TV Spot Sales Automation Initiatives: Today and Tomorrow

BIA Managing Director Rick Ducey briefed attendees at the recent Media Finance Focus 2019 on the current and future state of Spot TV Sales Automation. Here are some of the key highlights from his presentation, delivered in New Orleans in mid-May.

NYMRAD’s Q1 State Of The Market Report Arrives

The analysis of the New York Tri-State Area marketplace is designed to help advertisers understand Radio’s impact on consumers and its prominent role in the local advertising landscape. The report assesses the area economy and provides fresh consumer data.

Radio Needs To Chase These Dollars

Our editor-in-chief believes there's a big opportunity for Radio to significantly boost its ad revenue while gaining ground against local digital media's ad revenue conquest. It involves WPP and one of the world's biggest advertisers, by dollars allocated to all kinds of media.

Advice On How To Deal With Advertisers In Trouble

How can broadcast media's finance pros best deal with advertisers in trouble? It can come down to the properly worded contract, and who your customer is. A Media Finance Focus conference session put the focus on advertisers in trouble. Here's what was said in New Orleans.

TiVo Expands Its TV Viewership Product

TiVo Corporation, known for both its entertainment technology and audience insights, is expanding its TV Viewership Data product to include optional Kantar ad occurrences and Drawbridge’s Identity Graph.

H&BA Brand Challenged By QSR For Top Spot TV Slot

It's allergy season, and a big brand of allergy medication is among the top advertisers using Spot TV for the week ending May 19, according to Media Monitors. That said, a big QSR is No. 1 by spot count, while auto dealer associations are active once again.

Another Dominant Week At Radio for GEICO, Home Depot

Is there any one client who has the same presence on spot radio as auto insurance specialist GEICO? There are few advertisers who are as committed to the media, in terms of the number of weekly spots on AM and FM. That small group of advertisers includes The Home Depot.
Taco Bell

The QSR War At Spot Cable Heats Up

Quick-service restaurants are a fairly active category with spot cable, as Media Monitors data show. For the week ending May 19, one QSR stood out from the rest by play count. It's a fast food chain known for its chalupas and attempt to establish "the fourth meal."

How Many Social Media Platforms Do Your Consumers Use?

Just-released research conducted by GoodFirms on social media usage paints a most interesting picture of how much time people spend using a varied range of social media platforms in a given day. A majority of Americans use a handful of platforms on a daily basis.

Amplifi Under Law As Dentsu Aegis Sets U.S. C-Suite

Within Dentsu Aegis Network are Amplifi, a global media investment firm with a goal to deliver "a demonstrable uplift in media performance across TV, Print, Digital and Radio," and DAN Media U.S., a digital agency network. The tech-driven entities are now being consolidated.

Allergies and Facial Cleansers: Top Spot Topics At TV

Sneezing and coughing thanks to Spring's blooming trees and bountiful blossoms? In need of a facial cleanser that can wash away the grime? Two big brands seeking to gain an upper hand on sales turned to spot television to share their respective messages with consumers.

GEICO Leads Again As A Broadcast Radio Top Client

There's little doubt among those who follow broadcast radio who the top advertisers are week in and week out. For the week ending May 12, there's a familiar brand at the top of the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report.
Dairy Queen

DQ Dives Into Spot Cable To Build Brand Message

There's much stability among the brands using spot cable to reach consumers. That said, the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Cable report shows a popular soft-serve ice cream brand, also known for its Brazier Foods, the leader in the QSR category for the week ending May 12.

Local Business Size Sets The Tone For Local Ad Buying

The size of local businesses determines their ad buying power. That's the conclusion from the newly released U.S. SAM Survey of Advertising and Marketing from BIA Advisory Services.

Chicago Boutique Ad Shop Inks Multi-Year Nielsen Deal

A full-service boutique advertising media buying agency headquartered in the Chicago area has entered into a multi-year agreement with Nielsen for Local TV and Audio electronic ratings services in multiple markets across the country. 

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