Peter Shankman, "Futurist in Residence" at Epic Marketing Consultants. He offered marketing tips in COVID-19 times worth noting.

COVID-19’s Positive Household CPG Sales Bump Continues

Overall household CPG spending experienced 17% year-over-year growth in June 2020. It follows a healthy jump in year-over-year spending seen in May, and with increased COVID-19 concerns in hot spots such as California, Arizona and Florida, July could be shaping up to be another big month for a category ripe for radio and TV advertising.

ANA’s ‘Masters of Marketing’ Shifts To Virtual Event

The decision to go with an all-digital Masters of Marketing conference due to continued COVID-19 pandemic concerns is hardly a surprise to locals. The owner of the venue that's been used to stage the event revealed one week ago to local media that it was making "unprecedented" layoffs starting July 31. 

POTUS Pumps Up His Reelection Ads With Spot TV

In 112 days, America will cast its vote for President of the U.S. While Miami broadcast TV stations have noticeably started to air ads for the Joe Biden for President campaign, it is the incumbent that, on a national level, has stepped up his ad activity at spot television.

The QSRs Actively Using Spot Cable: Yum! and a King

Yes, GEICO is again the No. 1 brand at spot cable -- and by a wide margin. But the Quick Service Restaurant brands using spot cable, or aren't, are very much worthy of one's attention.
IAB / Interactive Advertising Bureau

COVID-19 Slashes Podcast Revenue Growth By 50%

Before the coronavirus pandemic stifled U.S. economic growth, the IAB projected podcast revenue would grow by nearly 30% in 2020. Scratch that. That number has been chopped due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 Audio Delay: U.S. Listeners’ Later Daily Start

New data from the Edison Research Share of Earstudy, conducted during the period of COVID-19 disruptions, shows that people in the U.S. age 13 and older began listening to audio a full 75 minutes later on average, as compared to before the disruptions.

Three Ways To Improve Your Sales Training Efforts

While most companies agree that sales training is important, they also agree that it is ineffective. "Salespeople enter sessions with low expectations and leave with a few new ideas, but no measurable improvement in their sales skills," says expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger. To make your sales training more efficient, he offers three principles in mind.

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