Should Traditional Media Content Come With ‘Fake News’ Warnings?

The debate over whether social media platforms should be held accountable for ensuring the content they carry is “truthful” continues to rage. As AEI adjunct scholar Bronwyn Howell notes, fact-checking is costly. As such, internet platforms are attaching warnings where there is any doubt about content. Should broadcasters do the same, whether online or on the air?

Radio’s Resonance: ‘A Continued Appetite for Lean-Back Experiences’

With music streaming subscriptions approaching 400 million worldwide in 2020, helped by podcasts, it's easy to overlook the continued significance of radio. Futuresource’s recent Audio Collaborative included a panel session exploring the Future of Radio. The key takeaway: community, companionship, and being live and local maintain radio's relevance.

Take This, COVID-19: We’re Still Holiday Shopping In Stores

As COVID-19 pandemic concerns haven't abated much since mid-March, will the holiday shopping season be a largely digital affair? No, a new study finds.

Actionable Management and Leadership Tips, From a Financial Pro

COVID-19 has stress-tested our business acumen, and the principles that our businesses have been built upon "have proven to be bad." Some leaders "caved, and they were proven to be less than adequate during a storm." With that, noted financial talker Dave Ramsey offered his thoughts on how to lead in the coronavirus storm in a riveting Radio Show presentation.

Hispanic Lives, Livelihoods In the COVID-19 Recovery

Hispanics and Latinos are key to the nation's recovery. However, a trio of McKinsey researchers conclude, this important and growing population group has been "damaged disproportionately" by the COVID-19 pandemic. Their recommendation? Targeted interventions are required to improve their health and economic outcomes.

NAB: Digital Platforms A Big Threat To Broadcast Journalism

The "dominant marketplace power" of a handful of digital technology platforms puts local broadcast stations at a competitive disadvantage for advertising revenue. And, the NAB claims, it "impedes broadcasters’ ability to effectively monetize their own content online." Those comments appear verbatim in a Congressional filing submitted by Gordon Smith.

From the Archives: Who is a Legally Qualified Candidate?

Now that the presidential election season is heating up and California Sen. Kamala Harris is the 2020 Democratic Vice Presidential nominee, it is a great time to review what lies ahead for those committed to campaigning in earnest until Election Day. To do so, RBR+TVBR is offering readers a new look at a June 2008 column from a Womble Bond Dickinson partner. 
Rick Dees

Could The Rick Dees-Era KIIS Be Radio’s Recipe For Success Today?

In these COVID-19 times, a little feel-good nostalgia could provide some new inspiration and ways to propel growth, even when you think the worst. This involved listening to one of the most-revered Top 40 stations L.A. ever saw. No, it's not 93KHJ. Rather, it's the Rick Dees-era KIIS-FM. Why it was so successful could bring big riches to you in 2022, our editor-in-chief says.

Spanish Or English? Try Both For Reaching Latino Consumers

A recently released research report shows Latino respondents showing preference to digital and social channels over traditional mediums. The study also sheds light on the great debate of whether Hispanics in 2020 prefer their content in English, or Spanish. The answer: Why not both?

A Salute To A Classic Broadcast Radio Operation

"The success of any endeavor is directly proportional to the dedication of those involved," says alternative broadcast inspection specialist Ken Benner. In this Media Information Bureau column, Benner offers what he considers to be "one classic example" of these premise. It involves a Class C1 FM serving the second-largest metropolitan area in the 49th state of the union.

New-Music Seekers: Not Going To The Radio

There's always a way to make something that doesn't look so great look downright peachy when one focuses on the positives. And, that seems to be what some in radio industry have done with new research from The Infinite Dial study from Edison Research and Triton Digital. In this RBR+TVBR Observation, we ask why radio lost the discovery battle to ... YouTube?!

Is Radio Selling Against Facebook, Especially Now?

A #StopHateForProfit movement that started June 17 initially targeted Facebook and, specifically, sought to squelch online advertising on the platform across the month of July. It appears marketers have responded a bit stronger than what the hashtag harriers intended. A wider boycott is being seen. So ... have your radio stations' responded?

Moms: Tech Junkies Through The COVID-19 Pandemic

Nearly three in four U.S. moms agree with the statement that technology has been "essential" during the COVID-19 pandemic. That's a key finding in the just-released "Moms and Media 2020" study conducted by a division of Edison Research. The report includes data from The Infinite Dial series from Edison and Triton Digital.

Three Insights Into Sales Managers Who Sell

Do you have a radio or TV station with that one sales leader who is struggling with sales? Are they also tasked with managing sales reps through the COVID-19 pandemic? This column from expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger may yield some fresh insight and intelligence on how to spark a team that could simply be scared.

Ways To Help Reduce Stress While Working From Home

Given the myriad challenges many in broadcast media have been faced with due to the novel coronavirus, we are pleased to share the many ways the late Irwin Pollack believed one could best deal with tension, strain and pressure in challenging times.
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