Radio: The Audio Consolation Source

A 24-hour excursion to New York inspired RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson to pen a column about his latest Uber, Lyft and hired driver experience when it came to the audio entertainment of choice each ride provided. In every instance, for the first time, a local radio station was playing. It led Adam to two conclusions: Radio is alive in New York, and marketers need to know this.

Network Radio: Widely Consumed Among AM, FM Users

We aren't just in a new "golden age" for TV shows. Nielsen has just declared that we are in a "golden age of audio." Really?! Check out the highlights from its just-released Audio Today 2018 report focusing on network radio. It has some incredible new data on smart speaker home penetration, and the percentage of all radio listeners who tune to a network affiliated station every week.

Has FCC ‘Complexification’ Punted Political Ad Profiteering?

Here's a sobering statistic offered by featured Media Information Bureau columnist Ken Benner. In the past 23 years, his "Mock FCC Compliance Certification Inspections" found that one of out five broadcast stations declined to permit any political advertising. Why was this the case? Benner places the blame on the high cost of legal assistance necessary to comply with FCC regulations.

Three Easy Ways To Hire The Right Person

Hiring great salespeople takes time, strategy and resources. Featured Media Information Bureau columnist Barrett Riddleberger has something to add to your process of finding and attracting new talent. Learn more with his "three quick ways to make your hiring more effective" in this special Media Information Bureau offering for RBR+TVBR Members.
Auto / Buying a Car

Uncovering New Insights About the Auto Path to Purchase

Consumers don’t approach every buying decision they make in the same way. Buying pasta, for example, is a much different transaction than buying a house. When we’re talking about buying a car, arguably the second-largest purchase most consumers make, there are two surprising insights auto marketers should consider. Learn how these insights could positively impact your relationship with some of your top clients.
Brian Wieser

TV’s Sour Start To The New Prime-Time Season

Pivotal Research Group analyst Brian Wieser has analyzed trends associated with the use of television alongside commercial share trends for national media owners in the U.S. through the end of the calendar month of September. With complete data for the report becoming available from Nielsen on Monday, Wieser and his team perused the data and arrived at some notable observations.

How One TV Journalist Makes A Difference In Tucson

In the eyes of featured Media Information Bureau columnist Ken Benner, a "most remarkable reporter" has given Cordillera Communications' NBC affiliated KVOA-4 in Tucson a distinct advantage over its competitors. Why is Benner singling out Matthew Schwartz? It comes down to "extraordinary content."

The Rise of The OmniLocal Consumer

There's no better media for reaching consumers on a local level than radio ... right? Here's some more ammo to strengthen this argument in an age where digital media is destroying your revenue potential and direct mail continues to siphon those dollars away from your stations. "Any brand, including large national brands, can be local, and local can be anywhere in the minds of Millennial and Gen Z consumers."

Have Digital and Social Media Reached Their Peak?

The use of digital technology has had a long stretch of rapid growth in the United States. But, a new analysis of data from the Pew Research Center shows that the share of Americans who go online, use social media or own key devices has remained stable over the past two years. What does this mean for marketers -- and, perhaps, for radio and TV sales execs?

Ten Essential Media Stats From September

Once every so often, RBR+TVBR's Jefe, Eric Rhoads, will forward an item deemed noteworthy to the newsroom. On Thursday, Mr. Rhoads came across an item that grabbed our attention. The article puts into perspective how consumers are using media, and the biggest eye-opener deals with music streaming revenue -- competitive info that could be of keen interest to radio broadcasters.

Is It Too Soon To Be Talking About 8K?

The ongoing drive for ever-higher resolutions has been a familiar story in the world of video acquisition for many years. But, after IBC 2018, talking about the practical application of 8K is no longer taboo, notes broadcast research analyst Chris Evans. In this report, he addresses whether the world -- and U.S. TV companies -- are ready to tackle the next gen delivery of video programming.

An Answer For File Flounder, And Fine Fighting

Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner is back with another great column designed to prevent your station's accounts payable department from writing a hefty check to the U.S. Treasury or FCC in response to a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture. 

Can A Trucking CEO Help You Find Good Talent?

According to a chief executive of a trucking company, the U.S. "is in the midst of a serious multi-industry labor shortage." Is this not an excellent opportunity for the radio business to strut its stuff and put on a real job fair, strutting its stuff far beyond the 2018 Radio Show in Orlando? Here are "5 Ways To Help You Avoid Today’s Labor Crunch," as they could aid you in the recruitment process.

Eight Ways to ‘Speak Human’ … and Change the Game

"Speaking human" in business is not as easy as it sounds. What exactly what that mean? That's the subject of a column everyone in your C-Suite should read. The focus is on learning how to speak human, and striving to employ an effective "conversation marketing" approach. This, says writer Merilee Kern, can create "a lifetime value with customers, foster maximized marketplace engagement and breed brand loyalty."

Local TV’s $38 Billion Strategic Opportunity

As part of its efforts to strategize revenue growth prospects for local TV, BIA Advisory Services has examined the Total Addressable Markets (TAM) for broadcast television, versus digital platforms. "It's a tale of two cities," BIA notes in a newly released report that outlines the level of broadcast revenue growth expected by 2022 -- and the total gain in digital revenue expected for local TV.

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