Auto Dealers Power Up Summer TV Spots

While GEICO and Progressive remain some of the biggest users of Spot TV, the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten TV report shows several auto deal associations revving up their activity in the week ending July 21.
Taco Bell

Big Burst For A QSR At Spot Cable

It's summer, and that means students are out having fun -- and more likely to make a stop for cheap eats en route to a party, or the beach, lake or other favorite excursion locale. Taco Bell gets it, and as such the QSR stepped up its use of spot cable.

The Early Stages of A ‘Voice Search’ Boom

"Twenty years ago we could have produced a chart like this for Search Advertising," says Gordon Borrell, the noted local ad forecaster. Borrell's latest Chart of the Week shows how much advertisers are engaging with another early-stage platform: voice devices.

Live TV Consumer Changes, And Its Ad Consumption Impact

In this day and age, if you miss a live broadcast of your favorite program or awards show, it’s no big deal. But, this means advertisers are losing their consumers. A new report examines the impact of time shifting on TV consumption and ad viewership. 

Serious Questions To Ask Before Securing Your Next AE

Never assume anything about a sales candidate — even if they come from your industry or a competitor, says sales training expert Barrett Riddleberger. In this freshly written column, Riddleberger shares some top tips on how your Director of Sales can do some solid due diligence.

Chart Of The Week: Local Ad Buyers In the Dark

Across the summer months, Borell Associates is offering a weekly look at what local ad buyers think. This week's chart gauges whether 100 years of advancements in media measurement may have improved the way local advertisers feel about what "works."

A Programmatic Video Platform Expands Its Advanced TV Solutions

A programmatic video platform has combined its capabilities with an advanced TV solutions provider, creating a new integrated company offering advertisers "impactful brand storytelling."

Fitness, Insurance and Fresh Clothes: Spot TV’s Ad Action

When it comes to the top activity among advertisers using spot television for the week ending July 14, there's no one that comes close to GEICO. That said, a big gym brand and a popular laundry detergent are now among the most active users of spot TV.

Another Big Week For The Home Depot

The fall job-hunting season is in preparation mode, and Indeed has reacted by ramping up its advertising through the use of spot radio. While that is noteworthy, it is the continued love of radio by The Home Depot that is the biggest takeaway from the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report.

The Big Leader At Spot Cable: GEICO

With travel brands such as Trivago a big user this week of spot TV, the presence of GEICO as a big No. 1 ahead of a popular QSR is the big attention-grabber in this week's Media Monitors Spot Ten Cable report.

The Back To School Report, From Deloitte

This fall, a quarter of all U.S. households will send their children back to class with brand new supplies, clothing, gadgets, and tech in tow. This makes July through September the second-biggest shopping season of the year. This year’s back-to-school (B2S) spending is expected to reach $27.8 billion, and that's great news for radio and TV.

Statistical Association Cheers Nix of Census Citizenship Question

This decision, says the American Statistical Association, puts at ease the most immediate threat to the data integrity of the 2020 census. However, the ASA emphasizes there is still much work to be done.

CMG Votes For Veritone In Ad Analytics Pact

In a big win for AI technology firm Veritone, one of the nation's leading owners of AM and FM radio stations has selected the company's aiWARE-powered Veritone Essentials suite of applications to use across its 60+ radio stations in 11 markets.

Seven More Marks Of A Great Sales Coach

Expert sales training guru Barrett Riddleberger got such a strong reaction to a recent column offering his thoughts on what makes a great sales coach that he took pen to paper and delivered more great tips and insight for the media industry's C-Suite.

Are Local Ad Buyers Spending The Right Amount?

How comfortable are advertisers with the amounts of money they're spending? The latest peek into Borrell Associates' forthcoming 2019 Local Advertiser Survey, which is still in the field, yields some interesting answers.

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