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Coming By 2030: Autonomous Vehicles from GM

While the "whip antenna" on two General Motors truck lines gets attention for the one and only reason the automotive company kept it there for its newest models, GM is also attracting eyeballs for something that could eventually impact in-car audio consumption. Self-driving vehicles are coming.

D&I … And ‘A Lack of Multicultural Marketing’

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives have reached full tilt across Corporate America. Now, there is a growing realization that "DEI," or D&I, action is no replacement for marketing and advertising to ethnic consumers. That's the crux of a statement being sent by the Hispanic Marketing Council today to Fortune 1000 Chief Marketing Officers and the media.

Smart Speakers Usage Surge Seen Among U.S. Moms

Just in time for Mother's Day is a report that suggests buying a smart speaker for Momma isn't a good idea. Why? She's likely already got one, and uses it a lot. That's the basis of data analysis of moms and smart speakers from the Edison Research/Triton Digital series The Infinite Dial that also takes info from Edison's The Social Habit.

The 2021 U.S. Broadband Forecast: ‘Lifted by Rising Digital Home Profiles’

U.S. broadband providers are carrying considerable momentum out of the pandemic despite increased competition and impending service maturity with penetrations nearing 90% of occupied households. That's according to the updated forecast from Kagan.

Should Biden & Co. Oversee FCC Economic Analyses?

In the view of American Enterprise Institute Visiting Scholar Mark Jamison, White House control of FCC regulatory analysis is a bad idea. A better idea, he says, is to set transparent standards for such analyses, including public review.
A Welcome To Georgia sign on I-95 at the Florida-Georgia Line

Radio’s Balancing Act: Reach vs. Localism

As you read this, our Editor-in-Chief's mother-in-law is driving from South Florida to New York, as thousands of Snowbirds do each Spring. In years past, she could be tuning to a multitude of radio stations in between CDs. Today? Nope. This begs the question if Radio is missing out by not courting highway travelers, as it desires to be more local than ever.
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Comcast’s Cable TV Star Turn

In an investor note, Craig Moffett discusses how, for the first few months of the year, investors focused on the threats to Cable. "All the talk was of fiber builds, fixed wireless broadband, and regulatory risks," he says. "In recent weeks, the narrative has turned."

Spotify’s Q1 Results? Slowing Growth Countered by New Market Entries

How did it go for popular audio streaming company Spotify in the first quarter of 2021? Futuresource Consulting lead market analyst for music and audio Alexandre Jornod digested the numbers early today from London, and offers up the details.

WARC Global Ad Trends: Linear TV Advertising Slides

International marketing intelligence service WARC's latest Global Advertising Trends report has been released. In it, WARC outlines "the new, long-term shifts in e-commerce, social media, online video and gaming for brands and consumers." What's the key takeaway for broadcast media executives? Linear television advertising plummeted.

Attention, C-Suiters: Which Personality Style Are You?

"Effective communication skill means connecting with the other person in a way that invites them to offer you valuable information as well as willingly receive what you say," notes sales training expert Barrett Riddleberger. In this column, he asks readers to determine which of four personality traits they believe they exhibit.

The Radio Industry Dream Job

Our editor-in-chief had a dream last night that he was running a Top 40 radio station. After recalling the key points of what he saw as he slept, he wishes that it wasn't a figment of a fantasy, but rather a blueprint to fix a format reliving 1991 — not a good thing, for all you kids out there.

The Pay-TV Portrait? More Cord-Cutting, Less Bundling

A newly released report from S&P Global Ratings offers an update of its pay-TV video subscriber forecast. It assesses how any changes could affect S&P Global Market Intelligence ratings on companies in the U.S. pay-TV ecosystem.

How Hitting Digital’s ‘Mute’ Button Helps Radio

A 2017 webinar featuring Veritone executive Paul Cramer yielded some eye-opening details on an"AI"-powered way to "aircheck" for an advertiser. That webinar came on a day when Google's Chrome browser was experimenting with a "mute" setting for autoplay video ads that start playing when one scrolls to the ad on a web page. The discussion remains timely.

Five Things To Know About Millennial Shoppers

Radio and TV C-Suiters are obsessed with millennials. They've been credited with upending entire industries, says an eMarketer analyst, and retail is hardly an exception. He's penned a piece on what retailers need to know about attracting and retaining consumers from this consumer group. It could help you, too.

Digital Media Trends: What They Mean For OTA TV

Deloitte just released the results of its 15th annual Digital Media Trends Survey. It reveals how COVID-19 and shifting generational preferences are reshaping the U.S. media and entertainment landscape. How this may impact the future growth of broadcast television and radio makes this essential reading for your organization.
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