How Much Did Meruelo Pay For L.A.’s KXOS?

Late Wednesday, Meruelo Media shared what many media brokers expected to happen sooner or later: It's buying KXOS-FM 93.9 in Los Angeles. What remains unknown, pending the company's Form 314 filing with the FCC, is how much -- or how little -- Meruelo is paying for it.

Philly Federal Court Sets June Date For Media Rule Hearing

Put Tuesday, June 11, on your calendar if the future of the FCC's media ownership rules is of importance to you. That's when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit will conduct a hearing that pits a familiar foe of media consolidation against the Pai Commission.

Breaking Down The Benefits Of Sports Gambling For Media

David Oxenford has become a top voice in D.C. on what broadcast media can -- and cannot do -- following a Supreme Court decision that left the legalization of sports wagering up to state legislatures. He had much to share at the Media Finance Focus conference on the subject.

Post-BK Cumulus Seeks FCC OK For Foreign Ownership

With its emergence from debtor-in-possession status, Cumulus Media began trading once again on Nasdaq under its "CMLS" symbol, and its stock is just below $19 a share. Now, the company is petitioning the FCC to allow non-citizens to own up to all of its stock.

Field Update: ‘We are just getting started!’

On May 17, Entercom marked the 18-month anniversary of what President/CEO David Field calls the "transformational merger" that created "a company with the scale, capabilities and powerful lineup of leading stations" poised for future riches. Where is Entercom headed now?

Asset Switch Yields Huge Profit For Carolina Operator

Eight weeks ago, RBR+TVBR told you about the transfer of a 117-watt low-power TV station serving a South Carolina market. George Kimble of Kozacko Media Services was the exclusive broker. Now, that buyer is selling a sister property — and making millions of dollars in profit.

Media Finance Focus Show Takes On Media Workflow Automation

From musings and observations on the state of the American electorate from James Carville to the local TV industry's efforts to automate the workflow on both the buy and sell sides, the first day of the Media Finance Focus 2019 conference proved to be insightful and entertaining.

No Radio ‘Mundo’ For Gray Television

In June 2018, Gray Television announced that it intended to merge with Raycom Media. The deal, completed at the start of 2019, included two radio stations. Now, Gray is saying goodbye to one of these properties in a deal brokered by Kalil & Co.

DISH Grabs Echostar’s Broadcast Satellite Service Biz

DISH Network Corp. and EchoStar Corp. have reached an agreement that transfers the bulk of the company's Broadcast Satellite Service (BSS) business to DISH in an all-stock transaction. The deal will see DISH take on nine direct broadcast satellites and "certain key employees."

May We Forget The Month On Wall Street For comScore?

For comScore, it's been a brutal fourweeks. On March 18, shares were just under $22. Today, SCOR is struggling to get back over the $11 mark. On Friday, a small gain was seen for the company's battered stock.

Is 2019 The ‘Make-Or-Break’ Year For TV Upfronts?

Silicon Valley's under-regulated cash-flush GAFANs one year ago had seemingly conquered Hollywood, with out-of-home advertising dominated by Netflix and Amazon Studios. This week across Midtown Manhattan, it became clear the Upfronts are now under attack.
Kids watching TV

Parents Television Council Lauds FCC On Content Ratings Report

The Parents Television Council has been vocal of late regarding what it perceives are the "numerous, intrinsic failings" of the TV Content Ratings System. Now, it is applauding the FCC for providing Congress a report that largely affirms what the PTC has been saying for years.

Robocalls, Broadband Dominate FCC Oversight Hearing

Think media ownership rules were top discussion topics for FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and the GOP three that are driving Commission policy under a "light touch approach"? Nope. Better broadband access, spectrum allocation for 5G and combating robocalls took center stage.

A ‘Refocused’ Univision Gets Upfront On Its Advertiser Benefits

Univision Communications is in the midst of a rebirth under CEO Vince Sadusky. Forget that IPO talk, or discussing possible Univision Radio divestments. At its Upfront, digital and video content took center stage as Sadusky touted the company's unique value proposition.

Two Members Of Congress Want FCC Diversity Reboot

A Senator and a House Member late last week, via a letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, urged the Commission to reinstate practices to collect data on broadcast workforce diversity. They claim that while the FCC is required by law to collect this data, it's failed to do so.

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