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MYTH No. 18: Murphy’s Laws Don’t Apply

Erwin Krasnow, Doug Ferber & Bishop Cheen debunk the myth that Murphy's laws don't apply to broadcast transactions.

Keep Your Data Safe from Hackers

In June 2016, Garvey Schubert Barer's Judy Endejan warned that hackers are targeting stations. Today, Entercom, Max Media, Urban One and Townsquare Media are on the victim's list. Prevent your company from adding its name to this list in an encore Media Information Bureau column.
Michael DeLier

Don’t Let Analysts Decide the Election

Michael DeLier is worried about the election.

Radio’s Renewed Optimism: ‘Nailed It’ In Nashville

The 2016 Radio Show produced by RAB and NAB was a "home run," says 50-year industry vet Clark Smidt

Should Mr. Trump ‘Drain The Political Swamp’?

How does one fix the problem of how to best drain the political swamp that has plagued Washington, D.C.? Ken Benner has ideas
Erwin Krasnow

The Life and Death of Minority Tax Certificates

Given the renewed discussion on the topic seen across D.C. this week, we revisit thoughts from a top Inside-The-Beltway attorney

Is Spotify The Next Threat To Radio and TV?

The latest "detrimental distraction" for consumers -- and advertisers -- of AM and FM radio stations, commonly known as Spotify, is strengthening its sales force and nearly set for a syncopated soulful strut into the offices of your advertisers. That's because it just bought a company best-known for a platform that brings Tinder-like swiping to visual ads. Should radio and TV C-Suiters be concerned?
John Thune

Sen. Thune: Why The ‘Open Internet’ Needs Protection

With the FCC today launching an NPRM that would strip net neutrality regulations, South Dakota Republican John Thune has a suggestion. "My preference would be to begin bipartisan work on such legislation without any further delay." The Chairman of the powerful Senate Commerce Committee made the comment on the floor of the Senate today. Here's what else Sen. Thune had to say on what he believes is the restoration of an open internet.
Former FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, who championed with the help of former Commissioner Mike O'Rielly rule "modernization" for local media.

A Tribute To The FCC Chairman

He faces the most difficult challenge in the history of the Commission, as he travels the nation seeking support from the broadcasting community. He is FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, who Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner is beyond a doubt in support of, as he writes in this "tribute" to the Commission's leader.

How Hitting Digital’s ‘Mute’ Button Helps Radio

A 2017 webinar featuring Veritone executive Paul Cramer yielded some eye-opening details on an"AI"-powered way to "aircheck" for an advertiser. That webinar came on a day when Google's Chrome browser was experimenting with a "mute" setting for autoplay video ads that start playing when one scrolls to the ad on a web page. The discussion remains timely.

Are Marketers Cutting, Or Growing, Your Ad Dollars?

The final results from Borrell Associates' 2017 local advertiser study are in, and some 3,551 local advertisers chimed in regarding their thoughts and plans on advertising ROI, marketing goals, and which medium works best to accomplish those goals. 

SiriusXM Just ‘Slammed’ Radio With This Great Initiative

A Dec. 1 announcement that was widely ignored by the broadcast media trade press caught the attention of RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson. Why? Because this news, from Sirius XM, deals with something radio stations across the U.S. should have been doing for the last 25 years. It's another reason why broadcast radio still has a long way to go to be as local as industry leaders proclaim it to be.

Do GOP-Leaning Men Care The Most About ‘Big Game’ Ads?

Once in a while, the RBR+TVBR Editorial Tiki Hut receives a PR pitch for a story that truly results in a "laugh out loud" moment. That happened today, thanks to new "research" from Instart Logic that uncovered this very revealing finding: Republicans are more likely to care about Super Bowl LII ads. As the laughter ended, our Editor-in-Chief attempted to put some seriousness into this simply silly statistic. His conclusion: Maybe it's not so silly after all.

Tales From ‘Mock’ Tower Inspection Tours

One of the most important documents for any radio or TV station is FCC form 854-R. This is the tower registration form required for each tower over 200 feet and puts into writing the coordinates to be reported to the FAA for tower-beacon light outage. The registration number on this form is required to be prominently displayed on or close to the tower, with large enough numerals to be read from the closest public access to the tower. In some cases, rented towers owned by non-broadcast entities and the tower owners were not aware of this requirement. Here's what Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner has to say about that faux pas.
Wiley Rein

Notification Requirements For Transitioning TV Stations

With the first phase of the post-incentive auction repack rapidly approaching, licensees of full power and Class A television stations should be mindful of upcoming deadlines for notifications to multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs), medical facilities, and viewers, Wiley Rein associate Ari Meltzer, partner John Burgett and of counsel Joan Stewart note in this report. 
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