Radio, Radio … Where Are You?

Just shy of two years ago, Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson agreed to take over the reins at RBR+TVBR. In doing so, he pledged that RBR+TVBR would not be another of the many radio industry trade publications to continuously offer glowing commentary about the "great" state of the business. Guess what? He's got something to say about the "pathetic" lack of presence radio presently has in two markets ripe for opportunity.

Top Tips For Translator Savings

This Media Information Bureau installment is one that featured columnist Ken Benner promises will be welcomed by all stations with FM translators. It offers two significant items of interest: a source of information to determine compliance, and a means to self-certify and, quite frankly, save a good chunk of money.
Erwin Krasnow

Five Myths of FCC Decision Making

In this Media Information Bureau column, noted D.C. communications attorney Erwin Krasnow shares his insight on what the FCC's decision makers actually read, if hefty fines are truly meant to fuel the FCC budget, and if the Commissioners "have unbridled discretion to make public interest determinations," among other hot topics.

Harnessing Change … With A Digital Creative Levy?

Two weeks ago, the CRTC published a digital report on the future of programming in Canada. The report proposes to the federal government in Ottawa "new tools and regulatory approaches to support the production and promotion of audio and video content made by and for Canadians." What does the CRTC want? A digital creative levy. Could the FCC be thinking about the same thing?

The Connected World: ‘A Boon For Viewing Content’

The variety of tech devices and services that consumers use today is very different from what was available in 2003, or 2008. Pity the VCR? Smartphones and PCs are found in more than 75% of U.S. homes, and newer devices and services like smart TVs, internet-connected devices, and SVOD services are growing at what Nielsen calls "a significantly fast pace." What does this mean for your business?

Ten ‘Awesome’ Follow-Ups To Get Buyers Talking

"Your sales reps can differentiate themselves by asking great questions," says featured Media Information Bureau columnist Barrett Riddleberger. "However, the art of the follow-up question can really set them apart." With that, Riddleberger offers the following advice, meant for C-Suiters to share with their reps as a guide for improved sales performance.

How Radio Can Improve Mental Health

As a broadcasting consultant with more than 30 years in the industry, RBR+TVBR featured columnist Kelly Orchard stays fully connected to what's impacting radio -- and those employed in broadcast media. Orchard is also a licensed psychotherapist, and she's penned another great read on how C-Suiters and staffers can both improve their mental health in an ever-challenging business environment.

Keeping It Complicated Keeps It Profitable

Well, that's a provocative headline. And, who else but Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner to write a piece that delves further into his obsession with Federal government "complexification." Here's his latest effort, which should make for some fine weekend reading.

Survey Says: Big Shifts In Consumer Expectation and Trust

With more choice, more access to information, and less incentive to be loyal, today’s customers are firmly in control of their relationships with companies. Understanding today’s customer has become increasingly difficult — both for advertisers using radio and TV and for the broadcasters themselves. That's why Salesforce developed its “State of the Connected Customer” report, and its second edition is now out. RBR+TVBR perused the report, and here are the key points.

Radio, Podcasts and Music: The $50 Billion Powerhouse

PwC last night released its Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2018-2022 report, and there's tons of data on the U.S. music, radio, and podcasts segments that is definitely worth a look. There's growth when combining these three things under a single header and computing their combined value. We're talking nearly $50 billion here.

How Radio Can Improve Mental Health

Here's a novel idea from Media Information Bureau columnist Kelly Orchard: "The broadcast industry can use their powerful voices to improve the lives of their listeners." In her view, radio broadcasters can play a major role in replacing isolation with socialization. What would be the benefit to radio? Find out in this Members Only offering from RBR+TVBR!

Rethinking The Small Screen, With Deeper Data

In this Media Information Bureau column, we explore how new sources of TV viewing data (including the set-top box and automated content recognition) are set to "radically change the way marketers, networks and broadcasters measure TV viewership, plan media buys and execute ad campaigns." Three key questions are asked by Tivo. All the details are here.

Deal Killers Podcast: Change In Business Performance

Can a “material adverse change” derail the purchase of a radio or TV station? Erwin Krasnow, a partner at Washington law firm Garvey Schubert Barer, takes the mic in this penultimate Deal Killers podcast moderated by RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson. Also sharing their thoughts are media broker Doug Ferber of DEFcom Advisors and Bruce Mittman and Jim Leven — the leaders of radio broadcasting company Community Broadcasters.

Four Ways To Leapfrog The E.U. On Online Privacy

"GDPR," or the General Data Protection Regulation, is now law within the European Union. You may have received an email or two about receiving emails from various companies, as part of a sweeping rule that some U.S. businesses -- including yours -- may be concerned about. Why? Some wonder if it could happen here. AEI visiting scholar Roslyn Layton has some ideas that are definitely worth your time.

Regulatory Transparency and Broadcasters: Perfect Together

"Ol' Dad" Ken Benner's mailbox is filling up with queries from RBR+TVBR Members. "Why do you write?" "Where do you get your funding?" Benner has some fun with those questions while sharing some "serious business" pertaining to "major projects involved with regulatory transparency pertaining to American broadcasting." Sounds like a great read to us!

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