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Expected COVID-19 Spending Patterns, According To Nielsen

A Nielsen investigation has identified six key consumer behavior threshold levels that tie directly to concerns around the coronavirus outbreak. The thresholds offer early signals of spending patterns, particularly for emergency pantry items and health supplies, and Nielsen is seeing these patterns being mirrored across multiple markets.
MIB Reports Hip Hop

Hip-Hop, Consumers and Retail

Introducing the Hip-Hop Radio Study Radio stations using a Hip Hop format attract a very high proportion of African American listeners, a large number of...
MIB Reports Top 40

Top 40/Pop, Consumers and Retail

If you’d like to have access to younger women, this is the format group for you! It is the number one

Latin/Hispanic Radio, Consumers and Retail

The Latin/Hispanic audience, like all radio audiences, has needs and desires, and money to spend to meet those needs and satisfy those desires. This study will shed light on the audience, to help broadcasters sell the format and to help advertisers use it.

Transmitter & Programming Considerations For HD Radio

Seattle radio industry veteran Marty Hadfield in 2008 shared ideas about what stations could put on an HD3 signal. His advice remains
Sirius XM

A Retail Giant Puts SiriusXM In OEM Fast Lane

The arrangement empowers Sears Auto associates to immediately check eligibility when a vehicle is brought in for service

JVC Enters New Year With 14 Model-Year Receivers

Eleven models are currently available; three will ship by end of December

Six Key Takeaways On The ‘Connected Car’

With TU-Automotive Detroit 2017 set for June 7-8 in Novi, Michigan, this conference is set to dive into the reinvented dashboard

Should The Radio Industry’s C-Suite Praise The HomePod?

If you thought the smart home gadgetry such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home speak-and-do devices were just a fad, think again. Apple just crashed the party with today's introduction of the HomePod. Should radio industry C-Suite executives be rejoicing over the news? News organzations far and wide are spreading the news like wildfire across the internet. CNet perhaps says it best, with its headline sharing the fact that the new HomePod smart speaker brings Siri home. It also makes Siri, like Alexa, a potentially vital friend for radio stations across the U.S.

As Holiday Shopping Starts, Is The Smart Speaker War Won?

The holiday gift-giving season is about to begin, with Christmas decorations nearly ready to go on display at retailers across North America -- even as Halloween is still half a month away. One big item likely to be on many Wish Lists is a smart speaker, and a newly released study shows Q4 sales of smart speakers will likely approach 12 million units globally. Of the two leading brands in this space, one is a clear winner. Learn what this means for your radio station's plans to win back the home.

What Motivates Today’s TV Consumer?

Viewers today can use a dizzying array of services to create their own consumption nirvana. However, there is bound to be an upper limit on both how many different services a consumer is willing to pay for, and how much time one has in the day to consume. PwC examines just what that limit is.
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