Reaching Consumers & Monetizing Web Content

A little over a year ago, AOL embarked on what by any standard was a fundamental transformation of its business model. Instead of a traditional

Primer on Media Mixing

I’d like to dispel the notion that traditional media and social media do not mix well together. There’s a widely-held fear of giving the general public access to station personnel (even though it’s the job

How To Put The Spring Back Into Employees’ Steps

Are your employees happy? If not, this column could provide managers with some good ideas on turning that frown around

Don't refer to people as objects

One of the primary goals of teases and news stories is to create a sense of personal connection with the heroes, villains and other main characters in any

Tips for nipping reluctant-payment syndrome in the bud

The Financial Manager’s Perspective: MFM’s BCCA credit and collections subsidiary is hearing from a number of members who report a growing percentage of their...

Reinvention Process: Regenerate

Part Six in a Six Part Series: Six weeks ago, this series on reinvention began. It's the perfect time of the year to go...

The Digital Newsroom: Part 2

One thing has not changed in the digital era: Content is still King.  You want to own as much as we can: news, traffic,...

An adult conversation about XXX domains

By now, most broadcasters paying attention to “new media” and other internet matters are aware that the new top level domain .XXX is set...

Traffic and Rev Mgmt Systems: Part 2: Political capabilities

The Traffic Directors' Guild of America (TDGA) has asked radio and television traffic personnel nationwide to submit questions and issues for providers in the...

The hardware of radio listeners

To say the very least, the explosion in digital and wireless has disrupted the business models of the entire communications industry. To assist in...

What’s up with Indecency? Part II

Having covered how we got to the current state of confusion in FCC indecency policy, let’s look at some places where we might take...

A businessperson’s guide to the four behavioral styles

In 1928, psychologist William Moulton Marston conceived, developed and wrote about a modern take on behavior profiles. Behavior profiles have undergone many transformations since then, with the most important transformations in the tools used to measure people according to Marston’s original model.

FCC considers eliminating the FCC Sports Blackout Rules

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is considering an end to the regulatory support of

Small market TV broadcasters to upload political files as of July 1

TV stations in markets outside of the Top 50, and stations in the Top 50 markets that are not affiliated with one of the Big 4 networks, need to begin to upload new material placed into their political files into their Online Public File as of July 1 – just a few weeks away. David O’Connor of my firm and I conducted a webinar for television broadcasters from 7 states last week, where we discussed this new obligation for smaller TV stations, and talked about what documents are supposed to go into the political file.