Data-Driven Ad Sales for Local TV Broadcast

Broadcasters are making big investments in the future of television, pivoting from the sales-dominated culture that has driven success over the past several decades to data-driven, technology-focused people and systems that will drive success in the future.  Although broadcast continues to experience revenue growth, the growth isn’t as predictable as it used to be. 

A Work In Progress: Us, All The Time?

Media Information Bureau columnist Kelly Orchard is back with a column focused on broadcast media's continuing battle for relevance. In a world full of instant at-your-fingertips media choices, does anybody have "the" solution to keep broadcast media relevant?

A Tribute To ‘Fine American Broadcasters’

Featured Media Information Bureau columnist Ken Benner has been "very fortunate" to have met "many awesome people" in the broadcast industry during his 50 years of inspection services for AM and FM stations. Today, Benner pays tribute to seven individuals who he calls "America's Finest Broadcast People."

Radio Listeners Prefer Terrestrial Radio Over Online Radio

On average, more than 25% of Americans say they listen to terrestrial radio several times a day, whereas 15% listen to the radio online. That bit of encouraging news comes from the just-released Dimension study from Kantar Media. The research was conducted between Nov. 30 and Dec. 12, 2017. We have your first look at this revealing data.

Inspect Your Potential Station With Eyes Wide Open

Cavell Martz's Gary Cavell and Garvey Schubert Barer attorney Erwin Krasnow both believe potential owners can learn a lot by being observant when walking around a station. Here are some great pieces of advice, in an encore Media Information Bureau column you don't want to miss.

The Global TV Demand Report: SVOD Demand, OTT Trends

There's a newly released, in-depth white paper from Parrot Analytics that's worth noting if you are among those broadcasters evermore concerned about the rapid growth of "over the top" (OTT) viewing not just here in the U.S., but on a global level. The report takes a comprehensive look at global television demand trends across 10 markets in 2018.

How Radio Can Improve Mental Health

Here's a novel idea from Media Information Bureau columnist Kelly Orchard: "The broadcast industry can use their powerful voices to improve the lives of their listeners." In her view, radio broadcasters can play a major role in replacing isolation with socialization. What would be the benefit to radio? Find out in this Members Only offering from RBR+TVBR!

The Cloud: ‘No Broadcast Cure-All’

Many tech companies are focusing so strongly on cloud deployments that it almost seems that the answer is "cloud" ... with no one sure of the question. In this Media Information Bureau column, Telestream CMO Chris Osika tackles "the $64 million question for the broadcast industry: How should cloud figure in to the future?"

Deal Killers Podcast: Lack Of Preparation

What are the best next steps to get a media deal done and to operate a group of radio or TV stations as quickly and successfully as possible? Being fully prepared to take on the transaction, in particular as a buyer, is key, say Community Broadcasters’ two top leaders. Get the info you need from these pros in the latest in our exclusive Deal Killers podcasts.

The Deal Killers Podcast: Shoddy Financial Records

When it comes to making a deal happen, most buyers will use a cash flow multiple as an important element in valuing a station — and will rely on the seller's accounting records to make the calculation. But, what if your financial records are, quite frankly, a haphazard mess?

Can The Loss Of A Key Employee Kill A Station Sale?

Some buyers regard the retention of key employees following the closing of a radio or TV station acquisition as an essential element of the deal. Yet, sellers often do not take into consideration the adverse impact of the exit of a key employee — or several. Should a firm succession plan be drafted before the Asset Purchase Agreement is signed? That is the focus of this exclusive "Deal Killers" podcast featuring the COO and CEO of Community Broadcasters, media broker Doug Ferber and respected D.C. communications attorney Erwin Krasnow.
Wiley Rein

What You Should Know About A Big TCPA Ruling

The D.C. Circuit has just issued a long-awaited decision involving the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). According to Scott Delacourt and Eva Reed of Wiley Rein LLP, this has "widespread implications for broadcasters and other media companies that rely on modern calling equipment (including text messaging) to reach their audiences." How could this decision, which resolves an appeal of the FCC’s 2015 Omnibus TCPA Order with a unanimous panel but a split decision on the merits, impact your radio or TV station?

A Call For Simplifying FCC Regulations

Without addressing the massive, costly, and unnecessarily complex FCC broadcasting regulations, hundreds of additional radio, television stations and translators will soon be silent. That's the opening salvo from the latest column from featured Media Information Bureau columnist Ken Benner. In his view, most of the Commission's "complexification" has resulted in regulation that "in no way serve 'the public interest, convenience and necessity' — the creed of the FCC."

How People-Based Marketing Is Driving Change

Marketers are searching for ways to solve these challenges, and are increasingly finding the answer in people-based marketing. As radio and TV stations seek to capture consumers via smartphones and social media more than ever before, a newly released report from Viant could provide valuable insights as to best practices in digital consumer delivery.

The Top 5 Ways Consumers Prioritize Their Entertainment Time

Today’s consumers have instant access to an unprecedented range of screen-based entertainment options – from live and on-demand TV, to videos on YouTube, to gaming, to social media. One thing that has not expanded, however, is consumers’ disposable time. How can your media property cut through the clutter? A new study from Hub Entertainment Research may have the answer for making your content a consumer priority.

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