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FCC Requirements For Emergency Communications

With Hurricane Florence about to hit the East Coast, broadcasters are well reminded of their obligations with respect to the airing of emergency information. As noted attorney David Oxenford points out, broadcasters may also want to consider the benefits that the FCC can offer in an emergency. While the FCC on Monday announced the postponement of its test of DIRS, the Disaster Information Reporting System, broadcasters may want to consider quickly getting familiar with this system.

Facebook Fakery Is All Political

Here's a news item we fully thank NAB voice Dennis Wharton for bringing to the attention of RBR+TVBR. Hipster news organization VICE took a bold step forward in trying out something on Facebook that has mushroomed into a potentially major problem that only extends the problem of fake news -- and ad manipulation -- on the social media Goliath. It's great news for radio and TV.

How Automation Can Rev Return On TV Ad Inventory

One of the biggest issues that continues to negatively impact digital advertising is the lack of end-to-end transparency on the buy- and sell-sides about the true effectiveness of ad campaigns. This trend will only continue to compound, says Videa SVP/Revenue & Operations Brad Smith, as more data sets are added to the ever complicated equation for success. 

What Motivates Today’s TV Consumer?

Viewers today can use a dizzying array of services to create their own consumption nirvana. However, there is bound to be an upper limit on both how many different services a consumer is willing to pay for, and how much time one has in the day to consume. PwC examines just what that limit is.

Content Control: A Learning Lesson For Radio

On Monday, Apple unveiled a new news and entertainment service -- one that is subscription-based. The New York Times' stories are likely to be absent from the platform, eliciting a warning from the newspaper's CEO. It is a cautionary tale for the radio business.

OOH News Viewers: ‘Crucial’ New Insights As Election Day Nears

Who knew that out-of-home viewing of TV news was a thing? Indeed it is, and Nielsen on Wednesday released some very interesting new insights that zeros in on news viewing around the pivotal 2018 Midterm Elections. Simply put, every broadcast TV station should see this.
TVB / Television Bureau of Advertising

TV: The Media That Moves Marketers The Most?

Of all media, TV's impact on consumer purchasing behavior is tops. In fact, the impact is greater than all other media combined, a new study finds. Who commissioned this rosy report? None other than the Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB).

New Research Shows MC Media Spend Disproportionately Low

Multicultural consumers comprise almost 40% of the total U.S. population, yet multicultural media investments make up only 5.2% of total advertising and marketing spending. That's according to PQ Media, which conducted a research study on behalf of an ANA group.

Growing Sales With ‘The Right-Hand Rule of Three’

"The Right-Hand Rule of 3" is a simple technique for the Needs Analysis step of the sales process, says expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger. "The goal is to maximize the mutual value for yourself and your prospect," he says. "Therefore, when you get a buying signal from your prospect, here’s what you do."

‘The Bennerism Broadcast Wizdomics,’ Redux

Of the 57 pages of informational handouts Alternative Broadcast Inspector and Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner also carries with him when visiting every radio or TV station is one that he's pleased to share with RBR+TVBR readers today.

A Salute To Alabama Broadcasters … and Larry Wilkins

Over the past 50 years and thousands of station visits, Ken Benner has encountered the best and worst among the broadcasting industry. Past columns were focused on the premise that the most professional individual at the top of this list is one willing to share unselfishly his talent and experience with his/her colleagues, he says. "I suspect I have found the individual at the top of this list."

The Top Brand Differentiator In 2020 Is …?

With considerable effort by all brands placed into luring and keeping customers, Amsterdam-based digital asset management vendor Bynder produced a report that looks at what brands think will help them stand apart from the competition in 2020. Guess what comes out on top?

Cultural vs. Multicultural Insights: A Battle Of Meanings

With the right insights, marketers can create solutions for today, and also shape how their media buy looks. In this Media Information Bureau column, brand strategist Whitney Dunlap-Fowler offers her expert analysis of how the right cultural insights can be best used for one's branding needs.

The Merger of TV News and Emergency Info Workflows, Thanks To ATSC 3.0

Local TV news is poised to become a real-time emergency information portal thanks to ATSC 3.0, allowing TV stations to target the impact zone of an incident with pre-formatted alerts. This means less revenue lost to service disruptions, a group of NEXTGEN TV experts recently shared in a webinar hosted by Sinclair and its ONE Media 3.0 arm.

Tips To Identify, and Connect, With Potential Customers

As Matt Sunshine, Managing Partner for the Center for Sales Strategy sees it, one of the most important things to do in uncertain times is to raise our expectations on what radio and TV can expect out of its sales team's performance. This observation came alongside lots of helpful advice in an exclusive Hispanic Radio Conference LIVE virtual presentation held Thursday.
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