More Woes On Wall Street For Comscore

A difficult April for Comscore stock continued with Wednesday's action on Wall Street. As a result, the audience measurement company has torpedoed all growth seen since May 2009.
SBG / Sinclair Broadcast Group

Another Move Upward on Wall Street For SBGI

Sinclair Broadcast Group's strong year-to-date ascension continued on Tuesday, with shares up 1.1% as of 3pm Eastern. The winning Wall Street ways could bring sweet rewards for shareholders come May 8, when Sinclair reveals its Q1 2019 earnings.

A New Stumble for Nielsen Shares?

Since April 11 Nielsen shares have been on the downswing. The dip in share value for the company that has put its Buy and Watch segments into a strategic review continued on Tuesday.

Beasley’s Year-To-Date Wall Street Wane

With the addition of radio stations in Boston and Detroit, many believed Beasley would begin 2019 with renewed vigor for its stock. Instead, Beasley's Q1 share performance has been rather dismal. On Tuesday morning, the decline in stock price continued.

Comscore Stops The Bleeding On Wall Street

It's been a punishing two weeks for Comscore, the company that seeks to compete with Nielsen for TV consumption data and ratings analysis. After a big plunge on Wall Street tied to the loss of two key C-Suiters, dip after dip was seen. On Monday, SCOR was finally up.

Despite Friday Dip, Sinclair Stock Is Flying High

With minutes remaining in the trading week, Sinclair Broadcast Group shares were off 1.2% to $43.57. Still, that's not much to cry over. Sinclair has only grown in value since the start of 2019, and is one of the best-performing media stocks of Q1, RBR+TVBR analysis shows.

Should Buyers ‘Investigate’ Salem?

That's a question asked by "Simply Wall St.," a popular financial blog. With "significant price movement" seen in recent months, could this present an opportunity for investors? Or, is a price of $2.42 -- higher than where is today -- "reflective of the actual value" of Salem stock?

Light Volume Can’t Stop Another Comscore Swoon

Comscore finished the month of March buoyed with confidence, thanks to several deals with broadcast TV companies including NBCUniversal and Gray Television. Now, Comscore is on shaky ground, with a two-week Wall Street skid only exacerbating matters for the company. 

Struggles Continue For Beasley Stock

As 2019 began, Beasley Broadcast Group shares began to rise toward the $5 mark. By February, a decline was seen, with attempts of a rebound seen through March 11. Since then, BBGI has been on a steady slide, even with a target price well above its current trading level.

Dish Makes A Cognitiv Choice For Sling Slot

The former chief revenue officer of Cognitiv, a revenue functions for the platform which uses "Deep Learning" to build custom programmatic buying algorithms, has been selected to lead advertising strategy and revenue for DISH's Sling TV arm.

Where’s The Bottom For Comscore Stock?

It's been nine days since audience measurement and consumer data company Comscore saw CEO Bryan Wiener and President Sarah Hofstetter each step down, and slam the company's board of directors. Since then, SCOR has slumped -- and the losses continue.

CBS Climbs Past Important $50 Threshold

CBS Corporation shares have been on a healthy growth streak since a March 22 close of $45.06. With Monday's Closing Bell, the company's stock is once again above the $50 mark.

Horror Week On Wall Street Ends For Comscore

With the Closing Bell's bong on Wall Street, Comscore shares concluded a week-long plunge with another thud. A 2.5% decline was seen. This puts Comscore shares at its third-lowest closing price in five years, erasing all gains seen since Christmas Eve 2018.

Comscore Sinks Again In Thursday’s Trading

It has been a punishing week for Comscore stock, and Thursday didn't bring any relief to the audience measurement company's Wall Street woes. At the Closing Bell, shares were down 2.3% — bringing the company ever-closer to a new five-year low.

Another Stock Slip For Comscore

Bryan Wiener is gone as CEO. So is all of the momentum fueling a two-month jump in share value at Comscore. Since topping $23 on February 25, Comscore shares have steady retreated. Now, nearly all gains since Christmas 2018 have been wiped out.

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