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Reinventing TV and a cinematic approach

The strengths of television--Pictures, Graphics and Visuals: In a home environment, it's hard to beat TV for the eye. Big screens, HD and TV by

UK listeners spend less time with online audio than US listeners

A new release of information on digital audio listening from RAJAR, the official source for radio audience measurement in the UK, shows

Clearing the Legal Hurdles in Ambush Marketing Promotions

Thanks to the commitment and support of our members, the Media Financial Management Association serves as

Natalie Swed Stone on the state of radio—Part II

Natalie Swed Stone, US Director, National Radio Investment, OMD, always insightful and helpful to the radio industry, spent some time with RBR

No Fakery In Radio, TV Spots

Ad-fraud detection firm White Ops says a "bot" from Russia has been ripping off digital advertisers to the tune of more than $3M per day
Auto / Buying a Car

Selling vehicles to mature television fans

Here it is – the sixth and final installment of our in-depth look at the car preferences of radio and TV fans, this time focusing on older television viewers. The purpose of this is to help television stations sell ads to people in the automobile business; and conversely, for people in the automobile business to make informed decisions about ad placement.

Wild ride for Pandora Media investors

RBR-TVBR Analysis: Pandora Media sold its IPO in mid-June at $16 per share and as the month came to a close the price was up decently to $18.91. In between, though, trading was extremely volatile. Pandora has exactly two Wall Street analysts officially covering its stock. (It will be late July before

Groupon is making billions…so why aren’t you getting any?

“Groupon” sales are estimated in the billions of dollars and do you know where is that money coming from?  It’s coming from local advertisers. ...

The Frightening Brand – How Luxury Products Intimidate You Into Loving Them

In the traditional world of consumer branding, simplicity is the essence of this kind of marketing, but luxury brands take the exact

Death of a Salesman

Three people entered the meeting: The radio salesperson (sorry,

Small business needed to drive recovery

One of the keys to getting through tough economic times is putting people to work so that they are free to spend money and do their part to enrich the economy

Top three holidays of the year on tap

There are holidays scattered throughout the year, brightening calendars during all four seasons. But the fourth quarter is the lucky host of the top...

The 2011 Radio Upfront: What are clients asking for?

Radio take note from the money ad agency players: Digital will be part of the conversation for most clients including mobile, social networking. Follow the content, advertisers want to be embedded in content any way our consumers use it.

How the KBLX sale to Entercom came about

Even as a bankruptcy court auction named YMF Media the new owner of Inner City Media Corporation’s radio stations, Entercom was already in the...
Erwin Krasnow / John Brooks

Insuring the Future of Your Business

By Erwin G. Krasnow, Esq. and John R. Brooks Success in broadcasting can and often does depend on the exceptional contributions of a small number...

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