Could Outdated FCC Documents Cost You?

Since 1997, Ken Benner has conducted thousands of alternative FCC inspections for broadcast media properties. He thought he'd had everything memorized. But, he recently decided to brush up on his skills. What he discovered absolutely stunned him.

The Next Radio License Renewal Cycle: Facts and Deadlines

By way of a Public Notice issued Friday, the Media Bureau released essential information on the upcoming 2019-2022 radio license renewal cycle. Here are all of the basics you and your entire executive team should have printed out and kept in an easily accessible place.

With College Degree, Higher Listening To Radio?

As a follow up to Deloitte’s Prediction 2019 forecast regarding the resilience of AM/FM radio, DMR/Interactive President/COO Andrew Curran engaged in a conversation with the report's author. His insights were put to words in a column penned by Curran.

The Set-top Box: Imperfect Tool For Multicultural Measurement

Being able to measure in a way that fairly represents all races, ages, ethnicities and behaviors is crucial for the industry to transact with confidence. It’s also the only way to make sure that content choices reflect the diversity of a given station’s community.

Is Payless’ Demise A Learning Lesson For Broadcast Media?

Payless Shoe Source in February joined a long list of brands now in the "Ghostly Galleria," as it announced it is closing all of its stores as part of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan. Digital delivery killed the brick-and-mortar store. Should broadcast media worry?

Esports: The CMO’s Millennial Male Connector

Looking to connect with hard-to-reach millennial males? Esports could be the solution, and a newly released study from the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) only cements this belief.The report, VAB notes, "is a primer on the esports category."

How FCC Concerns Prompted Angst

What is the genesis for “The Coalition For Transparency, Clarification and Simplification of Regulations pertaining to American Broadcasting”? Featured Media Information Bureau columnist Ken Benner shares all in his latest exclusive-to-RBR+TVBR column.

Bridging New Audiences and New Technologies

In this exclusive-to-RBR+TVBR commentary, Horowitz Research President Howard Horowitz shares his thoughts on "the age of media disruption" -- and the search of a new synthesis. "For what seems like an eternity, the media world is described as being disrupted, on the verge of disruption," he writes. "There is truth to this characterization."

Nationalizing 5G Is Not the Way to Beat China

Reports surfaced last week that advisers to the administration are calling for the U.S. to embrace China-style nationalization as our path to 5G. That’s like looking to Cuba as inspiration for reforming the U.S. health-care system, says FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr.

Is Every Media Outlet ‘A Winner’ Now?

After a "rollercoaster" end to 2018, the Q4 media earnings season was essentially a "snoozer" in the eyes of top Wall Street financial analyst Michael Nathanson. As his team processes its post-4Q earnings takeaways, it sees very little changes to 2019 expectations.

How to Remove Unconscious Bias in the Sales Hiring Process

The case for diversity is solid and has long been established, says Rainmakers CEO Michael Ferguson. "Diverse teams outperform their peers when it comes to revenue generation, workplace efficiency, innovation, market share, and employee wellness." Yet, he argues, many still struggle with unconscious bias.

In Facebook We Trust?

"Welcome to the world of trade-offs," writes James Pethokoukis. "Facebook is the imperfect creation of one group of imperfect humans used by other imperfect humans -- lots of them." But, the American Enterprise Institute columnist and policy analyst writes, that doesn’t have to be the end of story.

Are Women Excelling In GM, GSM or PD Roles at Radio?

Each year, the Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio Group compiles and analyzes the number of women in radio broadcasting who are rising to the ranks of management. The latest study has been released, and here are all of the top-line details you should know.

More Insight On License Revocation Prevention

A column by John Wells King and Erwin Krasnow, "How To Lose Your Station's FCC License," has become a reader favorite worthy of encore appearances at Independent Alternative FCC Compliance Certification Inspector Ken Benner read it, and offers additional thoughts on keeping one's license.

Opinion: Smart Speakers Require Smart Speech

Smart speakers are the biggest boon to radio in the home since, well, the Reagan era. But, is there one key ingredient needed to lure consumers to a radio station's audio stream, instead of another Pandora-powered audio stream or Spotify playlist of choice? Yes, says Clark Smidt. Voices carry, especially good ones.

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