Westwood One’s Big, Cloudy Move With Nielsen

In a move designed to transform its auto marketing and measurement capabilities, Westwood One and a growing podcast technology for publishers and advertisers have each selected the Nielsen Auto Cloud, fueled by J.D. Power to handle the job.
Shopping / Christmas / Holiday

Ho, Ho, Hooray! Holiday Sales To Hit A New High

Forget about Election Day. The holiday shopping season has already started, and retailers are anticipating a banner year for sales. According to newly released data from eMarketer, low unemployment, strong income growth and high consumer confidence will combine to make the 2018 Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa shopping season an exceptionally strong one for retailers. Both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retailers are poised to benefit.
Jelli, Inc.

New Horizons For Jelli: Radio Upfront Activation Arrives

Jelli, known primarily for its audio advertising buying and selling programmatic platform, has expanded its partnership with one of the top media buying shops in the U.S. in a move that makes it the first agency to power all of its automated radio ad buying operations through Jelli's SpotPlan demand-side platform.

Good Hands, Healthy Skin: The Big Brand Messages At TV

Surprise: GEICO is again the top brand using spot television to connect with consumers, according to the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten TV report. But, what's newsworthy this week is the presence at No. 2 of a big health and beauty aid, and the new entry at No. 3 for one of GEICO's biggest competitors.

Radio Advertisers Keep The Momentum Moving

Strong and Steady: That's the best way to describe the efforts of the brands actively using spot radio to reach consumers for the week ending November 4. Discounting iHeartRadio, GEICO is the leading paid advertiser at radio, according to iHeart-owned Media Monitors' latest Spot Ten Radio report. 
T Mobile USA, Inc.

A Lone Brand In A Quiet Category

One look at the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Cable report, and you'll notice the presence of a big wireless services provider. But, you'll also see that it is the only brand actively using spot cable during the week ending November 4 to reach consumers.

What Luxury brands Can Teach Us About Consumer Branding

Take a look at the list of top luxury brands. More than half have been around for more than 100 years. How have they maintained this amazing track record? By escaping the confines of the crowded and cluttered world of needs-based advertising, says guest Media Information Bureau columnist Graeme Newell. Could learning lessons from the luxury brand category help maintain your station's brand allure for decades to come?

SMI: Broadcast TV Revenue Slips While Cable Enjoys Growth

Data from Standard Media Index's AccuTV show that during the full 2017-18 Broadcast Season, excluding the Winter Olympics and World Cup, National TV saw revenue of $45.5 Billion. "This is the same as the prior year, despite declining audiences and continued pressure from Digital," SMI notes. But, broadcast TV isn't driving the results.
Entravision Communications Corporation

Past Execs Return To Pulpo, Entravision

In twin announcements made Monday by Entravision Communications, the multimedia company focused on Hispanic consumers, the company's programmatic ad network looked to one of the biggest glossy publications targeting U.S. Latinos in selecting its VP of Digital Sales. At the same time, its Rio Grande Valley properties have selected a SVP of Integrated Marketing Solutions.

End-Of-Month Auto Push Is On

Yes, GEICO is still No. 1 -- and by a sizable margin -- on the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten TV report.  But, that's perhaps overshadowed this week by the efforts of auto dealer associations to bring individuals considering a new truck, car or van to make a deal before the end of October.

A Classic Computer Brand, Awakened At Radio

Radio's top advertisers showed their commitment to the medium once again last week, with little movement on the Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report for the week ending October 28. However, there's a notable new entrant, and it is a computer brand that nearly 20 years ago was a big player in its space.

A Big Smartphone Brand Touts With Cable Spots

It's always nice when a new brand appears on a Media Monitors Spot Ten Cable report. When it's a brand in a category rarely seen using radio or TV to attract consumers, it is even more special.

A Call For ‘Masters of Marketing’ To ‘Wake Up’ and Lead

Today’s marketing industry is unproductive, unsustainable, undesirable and untenable, and it’s up to marketing leadership to display “guts and courage” to drive growth across all industry sectors. That's according to ANA CEO Bob Liodice, who addressed attendees of the advertising and marketing world's most prestigious event, the Masters of Marketing Conference, to "wake up" and embrace steps outlined by the organization's Masters Circle to lead the way in driving industry growth.

DAX Bolsters U.S. Presence With Programmatic Sales Head

The digital audio advertising platform created by Global has hit the launch button on a new U.S. programmatic division. The effort is designed to make 90% of DAX inventory available programmatically. As such, it has hired a Programmatic Sales Director.

Taking Stock With Teens: What Media Needs To Know

A leading investment bank and asset management firm has just completed its 36th semi-annual survey highlighting discretionary spending trends and brand preferences among roughly 8,600 consumers with an average age of 16. What did Piper Jaffray find? Snapchat isn't so cool anymore.

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