Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Police/Detective TV, Consumers and Retail

Crime has long been a staple of prime time TV, and it still is. It is a big audience program type, making it a perfect vehicle for products and services that are used by just about everybody
MIB Reports TV News

News TV, Consumers and Retail

The Americans who make a regular habit of watching the News on television are a powerhouse group. They may be a little out of the wheelhouse of
MIB Reports Drama

Drama TV, Consumers and Retail

Drama programming is a television staple, and at one point or another about 85% of all Americans tune in to a show – that automatically
MIB Reports Movies

Movies on TV, Consumers and Retail

Introduction to the TV Movie programming report Just about everybody eventually watches a movie on television – 94.5%, according to this report. Since almost everybody...
MIB Reports Sitcoms

TV Sitcoms, Consumers and Retail

Introduction to the Sitcom programming report Three fourths of all Americans watch a sitcom on at least an occasional basis. But the core audience consists...

Sports TV, Consumers and Retail

Introduction to the Sports programming report According to conventional wisdom, men are generally believed to be more difficult to reach than women. But if that’s...