Ways To Help Reduce Stress While Working From Home

Given the myriad challenges many in broadcast media have been faced with due to the novel coronavirus, we are pleased to share the many ways the late Irwin Pollack believed one could best deal with tension, strain and pressure in challenging times.

A New Perspective For FCC EEO Regulations

A recent column appearing in another trade publication caught the attention of Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner. In his view, the piece "shed a whole new light of comprehension of the most egregious legislation plaguing U.S. Broadcasting defined as discrimination."

The Top Brand Differentiator In 2020 Is …?

With considerable effort by all brands placed into luring and keeping customers, Amsterdam-based digital asset management vendor Bynder produced a report that looks at what brands think will help them stand apart from the competition in 2020. Guess what comes out on top?

O’Rielly Speaks On NEXTGEN TV, and More, At APTS Summit

"All kidding aside, it might seem a bit unusual to hear from a self-admitted conservative Republican on your issues," FCC Commissioner Mike O'Rielly said toward the beginning of an address delivered Tuesday morning at America's Public Television Stations' 2020 Public Media Summit. We've got all of the details on what O'Rielly told attendees.

A Warning For Media: ‘Get Those Lifeboats Ready’

Has MoffettNathanson Senior Analyst Michael Nathanson picked up the torch that former Pivotal Research Group analyst Senior Research Analyst for Advertising Brian Wieser held when it came to the dismal Wall Street view for linear television? An update to a January 15th "gloomy 2020 outlook note" suggests yes, as things "have been even more worrying than we first considered."

The Chief Choice For Celebration: Local Radio

From the office of the Chairman of the FCC to the Please Stop! on Route 9 in Parkville, Mo., fans of Kansas City Chiefs pro football team are reveling in their first Super Bowl championship in 50 years. Local radio largely did its part, with stations across the dial offering various choices in locally originated celebratory programming.

Spanish Or English? Try Both For Reaching Latino Consumers

A new research report shows Latino respondents showing preference to digital and social channels over traditional mediums. The study also sheds light on the great debate of whether Hispanics in 2020 prefer their content in English, or Spanish. The answer: Why not both?
Wall Street / Trading Floor

A Pivotal Take On MVPD’s Slumping Fortunes

What are the major investment themes for the Internet, Media & Communications sectors investors should be aware of across 2020? Jeffrey Wlodarczak, Principal and Entertainment/Interactive Subscription Services Analyst at Wall Street firm Pivotal Research Group, has highlighted where he sees the best long and short opportunities based on these themes.

Tips For Defending Yourself In Court

Featured columnist Ken Benner closes out 2019 with some office cleaning, and on the way to the trash bin stumbled upon enough subject material for decades of weekly columns. What has this octogenarian Alternative Broadcast Inspection pro have to share today? Legal tips, which should not be construed as attorney's advice but may be very helpful to you and your broadcast stations.

From the Archives: Who is a Legally Qualified Candidate?

Now that the presidential primary season is heating up and California Sen. Kamala Harris on Tuesday dropped out of the race for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, it's a great time to review what lies ahead for those committed to campaigning in earnest some six months from now.

More People, Less TV Homes: The USA In 2019

A just-released research study concludes that U.S. households with TV dropped by four million over the past decade. "The drop is surprising," says InMyArea Research. Why? The U.S. population grew by 20 million people between 2009 and 2019.

This Simple Form Can Prevent a $15K FCC Forfeiture

Featured columnist Ken Benner is particularly incensed over a proposed $15,000 fine handed to a Virginia radio station. Why? He has a simple form that could have prevented the signing and mailing of a hefty check to Washington, he writes in this Media Information Bureau exclusive.

Appeals Court’s ‘RIFO’ Affirmation: D.C.’s Partisan Reaction

The much-watched Mozilla v. FCC case was decided on Tuesday by a D.C. Federal Appeals Court. Petitions sought to return Title II classification for broadband services, something the Wheeler Commission passed on party lines in 2015 and was erased by the Pai Commission. Those who want "net neutrality" back won't be pleased.

It’s ‘National Radio Day.’ Here’s Why America Should Care

According to the statisticians at National Day Calendar, August 20 is, in fact, National Radio Day. The fact that it took a Tweet from Fred Jacobs for us to know this is yet another pathetic F on the Radio Industry Report Card.

How The Media Fuels Terrorism … and What Can Be Done

This column, says Media Information Bureau columnist Ken Benner, is respectfully dedicated to the memory of the thousands of innocent worldwide terrorism victims and to those who will continue to suffer the same fate as these horrific practices continue to escalate.

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