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Another Intentional Example of Legislative Complexification

"It is doubtful any other profession than American Broadcasting has paid a heavier price for irrational legislation spurred by special interests with hidden agendas," notes Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner, a "mock" inspection expert. Today we explore another current example.

Benner On Washington: ‘TAC’ Tact and Regulatory Compliance

On March 27, FCC document "DA 19-214" was released by the Commission. Featured columnist Ken Benner took notice, as it included a request for membership in the Technological Advisory Council. "My colleagues, with far more experience and talent than I, expressed interest in this 'wonderful, prestigious' invitation," he notes.

Ethnic Marketing: Still Sorely Lacking In Marketing Biz

How diverse is your media organization ... or your best clients? "There has been little headway made in improving ethnic diversity," a new report from the ANA's Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) states.

Four Smart Ways To Coach Your Sales Reps On A Call

Want your star sales leader to become a better coach for the AE squad? Expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger has studied successful sales managers for years. This has empowered him to pen a Media Information Bureau column focused on four effective strategies that could give your reps a little more fuel to fire up their sales efforts.

Radio’s Latest ‘Share Of Ear’: 50 Percent

Edison Research has released its third-quarter 2016 "Share of Ear" study, and there's some good news for radio.

The hurricane just blew through. You're off the air. Now what do you do?...

There are a lot of things that need to be done, but your first priority is to minimize and contain any infrastructure and storm...
Mel Taylor

Epic Fail: Separate Digital Sales Teams

Did this happen at your Newspaper, TV or Radio station? Consultants told you to hire a separate digital sales staff in order to win...

Old thinking for new media and new thinking for old media

When we put new ideas together, a lot of it is actually about integrating


NPR, long known as a news organization, has lately been producing some outstanding digital music offerings. The latest one is their 24/7 All Songs Considered Stream. Launched to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the

To succeed, get downright Buddhist about your business

Profit-driven executives across all industry verticals need to get real about the state of their business if they want to keep their

All Media Is Local: Work local. Buy local. Play local. Eat local.

Have you noticed recently the trend toward localism? By localism I’m referring to consumer’s affection for supporting

Keys to a Successful Streaming Strategy

In 1990, I was a wet behind the ears account executive at the Katz Radio Group, and received a call from a media planner who was excited to inform me that his agency had just won the

Should We Want A Bipartisan FCC?

Mark Jamison, a visiting Fellow with the AEI and a part of the Trump FCC transition team, says "no." But, he was a strong reason why.
Auto / Buying a Car

Selling vehicles to mature television fans

Here it is – the sixth and final installment of our in-depth look at the car preferences of radio and TV fans, this time focusing on older television viewers. The purpose of this is to help television stations sell ads to people in the automobile business; and conversely, for people in the automobile business to make informed decisions about ad placement.

Wild ride for Pandora Media investors

RBR-TVBR Analysis: Pandora Media sold its IPO in mid-June at $16 per share and as the month came to a close the price was up decently to $18.91. In between, though, trading was extremely volatile. Pandora has exactly two Wall Street analysts officially covering its stock. (It will be late July before

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