John Caracciolo Bets On Bubba For ‘Florida Man’ Launch

Under Salem Media Group, an AM with an FM translator serving Orlando has provided the company with “The Answer” to offering conservative Talk programming to the 31st-largest radio market. With JVC Media soon taking over, a big shift in spoken word programming is on the way. This includes bringing Bubba The Love Sponge to listeners.

Winter Has Ended: A Major Move At LBI Media

In a major power shift, LBI Media -- the parent of Liberman Broadcasting and the Estrella TV Spanish-language broadcast television network -- has confirmed that its COO has exited. In his place, on an interim basis, is a former Chairman/CEO of Granite Broadcasting.

TEGNA Confirms Apollo Contact, Following Standard Snatch

Ten minutes before Friday's Closing Bell on Wall Street, The Wall Street Journal published a report that the entity that did a private buyout of Cox Media Group and Northwest Broadcasting approached TEGNA about a possible sale. The company just confirmed this.

More Bad News For Comscore: Layoffs

The biggest news from Comscore on Tuesday wasn't distributed by a press release, but was instead revealed in a SEC filing. Job losses are on the way at the fiscally challenged cross-platform measurement firm, which announced a new offering within its suite of Marketing Impact products.

‘Netflix Shares Aren’t Recession-Proof.’ Investors Agree

What if a recession were to engulf the U.S. by the end of 2020? According to Nomura Instinet analysts, companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Alphabet will be just fine. But, that's not what they're saying about Netflix. Investors reacted by selling off NFLX shares.

Why TV Still Matters in the Age of Netflix

In some corners of the marketing and advertising world, fueled by digital and social media workhorses, there is still debate as to whether TV is "dead." An Analytic Partners SVP says it's far from comatose and remains a highly valuable place for marketers to place their content.
Cable / Satellite

‘Freaking Ugly’: MVPD Sub Dip, and a vMVPD Growth Wall

MoffettNathanson's two big analysts, Craig Moffett and Michael Nathanson, were horrified at the then still-preliminary Q2 cord-cutting results. The final numbers are in, and they are indeed distressing — not just for traditional distributors, but for the programmers as well.

A Historic Voice, In Danger Of Falling Silent

In April 1962, a 1kw daytimer serving a small town in southeastern North Carolina signed on the air. It dedicated itself to serving the majority Black population in this municipality, and still does. However, aging equipment, and fading AM radio consumption, could spell the end of WVOE.

Salem’s Relevant ‘POP’ Value: Fair Deal, Or Fading AM Worth?

AM station values have, to little surprise, been on the decline as the senior radio broadcast band struggles with keeping listeners who may prefer FM or digital audio streaming. One media appraiser frets over the "pop" value of Salem's station sales to the parent of Relevant Radio.

More Turmoil At Comscore As Another C-Suiter Departs

Thursday's trading on Wall Street ended with the Dow Jones Industrial Average rebounding by nearly 100 points. However, Nasdaq was off 7.32 points. For media stocks, the bleeding continued yet again for Comscore. Why? It lost another C-Suite executive.

KDAY To Pay For EAS Tone Atonement

Nearly two years ago, twin FMs in a simulcast aired a weather teaser for its morning show that included a simulation of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) attention signal. That's a no-no, and the FCC has now acted against the properties, owned by Meruelo Media.

After Nearly Two Years, An iHeart Quarterly Earnings Call

Much was shared regarding iHeartMedia's business plan in what seemed like a Q2 soliloquy from Chairman/CEO Bob Pittman, including how the company eagerly jumped into podcasting as competitors did not. But, how did iHeart do financially in the quarter?

Univision’s Double Ds: Deleverage and Decrease

If only ratings points directly correlated to revenue. Univision and broadcast network sibling UniMás may be "the only broadcast networks to grow viewership from a year ago," but parent company Univision Communications saw its net revenue and net income shrink in Q2.

It’s Official: Redstone Reunification Set For CBS, Viacom

At precisely 2:14pm Eastern, CBS Corp. confirmed what nearly everyone who follows the broadcast media industry already anticipated. CBS is combining with Viacom some 13 years and eight months after CBS spun-off from Viacom to create two separate companies.

Red Raiders Reach Takeover Plan For El Paso PBS Station

On Aug. 18, 1978, the El Paso DMA received its first locally based PBS member station. Roughly three years later, it shifted to Channel 13 on the dial. Now, just days before its 41st birthday, a merger of resources and programming with another PBS station is about to happen.

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