Lee Leaves Univision To Launch A Production House

In December 2010,  Univision Communications made the bold move by turning to an individual with a background in Hispanic and Latin American trade publications to take over leadership of its news operations. Isaac Lee eventually climbed to a top content leadership role at UCI. Tuesday morning, he exited Univision by stepping down.

Disappointment and Shock: Sinclair Sounds Off

Forget that Weed Wacker stored in the back corner of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's office in Washington, D.C. Sinclair Broadcast Group and Tribune Media on Monday morning were each struck with a cattle prod any Kansas rancher would likely approve of. Sinclair commented late Monday afternoon. Once Sinclair spoke up, it wasn't shy about its thoughts on the matter, which bring new light to the history of Cunningham Broadcasting.

An ALJ Hearing: The Ultimate Deal Killer?

Veteran D.C. communications attorney Erwin Krasnow was just as surprised as many of the brokers and attorneys RBR+TVBR contacted following the release Monday morning of a statement from FCC Chairman Ajit Pai that reveals he has "serious concerns" over Sinclair Broadcast Group's planned merger with Tribune Media. A draft hearing designation order was circulated by Pai. Is this a "deal killer?" Krasnow had some things to say about that.
SBG / Sinclair Broadcast Group

FCC Chairman Puts Sinclair-Tribune In Jeopardy

At 11:15am Eastern, Sinclair Broadcast Group and Tribune Media Co. each saw their shares plunge in value, setting up a tumultuous day on Wall Street. What happened? FCC Chairman Ajit Pai shared his feelings with the world about the marriage of Sinclair and Tribune. He has "serious concerns."

Looser Rules Allow Gray Grab By Raycom

Here's a deal that's full of American Spirit, fueled by FCC "modernization." Raycom Media has forged an agreement with a longtime shared services agreement partner that would give it an Iowa TV station it could not legally obtain 15 years ago, when it owned another crosstown station. At the same time, Raycom is grabbing The CW affiliate serving the capital of the Old Dominion. Both stations will eventually wind up in the hands of Gray Television.

Did FOX Get Two Big License Renewals?

The license renewal of two of Fox Television Stations' biggest properties — granted in 2007 by the Commission — was challenged by The Voice for New Jersey; and the Office of Communication of the United Church of Christ, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, and Free Press. Did these groups stand a chance in seeking Applications for Review?

The First Choice For Viewing? It’s Not Live Television

A research firm created "to focus specifically on the intersection of technology and entertainment" has just released the latest findings from an annual study tracking the TV sources consumers consider their "go-to" viewing platform. The results, according to Hub Entertainment Research? Multiplatform use is continuing to rise, and there's a steady move away from live TV as a default source. We've got a "famous" RBR+TVBR OBSERVATION on this to share.
Emmis Communications

Data Attribution: Key For Radio’s Response To Struggles

At the end of Emmis Communications' fiscal Q1 2019 conference call for Wall Street financial analysts, company founder and CEO Jeff Smulyan on Thursday morning had a clear, concise answer to a question many have likely had on their minds: "How does the radio industry return to growth?" For Smulyan, there's one thing that can bring big delivery that's top of mind.

Another New High For Nexstar

Nexstar Media Group shares soared to another new high on Thursday, one day following the release of a Reuters report that suggests buyout firm Apollo Global Management has expressed interest in acquiring the company. Volume was nearly twice its average, as NXST inches closer to its 1-year target estimate.
Kids watching TV

GOP Majority Votes For KidVid Revision NPRM

In a vote that was largely anticipated, the FCC on Thursday voted 3-1 to launch a proceeding to seek comment on proposed revisions to its children's television programming, or "KidVid," rules.

Repack Cash, Diversity Incubator On FCC August Agenda

The FCC's July Open Meeting is set for Thursday, but Chairman Pai already has his sights on what's to be debated and discussed at the Commission's August Open Meeting. Among the things on the agenda: Ray Baum's Act (and repack reimbursement dollars), and the FCC's broadcast "incubator" program.
The CW Television Network

The CW Aligns With Raycom In Cleveland

Starting Monday, fans of Arrow, Jane The Virgin and Supergirl will have a channel adjustment to make if they live in northeast Ohio. Effective July 16, The CW Network's programming will air on one of two Raycom Media-owned facilities serving the Cleveland-Akron market.

ATVA: Retrans Harm Outweighs Benefits Of Gray Duopoly

The American Television Alliance (ATVA) on Monday officially filed comments on the proposed transfer of two South Dakota TV stations from Red River Broadcast Co. to Gray Television. Gray is creating a duopoly in this market by buying a peacock in a deal brokered by Kalil & Co. If approved, the transfer would give Gray a “top four duopoly” in DMA No. 110. The ATVA argues that Gray has failed to make an adequate public interest showing in its desire to own the NBC affiliate. 

Traditional Media Buys: No Longer A Solo Task

What sort of shifts in small to medium-sized businesses' marketing habits are taking place across the U.S.? Early results from Borrell Associates' 2018 survey of local advertisers are in, and Gordon Borrell says he's picked up on a shift since 2017 in how SMBs are buying media. Here's a glimpse of what Borrell's team finds.

Entravision Loses A Phoenix-Area Signal Battle

The FCC at the end of 2017 gave its blessing to a construction permit for a new 50kw radio station with a transmitter to the northwest of the greater Phoenix area. That was unsettling news to one of the nation's largest operators of radio stations targeting Hispanics, and an objection was filed with the FCC. Now, the Commission has spoken, and Entravision won't be happy with the ruling.

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