Political campaign expert touts radio's advertising benefits

As candidates spend thousands of dollars on television ads, politicians shouldn't overlook the power of Radio ads

Five tips on why you should network in a recession

Everybody knows that networking is growing in popularity. There are social networking sites like MySpace, FaceBook and Business Networking sites such as

Utilizing Sound Effects

A lot of pressure is placed on narrators to voiceover the best possible radio advertisement. There is one important aspect of advertisements, however, that has nothing to do with the narrators

The Radio Royalties deal

The National Association of Broadcasters reached a negotiated deal on Internet radio royalties for 2009 to 2015 last week that applies

The Live + 3 issue, as explained by Pat Liguori

There is still a good bit of confusion and controversy out there regarding Nielsen’s Live + 3 ratings. TVBR talked with Pat Liguori, ABC...

Let’s Grow Up and Eat at the Big Table

I used to have a sales manager who mixed metaphors.  One day he announced to our staff, “We’re fighting tooth and nail over bones.” ...

The Financial Manager's Perspective: Following the Money

The best Way to give advertisers what they want is by ensuring that we are serving our audiences. A couple of weeks ago
Lou Dobbs

Lou Dobbs: Mr. Independent

Lou Dobbs, anchor and managing editor of CNN's "Lou Dobbs Tonight" is launching a new daily radio talker today through the United Stations Radio...

Dealing with tight credit; Part I

In the 3rd Annual RBR/TVBR Financial Roundtable, the elephant in the room was the current tight credit market. But there are still deals being done.

Dealing with tight credit; Part II

Our panelists turned to HD Radio, public companies going private and other front burner issues for broadcasters as the discussion continued.

What the users say…

In today's Intel Brief on Traffic and Revenue Management Systems, we've gathered some quotes from radio and television traffic personnel responding to selected Traffic...

Sarah Foss’s "One Throat to be Choked" mission

VCI Solutions recently appointed Sarah Foss as President/CEO while founder W. Lowell Putnam will remain with the company, serving as the Chairman and Chief...

WiFi Radios: getting your station out there-even more

One of the latest tech crazes is WiFi Radio-with all of the free WiFi Hot Spots, WiMax and just plain unprotected wireless internet clouds...

Transmitter and programming considerations for HD Radio

In this Friday's Intel Brief consulting engineers Ed Bukont of Comm-Struction and Services and Marty Hadfield of The Hadfield Group discuss, respectively, the use...

The three things local direct clients really need from their media representatives

1. A good reason to return your call-Like you and everyone else these days, your client is bombarded with spam.  But unlike you, your...
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