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MIB Reports Oldies

Oldies, Consumers and Retail

Introducing the Oldies study This audience is a little difficult to pin down, due to the way BIGinsight conducts its survey. Whenradio pros think of...
MIB Reports Country

Country, Consumers and Retail

Introducing the Country Radio study Radio stations using a Country format are used by a large number of Americans, and a surprisingly large proportion of...
MIB Reports Hip Hop

Hip-Hop, Consumers and Retail

Introducing the Hip-Hop Radio Study Radio stations using a Hip Hop format attract a very high proportion of African American listeners, a large number of...
MIB Reports News Radio

News Radio, Consumers and Retail

News radio is a serious format attracting serious individuals with serious money to spend.
MIB Reports Top 40

Top 40/Pop, Consumers and Retail

If you’d like to have access to younger women, this is the format group for you! It is the number one
MIB Reports Talk Radio

Talk Radio, Consumers and Retail

You have before you a comprehensive guide to the Talk radio audience, based on exhaustive research from the data experts at BIGinsight. The information...

Latin/Hispanic Radio, Consumers and Retail

The Latin/Hispanic audience, like all radio audiences, has needs and desires, and money to spend to meet those needs and satisfy those desires. This study will shed light on the audience, to help broadcasters sell the format and to help advertisers use it.
MIB Sports Radio

Sports Radio, Consumers And Retail

Here, for your learning and prospering pleasure, is a complete guide to the audience for Sports Radio. RBR-TVBR has delved into the vast database...

Transmitter & Programming Considerations For HD Radio

Seattle radio industry veteran Marty Hadfield in 2008 shared ideas about what stations could put on an HD3 signal. His advice remains
Sirius XM

Analyst: Peak In Auto Sales Could Hurt Sirius XM

Analyst Quinn Foley warns that a slowdown in U.S. auto sales could negatively impact Sirius XM.

MirrorLink Added To iHeartRadio For Auto

Android-powered smartphone users can now use an iHeartRadio app with intuitive gesture technology and voice response.
Sirius XM

A Retail Giant Puts SiriusXM In OEM Fast Lane

The arrangement empowers Sears Auto associates to immediately check eligibility when a vehicle is brought in for service

Kenwood Includes SiriusXM On New Multimedia Receiver

The newest multimedia receiver from Kenwood makes it easy for subscribers to Sirius XM to tune in

JVC Enters New Year With 14 Model-Year Receivers

Eleven models are currently available; three will ship by end of December

Kenwood Revs Up A Connected Car Option

The company's first multimedia receiver solely focused on non-physical media is scheduled to ship in February.
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