Automotive TV Advertising Performance: The Latest Look

A London-based linear and digital TV attribution company with a New York office to service U.S. clients has released its latest analysis on television ad performance insights for automotive brands. It analyzed more than $10 billion in TV ad spend during the first half of 2019. What did TVSquared find?

Key New Hires For A Syndication Upstart

The radio syndication company behind "The O'Reilly Update with Bill O'Reilly" has expanded its offerings to include network audio advertising sales to producers and service/program providers. As such, it has a new President/COO and an incoming EVP/Advertising Sales -- and both were previously with USRN.

Is Ad Industry Weakness A Media Industry Concern?

"We are in the midst of one of the strongest advertising markets in a while, yet advertising agency revenues are decidedly weak." That's an assessment of the advertising industry from Wall Street investment analyst Michael Nathanson, who has five key takeaways from NY Advertising Day to share.
Westwood One

For Attribution Measurement, WWO Elects LeadsRx

With the move, Cumulus Media-owned Westwood One becomes the first national audio platform to use LeadsRx attribution software "to provide a comprehensive, quantitative analysis of how audio advertising drives advertiser search and site traffic."

Transparency Concerns Spark Media Agency Flips

Some 69% of advertisers have updated their media agency contracts within the past three years, and one third have made updates in the past year alone in response to concerns about transparency and alleged rebates in the media buying ecosystem, a new ANA report finds.

Comcast Spotlight Lights Up Self-Service TV Ad Buying Platform

The ad sales division of Comcast Cable has launched a self-service buying option, pitched as an alternative to traditional TV ad buying that allows small business owners and local advertisers "the independence to plan, design and manage advertising campaigns."

A Million-Dollar Reach For Building Advertising Clients

With the Association of National Advertisers (ANA)'s "Masters of Marketing" conference scheduled for the first days of October in Orlando, now is the time for broadcast media's leaders to make themselves known. Who knew inspiration could come from Down Under?

The Seven Things Smart Sales Managers Do In A Coaching Session

Want to take your coaching game to the next level? This freshly penned column from expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger is worth six minutes of your time. Here, he provides a list of "proven" techniques that effective sales managers use to improve sales performance.

ANA Creates A Measurement Division

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) has created a new division dedicated to ensuring that the industry’s measurement systems are aligned to the business and measurement agenda of marketers.

Katz Unveils A Digital Audio Programmatic Division

One of the nation's largest national radio ad sales organizations has flipped the switch on a new programmatic sales division specifically focused on digital audio.

Discovery, 605 Team to Expand TV Attribution Capabilities

Discovery Inc. has confirmed that it is partnering with next-generation television measurement firm 605 "to take full-funnel attribution to census scale for the very first time." The companies plan to leverage data aggregated from multiple MVPD and ACR viewership sources, which they say is the largest ever used for a TV attribution study.

In The Zone On Spot Radio Action

Of the advertisers that believe Spot Radio is a strong way to build sales and retain customers, parts and accessories retailer AutoZone has demonstrated prowess as a believer in AM and FM. As such, it gains a strong position in the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report.

Ten Great Questions To Ask Your Next Sales Hire

Do you struggle asking good questions when interviewing sales reps? That's a question expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger wants you to think about, and answer as best as possible. How so? He presents 10 "powerful questions to transform your hiring process."

Clio 2019 Gold, Silver, Bronze, Shortlist Winners Shared

The Clio Awards, an international awards competition for the creative business, has announced the winners of the 2019 Gold, Silver, Bronze and Shortlist Clio Awards. This cycle, the 14 Clio juries reviewed thousands of submissions in film, design, print, out of home and ultimately awarded just over 500 trophies.

What Economic Deceleration Means For Ad Revenue

GroupM Global President of Business Intelligence Brian Wieser took a gander at the global economy compared to personal consumption expenditures. His report suggests year-over-year growth trends for some key economic variables are declining. What could this mean for media ad dollars?

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