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Facebook to debut real-time bidding for ads

Facebook plans to introduce real-time bidding for advertising on its site, a technology used by Google to more effectively target ads to consumers. “Facebook Exchange”...

Asking the Right Questions about Music’s Future

We are experiencing a radical transition in the way recorded music relates to culture, and music entrepreneurs face a serious challenge within that transition: ...

Stop rebooting and start building

I recently received a cold-call from a mobile marketing company trying to pitch me on using their services. This is a large company and...
Michael DeLier

Do more—not less or just enough

News gathering, presentation and positioning have all changed a great deal in the past ten years. No longer does a successful news station just...

Consumer confidence rebounding but volatile

So says the latest report from Prosper Insights & Analytics. Consumers expressed more confidence in February 2013 than they did the month and the...

FY 2013 regulatory fee proposals

As a result of the Congressional appropriation agreement, the total amount that must be collected remains the same as last year - $339,844,000. However, the FCC seeks to rebalance the amounts to be assessed upon the licensees of each of its primary bureaus. Since 1998, when regulatory fees were first implemented, 30.2% of the total has been allocated to the Media Bureau, based upon the distribution of equivalent full-time employees at that time. A more recent analysis reveals that the percentage of Commission employee resources that are devoted to Media Bureau matters has risen to 37.5%. However, due to a cap of 7.5% on rate increases in any given year, the Media Bureau allocation for FY 2013 would rise only to 33.33%. (Presumably, most of the remainder would be applied to a further increase in FY 2014.)
TV Remote

Alternative TV choices of your young-skewing fans

No matter how loyal they might be, it is highly unlikely that your primary TV fans watch your particular genre all the time. So where are they when they tune elsewhere? This is a very good thing to know for a number of reasons, and thanks to the research wizards at Prosper Insights and analytics, we can pinpoint viewing habits four you. Today we look at young-skewing TV audiences.
Democrat and Republican

Not that many hot Senate races shaping up

Two things are clear when looking at the 2014 US Senate election map: Democrats have their work cut out for them; but at the same time, there aren’t all that many hot contests a year out from Election Day.
Michael Rudd

Marketing or Convincing

While it may appear to be to some I don’t believe that marketing is convincing someone they need what you have. Marketing is about being a human and letting people know that. Marketing is about letting people know about the unbelievable product, venture, idea, or business that you have. Nothing more, nothing less. I think we fall into a realm of confusion at times about what it really is. Marketing is not convincing others that they need you. If you need to work so hard and so tirelessly on your marketing to convince people to buy something you have it’s not the right product.

This date in radio & television

March 26th: A major medical moment of the 20th century occurred on this date in 1953. That's when noted researcher and virologist Jonas Salk at the University of Pittsburgh revealed on CBS Radio that the testing of his polio vaccine on a 90-member group of adults and children had proven successful. The testing continued for two years with the vaccine declared sound in April of '55, paving the way for the licensing of the injected substance and the subsequent mass immunization campaigns. On this night in 1956 comedian Red Buttons made his TV acting debut on CBS's "Studio One."
Thom Callahan

Technology bullies…or why a radio sales career sure looks good right now

What do traditional cameras, cashiers, parking lot attendants, travel agencies, telephone receptionists, pharmacists
Dave Seyler

Broadcasters have no obligation to air harmful ads

Business opponents of the broadcasting community aren’t going to like this

October stocks: Steady as she goes

Broadcasters started one place on Wall Street at the beginning of the month...

Bringing the FCC’s Contest Rule Up to Date

Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman tells you all you need to know about the FCC’s online contest rule initiative
Michael DeLier

To Rush Haters: Put Your Own Pony Up There

Michael DeLier opines on Rush haters and talk radio in this commentary.

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