After-Auction Sales Action Likely For TV

Broker Larry Patrick believes television industry swaps and sales will get busy come May 2017.

Deal Killers Podcast: Lack Of Preparation

What are the best next steps to get a media deal done and to operate a group of radio or TV stations as quickly and successfully as possible? Being fully prepared to take on the transaction, in particular as a buyer, is key, say Community Broadcasters’ two top leaders. Get the info you need from these pros in the latest in our exclusive Deal Killers podcasts.

Spotify: Streaming Royalty, Or Strained By Royalties?

In two weeks, Spotify will release its Q2 2019 results. Strong revenue growth is expected. There's just one problem: a hefty operating loss is expected, and the size of this loss could greatly vary. Could the music industry's royalty-hungry associations be its biggest problem? Or, is it pricey subscriptions?

The Radio Industry Dream Job

Our editor-in-chief had a dream last night that he was running a Top 40 radio station. After recalling the key points of what he saw as he slept, he wishes that it wasn't a figment of a fantasy, but rather a blueprint to fix a format reliving 1991 — not a good thing, for all you kids out there.
Daniel Anstandig

Interviews: Daniel Anstandig, LDR CEO

97X in Tampa recently went to LDR 24/7. What was the reasoning behind going beyond doing just dayparts? What moved the needle for them...

RBR+TVBR INFOCUS: vCreative Revs Up Expansion To TV

After more than a decade of providing cloud-based ad management technology to radio broadcasting companies, vCreative is nearing the launch of a similar platform for broadcast TV stations. The company's founder, Jinny Laderer, shared her thoughts on ad scheduling and how it can still get fouled up. It's why she's convinced TV can benefit from the tool she developed with her husband in the early 2000s, and we're pleased to offer this post-Irma encore for the benefit of all RBR+TVBR readers.

How To Become An ‘Alternative’ Inspector

Featured Media Information Bureau columnist and alternative broadcast inspection specialist Ken Benner has received several requests in recent weeks for information on how to follow in his footsteps. Benner has obliged, and today offers RBR+TVBR members details on how to become an independent ABIP inspector, or one under state broadcaster association programs.

O’Rielly Speaks On NEXTGEN TV, and More, At APTS Summit

"All kidding aside, it might seem a bit unusual to hear from a self-admitted conservative Republican on your issues," FCC Commissioner Mike O'Rielly said toward the beginning of an address delivered Tuesday morning at America's Public Television Stations' 2020 Public Media Summit. We've got all of the details on what O'Rielly told attendees.

Hybrid Audience Measurement Comes To Radio … Down Under

A "major evolution in response to the rapid digitalization of audio consumption" is about to take place for radio ratings across some of the biggest metropolitan areas in the world. How so? Live streaming data is to be integrated into a new multimillion-dollar hybrid measurement system. This effort doesn't involve Nielsen, however.

"Travel with Stephanie Abrams!"

Stephanie Abrams is the host of two nationally syndicated radio travel talk shows:
Steve Willard

Six Questions with Steve Willard

We recently asked Steve Willard, current head of the National Alliance of State Broadcasters Associations, what some of the key concerns are of his constituency, and the first thing he wanted to talk about was broadcast service during emergencies. Not favorable legislation, favorable deregulation, general economic issues. No, the first topic was public service. Impressive. Click through for more thoughts from Mr. Willard.

Walmart’s Journey To Transform Its Partners, Programs and People

Tony Rogers is a white guy, raised in Texas in the 1970s and 1980s. He's a son, brother, husband, and uncle. He's also a master of attracting multicultural consumers, as SVP/CMO for Walmart. Rogers could also be you, and all it takes is moving on a path that combines both a rational and emotional perspective on consumer attraction — it's a route that uses the name of a popular band at many a radio station today: The Head and the Heart.
Richard A. Foreman

The Media Industry’s ‘Chief Pilot’ For Charity

William O’Shaughnessy is a legendary figure of American broadcasting. Today, he's paying tribute today to a media broker with a heart and soul that "clearly reside in identifying good and worthy causes." Here's why O'Shaughnessy has such great admiration for Dick Foreman.

NAB: Digital Platforms A Big Threat To Broadcast Journalism

The "dominant marketplace power" of a handful of digital technology platforms puts local broadcast stations at a competitive disadvantage for advertising revenue. And, the NAB claims, it "impedes broadcasters’ ability to effectively monetize their own content online." Those comments appear verbatim in a Congressional filing submitted by Gordon Smith.