Format Diversity With Consolidation: Fact Or Fiction?

One of the most striking takeaways from a letter signed by 10 leaders of radio broadcasting companies that fully backs a NAB proposal to loosen the FCC's ownership restrictions is a claim that, with fewer owners in a market, greater programming options exist. Is this a bogus claim, or is this a factual statement that simply can't be argued, because it's wholly true? It depends on what market you're in, and how one defines "format diversity."

Audience ‘Identity’: A Primary Need For Marketers

Determining audience “identity” has become a major priority over the past year for U.S. marketers, many of whom plan to increase their investment in finding and developing identity solutions. What might this mean for your radio or TV station group? A newly released study from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) based on research conducted by Winterberry Group could provide some fresh answers.

Digital Privacy Protection Vs. Shared Information

If customers like data portability and companies want to provide it, then it’s a win-win. But legislating portability in the name of enhancing competition is problematic and far more complicated than policymakers may realize, AEI visiting scholar and FCC influencer Mark Jamison writes in this column.

For Under 40s, ‘Social Is The New TV’

Social is positioning itself as "a definitive source for video" and as the primary portal to the web for younger audiences. That's just some of the eye-opening findings from the just-released State of Social Video study from creative tech firm VidMob. This illuminating research study could be a game-changer for your content developers as well as your sales execs.

National Ad Gains: Digitally Driven Growth

The National Marketer Advertising Marketplace gained 8% from January through June 2018. This was aided by additional revenue from the Winter Olympics and the World Cup, new data from Standard Media Index find. Looking across platforms, digital was the strongest performer. How did radio do?

Questioning The ‘Public Interest’ In Public Files

For the first five years he conducted Alternative FCC Compliance Certification inspections, 90% of the questions Ken Benner was asked pertained to FCC-required public files. As he notes in this exclusive Media Information Bureau column, some 90% of the radio station personnel he worked with "had virtually no idea of what was required or where to turn to become compliant."

Building A PPM Panel: How Nielsen Does It

"Have you ever wondered how radio, television and other media outlets decide what shows to broadcast or to cancel?" That's the opening pitch in a letter randomly received last week at a Florida household from Nielsen. Here's the scoop on how the nation's dominant audience measurement company seeks PPM panelists.

Interactive Media Consumption Growth Capturing America

The world has never been more connected, and U.S. audiences have never had as many options to access content as they do these days. In short, consumers in the U.S. seem like they can’t get enough content, and the possibilities for marketers to reach them, while fragmented, is an opportunity that is just too good to pass on. That's the key takeaway from the Q1 2018 Nielsen Total Audience Report.

Mid-Band Spectrum Strategy: A Most Welcome FCC Arrival

The FCC today selected a new Chief Economist, and in doing so chose a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute — the think-tank that directed the FCC's transition following the 2016 presidential election. Another prominent figure at the AEI is Roslyn Layton, who writes in this column about the importance of the Commission's mid-band spectrum strategy.
Larry Patrick

Could Radio’s Enemy Be A Computer?

Patrick Communications Managing Partner Larry Patrick is in the news today for his brokerage firm's representation of the buyer of a trio of radio stations from Alpha Media. As that deal was being finalized, Patrick took a moment while at his part-time Wyoming home prior to a trip to Washington, D.C., to collect his thoughts on a radio industry combatant many not often thing of. Could you be a guilty party?

Marketing 101: Create A Landmark and Get Recognized

In this Media Information Bureau encore presentation, we chat with Lauren L. Darr, President of LOI International, on many landmark examples that range in price and difficulty. For Darr, Landmarks are only limited by one’s imagination.

Hey, Radio: What’s Your Status? The FCC Is Asking

The FCC's Media Bureau on Monday released a Public Notice that one media broker believes is highly important for every radio industry C-Suite executive to read. Specifically, the Media Bureau is now seeking comment on "THE STATUS OF COMPETITION IN THE MARKETPLACE FOR DELIVERY OF AUDIO PROGRAMMING." What does that mean? Here's the scoop.

FCC Complexification, And The Complaint Department

Washington's favorite acerbic octogenarian from Arizona is back with another fun column that asks the questions few are willing to voice in public. In this Media Information Bureau column, Ken Benner gifts RBR+TVBR Members with this fact: "Have you recently pulled up the FCC website? If not, please do it now. The first most prominent item that pops up includes how to file a complaint."

Orphans Looking For Homes

Larry Patrick, Managing Partner of Patrick Communications, is one of the nation's foremost media brokers. With this week's sale of WBEB-FM in Philadelphia by Jerry Lee Radio, thoughts flooded his mind about other stations in a similar situation. Call them orphans, "sole station owners who cannot sell to anyone," Patrick says. Here's what he says to say on the matter.

Kids Programming In a Digital World: Ways To Regulate

Last week, the FCC proposed changes to its rules governing children’s programming. "While the proposal is not as sexy as internet regulation, it is an important and overdue step toward updating the law to reflect the realities of the modern video marketplace," says Daniel Lyons, a visiting fellow at a D.C. think tank with lots of FCC sway.

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