S&P On Carriage Fees: ‘Blackouts Cost Cable Nets Millions’

According to Kagan estimates, top cable networks lost about $179.5 million in affiliate fees since 2013 from cable carriage disputes that resulted in blackouts that were eventually resolved. Cable network owners risk affiliate revenue loss in hopes of producing a more favorable deal with traditional multichannel operators, S&P Global Market Intelligence's Ron Marcelo reports.

Deregulation Meltdown: Is More the Answer For Radio?

In this RBR+TVBR Observation, our editor-in-chief takes a bold step by asking some big questions about the quest by the NAB and a host of radio broadcasting companies for more deregulation. Is it really what will help the radio industry solve its ad sales ills?

What Local Advertisers Are Buying, Spending, Planning

Borrell Associates has just completed the analysis of its annual local advertiser survey, conducted in April, May and June. The findings are now available for all to digest. What's the biggest takeaway?

A Fitness and Wellness Pact with iHeart

Who knew that building awareness and inspiring consumers to get fit could benefit from a multiplatform marketing agreement with a company focused on audio content creation and distribution via streaming and broadcast platforms? It's the latest innovative ad sales partnership inked by iHeartMedia.

Connected TV’s Coming Political Dollar Siphon

While linear TV vehicles have long been a mainstay of political ad spending, viewer consumption habits have changed drastically in the last year alone. Now, new findings suggest that in the next election cycle, 17% of political ad spend will to shift to streaming. That's a whopping $1.5 billion not going to broadcast or cable television.
Bill Wilson

A Noble Chat With Townsquare’s Leader

A "Digital First" strategy and plans to grow digital revenue to $250 million within three years. Why its interactive arm was able to accelerate subscriber growth during a pandemic. Those are just some of the topics Noble analyst Michael Kupinski addresses in an exclusive interview with Townsquare Media CEO Bill Wilson. We've got the details.

TVB: ‘Audience-Based Buying is on the Rise’

The VAB, the broadcast television industry's sales advocacy organization, has released a White Paper that finds that, based on the input from more than 200 marketers, 92% of these ad budget decisionmakers are adopting audience-based buying — at least to some degree.

Gen Z: ‘Understand Me … Don’t Define Me’

Nearly half of Gen Zs aren’t old enough to drive a car, yet they’re driving marketing and retail strategies around the world. “It’s a challenge to build loyalty among a generation whose digital prowess enables them to constantly discover and experiment, and who value the freedom to continually reinvent themselves,” an IRI research leader notes.
NAB President/CEO Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith On The Last Year, And What’s Ahead

NAB President/CEO Gordon Smith offered remarks on the state of the industry, and on his year-end farewell from public service, at the association's State Leadership Conference. We're pleased to share them in their entirety.

Smart Speakers Usage Surge Seen Among U.S. Moms

Just in time for Mother's Day is a report that suggests buying a smart speaker for Momma isn't a good idea. Why? She's likely already got one, and uses it a lot. That's the basis of data analysis of moms and smart speakers from the Edison Research/Triton Digital series The Infinite Dial that also takes info from Edison's The Social Habit.

The Radio Industry Dream Job

Our editor-in-chief had a dream last night that he was running a Top 40 radio station. After recalling the key points of what he saw as he slept, he wishes that it wasn't a figment of a fantasy, but rather a blueprint to fix a format reliving 1991 — not a good thing, for all you kids out there.
Rosemary Ravinal

How Simple Hand Signals Can Better Your Consumer’s Online Experience

Simple hand and arm gestures may be more effective than emoticons to improve engagement during Zoom meetings. Research from the University College London (UCL) shows that an intuitive set of hand signals can warm up the virtual meeting room and help participants communicate better, Rosemary Ravinal points out in this column.

Dear U.S. Radio: Steal This Canadian Promo Gem

You never know where one can find the freshest ideas that can truly spark a radio station, making it vitally important -- and fun -- for its listeners. One successful FM serving Canada's biggest market has one that every AC, Classic Hits or Rhythmic "Old School" station should consider. Now.

A Personalized Imagery Tool to Drive TV Viewership KPIs

It was developed to help entertainment providers improve content discovery and viewership KPIs on their platforms. Introducing "Personalized Imagery," a Gracenote platform the Nielsen-owned entity says brings linear and streaming TV providers the ability to display program images capturing different aspects of a TV show or movie based on viewer consumption.
An ad for Gerardo's "Rico Suave" from the Feb. 1, 1991An ad for Gerardo's "Rico Suave" from the Feb. 1, 1991 issue of R&R issue of R&R

Thirty Years Later, Has Pop Radio Learned Anything?

Seeking airchecks from WHTZ "Z100" in New York, our Editor-in-Chief stumbled across an article in The New York Times from July 28, 1991 discussing pop radio's "midlife crisis." The story addressed issues that are still pressing for CHR/Pop stations some 30 years later. Why?
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