Radio Needs To Chase These Dollars

Our editor-in-chief believes there's a big opportunity for Radio to significantly boost its ad revenue while gaining ground against local digital media's ad revenue conquest. It involves WPP and one of the world's biggest advertisers, by dollars allocated to all kinds of media.

The Most Common ‘Noncompliant’ Alternative Inspection Finds

Here's a most helpful column from featured Media Information Bureau columnist Ken Benner focused on what he believes, through countless alternative FCC inspections of broadcast media properties, are the most common items found to be non-compliant.

Media C-Suiters Beware: You’re The Next Cybercrime Target

A ransomware attack impacted Urban One's Q1 earnings. In early April, a ransomware attack crippled Townsquare Media's Shreveport, La., cluster. Think that's a problem? What would happen if your entire C-Suite computer network was held captive by a cybercrime syndicate?

Sound Off: Video Viewers Seek Captions For Muted Public Use

Verizon Media teamed with Publicis Media for a newly released study that examines the relationship between video viewing, sound and captions.Their key finding: as more consumers watch video on-the-go and in public, video audio is becoming secondary. 

An FCC Chairman’s 20th Anniversary Salute To WiFi

Who knew in 2008 that wireless internet technology would be an essential way of life for millions of Americans? WiFi is now two decades old, and FCC Chairman Ajit Pai remarked on WiFi's past, present and future on Tuesday at the Wi-Fi World Congress 2019 in Northern Virginia.

How Marketers Can Better Their Positions With ‘Dominant Media Owners’

Digital platforms and TV networks often appear to be “must-buy” solutions for marketers.  But, as Group M Global President of Business Intelligence Brian Wieser notes, "In the face of a difficult negotiation or displeasure with the actions taken by a commercial partner, one party may feel they have no alternative but to proceed with a transaction." Wieser says he sees this play out in the TV business.

Local Business Size Sets The Tone For Local Ad Buying

The size of local businesses determines their ad buying power. That's the conclusion from the newly released U.S. SAM Survey of Advertising and Marketing from BIA Advisory Services.

NAB Hears Coalition For Transparency Concerns

"I never thought we’d see the day the pleadings of [my group] would ever be addressed by the NAB, despite my many years of pleading for its assistance," featured columnist Ken Benner writes."You have got to see this to believe it!" he exclaims. What's he so excited about?

So, About That Disney ‘Lifeboat’ Two Analysts Worry About …

MoffettNathanson's senior analysts describe the planned suite of direct-to-consumer services from The Walt Disney Co. a “lifeboat.” With Q1 cord-cutting results now in the books, it may still be too early to abandon ship … but it’s not too early to put on the lifejackets, they say.

Brian Wieser: ‘Digital Deceleration Deciphered’

Noted financial analyst Brian Wieser wants to know why Google parent Alphabet’s revenue growth decelerated. It recorded its lowest rate of annual advertising revenue growth in several years during Q1. This could be of keen interest to broadcast media C-Suite leaders.

‘Understanding the New American Mainstream’: Hispanics

A new 10-page report from the research company Claritas offers fresh details on the Hispanic market opportunity -- including why Hispanic Households will spend $538,636 more than White American Households in their lifetime.

OOH News Viewers: ‘Crucial’ New Insights As Election Day Nears

Who knew that out-of-home viewing of TV news was a thing? Indeed it is, and Nielsen on Wednesday released some very interesting new insights that zeros in on news viewing around the pivotal 2018 Midterm Elections. Simply put, every broadcast TV station should see this.

Is Over-the-Air Broadcast Making a Comeback?

That's the title of another research study suggesting that cord-cutting is putting renewed vigor into over-the-air television ahead of ATSC 3.0's voluntary roll-out.

How Different Are Millennials from Boomers On iPhone Use?

How much time do we really spend staring at our screens? Digital Third Coast just surveyed 1,000 millennial and 1,000 baby boomer iPhone users about their average daily screen time to learn more about generational smartphone use. The findings are very intriguing.

What’s So ‘Odd’ About Media’s Q1 Occurrences?

"In the investing world, as in life, it is hard to change a narrative," says analyst Michael Nathanson. "For much of the past four years, the media industry has been rightly defined by declining Pay TV subscribers, falling linear TV consumption, and slowing ad spend." But, something "really unusual" is afoot.

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