Entercom’s Wrong-Way Stock Trajectory

On April 30, it appeared as if ETM would soon climb to above $7 a share, continuing a rebound from a sharp downturn that began in late February and concluded in late March. With Q2 set to end Friday, Entercom stock is now struggling to find the $6 mark.
Townsquare Media Group

Townsquare Rises On A Red Day For Stocks

Townsquare Media was the lone radio and television issue to gain ground on Tuesday, as the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 179.32 to 26,548.22 and Nasdaq was off 120.98 to 7,884.72. The day's downward activity was punctuated by a mighty fall for Comscore.
Saga Communications, Inc.

Is Saga’s Current Stock Price A New Normal?

It's a lightly traded issue on Nasdaq. Still, Saga Communications shares are considered to be "near fair value" by analysts, Yahoo! Finance notes. Is that less than stellar news, as SGA continues to struggle with a recovery from a five-year low?

The Bad News Continues On Wall Street For Comscore

It's been nearly three months since CEO Bryan Wiener and President Sarah Hofstetter departed Comscore, leading investors to protest. On Friday, the company's stock hit another new low, and is now worth one-third of what it was just months ago.

Nielsen Struggles To Recover From Eight-Year Low

On January 24, 2011, Nielsen shares were priced at $25.  Today, investors would be pleased to see shares reach that value. It's been nearly two months since that's happened.
SBG / Sinclair Broadcast Group

‘Undervalued SBGI’: Stuck In The Fifties

With Wednesday's Closing Bell on Wall Street, Sinclair Broadcast Group shares entered after-hours trading priced at $52.85. That's great, compared to where SBGI was prior to May 6, when news of its regional sports network plans became known.  But, since that news, Sinclair has been mired in the $50 range. 
Wall Street / Trading Floor

India Deal Can’t Stop Comscore’s Steep Stock Slide

Thanks to a decision made by India's federal government, Comscore currency will be used to set ad rates for desktop and mobile advertising in India to help create "a fair and stable marketplace." Did this news give investors a reason to put a stop to Comscore's big dip on Wall Street? Nope.

A Leaner Emmis Sees Its Shares Skyrocket

The last week on Nasdaq has certainly been exciting for Emmis Communications. On June 10, the company confirmed that it is saying goodbye to the capital of the Lone Star State. That excited investors, and that enthusiasm hasn't ebbed. But, is that a "YES" vote for a N.Y. move?
Wall Street / Trading Floor

Wall Street Ends Week On Down Beat

U.S. financial markets ended the week on a down note, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling 17.16 points to 26,089.61. Nasdaq was off 40.47 points, to 7796.66.
Townsquare Media Group

Townsquare Shares Are Sliding Again

Townsquare Media is very lightly traded on Wall Street. As such, a small group of shareholders can determine the trajectory of its stock. With Friday's close, it is heading southward, and is near $5. That's only happened twice before -- and both times were within the last six months.
Wall Street / Trading Floor

Entercom Rebounds Past $6 Mark

It's been a bouncy 30 days for Entercom shares. However, Thursday's close puts the company back to values last seen on May 28, when a decline in value began to take shape. The catalyst? Entercom goes ex-dividend on Friday.

Beasley Stock Hits A Fresh Five-Year Low

The travails of "BBGI," Beasley Broadcast Group's publicly traded shares on Nasdaq, have been well documented since it started a prolonged decline in value some 11 months ago. With Beasley set to go ex-dividend soon, investors may be asking if the stock can recover to $3.50 anytime soon.
Wall Street

General Markets Dip As Trade Uncertainty Persists

U.S. financial markets dipped on Thursday as the nation's trade ties with China fell into a cloud of uncertainty 12 hours after the biggest protests to hit the streets of Hong Kong in nearly 30 years. How did media stocks fare?

TEGNA’s Dispatch Deal Gets Negative Wall St. Reaction

Well before Tuesday's Opening Bell on Wall Street, TEGNA announced that it has reached a deal with the Wolfe family to purchase the two TV stations it operates under its Dispatch Broadcast Group for more than a half-billion dollars. Investors soured on the news, selling TGNA shares on substantially high volume.

Can ComScore Stock Stop Its Steep Slide?

A C-Suite shakeup resulted in the Feb. 28 departure of CEO Bryan Wiener, just hours after final approval of a Q&A appearing in RBR+TVBR's Spring 2019 print edition, and President Sarah Hofstetter. Since then, comScore shares have been in a free-fall. The bleeding continues.

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