Voice Assistants: Reshaping How America Shops

Interested in the rise of voice shopping, online marketplace OnBuy.com analyzed findings from ‘VoiceBot.AI’, who surveyed 1,203 U.S. consumers to better understand the products and services they buy the most using a voice-assistant. Here's what they found.

Multicultural Marketing Vet Cynthia Perkins-Roberts Dies

As VP of Multicultural Marketing and Sales Development for the Video Advertising Bureau, Cynthia Perkins-Roberts became renown as a respected expert on the multicultural marketplace. Perkins-Roberts died Jan. 1. VAB President/CEO Sean Cunningham led the tributes in her honor.

National Brands: Billions In Spending To Reach Local Consumers

National brands are expected to spend $62.7 billion in 2019 to target local consumers. That's according to a new report by BIA Advisory Services that dives into fresh brand and franchisee advertising and marketing insights.

Nielsen Moves To ‘Enhance’ Cross-Platform Campaign Management

Thanks to newly boosted cross-platform campaign measurement of ad inventory, Nielsen is now providing media buyers and sellers with what it believes is "comprehensive, independent measurement" across both linear and digital platforms.

Pearly Whites Shine Bright … With Spots

Who would have thought spots would have a positive impact on a brand designed to get rid of them -- at least, on one's teeth.

An Employment Hub’s Love For Radio

With GEICO and The Home Depot leading the way for brands using spot radio in the first days of 2019, it is refreshing to see increased activity from a brand that's been new to radio -- or, perhaps, one that has bumped up its ad spending in recent weeks. That's what Indeed has done.

Engage Millennials, And Integrate Fresh Ideas For Company Growth

In 2018, Kelly Orchard proposed a diagnosis about radio people suffering from “adjustment disorder,” a treatable condition that in most cases is a short-term concern. Now, Orchard writes that in order to grow successfully, one must introduce methods in company culture and properly adjust or adopt them to engage and encourage teams.
Auto / Buying a Car

New Year, New Car? TV Ads Light It Up

All signs point to a terrible year for new car and truck sales in the U.S. Nevertheless, dealer associations gave it their all with respect to advertising activity on a spot level at TV stations tracked by Media Monitors. Which brand topped them all?

Winter Woes? Nose Knows Radio Glows

The cold and flu season may be upon us, at least in the chilliest and windiest parts of the U.S.  For one big get-better health remedy, the use of spot radio lit up the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report.

Refunds Heading To Some TEGNA Premion Customers

"System issues" are to blame for incorrect deliverables tied to TEGNA's OTT advertising service, Premion. As such, TEGNA is moving forward with full refunds for affected 2018 campaigns -- a possible warning sign that digital advertising isn't as smooth as booking an ad on broadcast TV.

How Radio Can Capitalize On Listener’s New Year Resolutions

Do you have a New Year resolution? If not, think about your listeners. Many do, and even if they don't hold to their promises, radio is still empowered to profit from them. How? Here's some food for thought ... unless, of course, dieting and exercise are your New Year resolution.
Auto / Buying a Car

This Car Brand Is Tops In Spot TV

The end of what will likely be a lackluster year for automotive dealers will, hopefully, end on a bright note. That's, at least, what two car and truck brands may be hoping for, thanks to their surge in pre-Christmas advertisements through the use of spot television, Media Monitors reports.

Consistent Commitment To Radio For These Brands

As 2018 comes to a close, some familiar names were among the top advertisers using spot radio to reach consumers in the week leading up to Christmas. GEICO was the dominant brand. But, who else loves radio?

Retail Ad Spend: A Mirror Of Consumer Activity?

Standard Media Index has just released retail ad spend data for the start of the 2018 holiday season. Early indications are advertisers are following consumers with respect to where to put their dollars, putting a dent on activity at radio and TV from brick-and-mortar stores who may believe local digital provides greater ROI, for the price.

Facebook’s Ad Revenue: A Stall For National Dollars

Is the ad foundation at Facebook a bit shaky? New data from Standard Media Index, released in response to news that another security leak is plaguing the social media giant, has arrived that looks specifically at Facebook's ad revenue. Guess what? There's some slowing growth in an area that's been healthy of late for radio.

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