Broadcast Radio: Under Threat From New Tech

As streaming music services continue their ascendance, attracting increasing levels of consumer spend, and the automotive industry explores the car connectivity road map, traditional broadcast radio is coming under serious threat. That’s according to a new automotive audio report from Futuresource Consulting.

A Tribute To A ‘Legend’ Of An Engineer

Many across America are pausing to remember Charlie Dozier, Director of Engineering for a group of stations owned by one of the nation's top media brokers, Larry Patrick. "He was one of the most professionally dedicated engineers in broadcast history," says featured columnist Ken Benner.

C-Band Suggestion from Phoenix: Private Sale is Most Efficient

In a new analysis released Thursday, Washington, D.C.-based think tank the Phoenix Center offers an evaluation of the competing methods for repurposing the C-Band. It appeals to principal-agent theory where the government is the principal and the consortium of satellite incumbents is the agent.

So, You Want To Be An ‘Alternative’ FCC Inspector?

Of all of the jobs available in the U.S., does "independent alternative broadcast media inspector" pique your interest? If so, this column from Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner and his wife, Karen, who are veteran alternative broadcast inspectors, is just for you.

BMI’s Fiscal Year Is Over. Radio, TV Weren’t The Top Revenue Source

It was a record-breaking revenue year for BMI, which just concluded fiscal 2019. But, don't mistakenly believe the surge in dollars came from radio or from television. BMI's growth is largely thanks to cable and satellite services -- and digital audio services, too.

Ten Great Questions To Ask Your Next Sales Hire

Do you struggle asking good questions when interviewing sales reps? That's a question expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger wants you to think about, and answer as best as possible. How so? He presents 10 "powerful questions to transform your hiring process."

Streaming: Not Yet Living Up To the Buzz?

Some 56% of U.S. adults stream non-linear content to their TVs. Yet, new research from Nielsen finds that the typical U.S. adult streamer spends an average of 57 minutes streaming non-linear content to their TVs in a regular day. That’s significantly less time than streamers spend with linear TV.

Just The TIP: Findings From The Local Broadcast TV Automation Survey

TIP Initiative, an industry work group promoting open interfaces to streamline advertising transactions for local TV broadcasters and their media agency partners, has released a white paper highlighting results from the Local Broadcast TV Automation Survey. We've got the details.

Understanding the ‘Mock’ Inspection Program

As a featured columnist for RBR+TVBR, Ken Benner receives many inquiries regarding his role as a conductor of "alternative" broadcast facility inspections. Today, he's offered a Q&A to best address what he and his wife Karen provide to radio and TV stations, and why they do it.

Large Telcos, Attorneys General Agree on Anti-Robocall Principles

Twelve large telecom companies and the attorneys general of 50 states and D.C. announced August 22 an agreement on eight voluntary principles that the companies will adopt to combat illegal and unwanted robocalls. It's a subject generating more complaints at the FCC than anything else.

How Households Use The Internet, And Its Importance

In this Media Information Bureau column, an AEI adjunct scholar believes there is "some merit" in the FCC collecting data on internet usage factors, including those required to calculate "breadth and depth measures," and to assist policy, antitrust, and business decision-making.

Attention, C-Suiters: Which Personality Style Are You?

"Effective communication skill means connecting with the other person in a way that invites them to offer you valuable information as well as willingly receive what you say," notes sales training expert Barrett Riddleberger. In this column, he asks readers to determine which of four personality traits they believe they exhibit.
Media system in a vehicle

Preparing Now For The Connected Car’s Data Play

Bob Maccini, founder and CFO of Drive Time Metrics and a Director at brokerage Media Services Group, shares his thoughts on how in-vehicle consumption analytics "will have a game-changing impact on the quality of audio delivered to a vehicle" in this Media Information Bureau installment.

Radio At 100: ‘Imagination, Information and Entertainment’

On November 2, 1920, KDKA-AM in Pittsburgh made the nation's first commercial broadcast. As many prepare to mark radio's centennial celebration, longtime programming consultant Clark Smidt suggests operators work harder to bring "instant radio magic" back.

Location Advertising’s Wasted Dollars: A Radio or TV Opportunity?

Despite strong results being realized by brands from location targeting advertising, nearly two-thirds of spend is still being wasted because of poor quality data and mistargeted location impressions. That’s the finding of an analysis conducted by global location intelligence company of 500 million digital location targeted impressions delivered in the U.S. and United Kingdom January to June 2019.

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