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Facebook Fakery Is All Political

Here's a news item we fully thank NAB voice Dennis Wharton for bringing to the attention of RBR+TVBR. Hipster news organization VICE took a bold step forward in trying out something on Facebook that has mushroomed into a potentially major problem that only extends the problem of fake news -- and ad manipulation -- on the social media Goliath. It's great news for radio and TV.

Media Trends To Watch In 2019: Where’s Radio?

With CES 2019 seeing announcements from both iHeartMedia and Entercom within its first hours of welcoming thousands of guests to the Las Vegas Convention Center, Globalwebindex writer Duncan Kavanaugh offered in a "four-minute read" some of what his organization believes are the biggest media and entertainment trends to watch in 2019. Where's radio ... or audio?

Bridging New Audiences and New Technologies

In this exclusive-to-RBR+TVBR commentary, Horowitz Research President Howard Horowitz shares his thoughts on "the age of media disruption" -- and the search of a new synthesis. "For what seems like an eternity, the media world is described as being disrupted, on the verge of disruption," he writes. "There is truth to this characterization."

AARP Yawp: A Generation Still Ignored By Marketers

Some 77% of U.S. adults 50 years of age and older feel they are being ignored by advertisers .That's likely no different than what was seen 20 or 30 years ago. But, here's the rub: The AARP generation is bigger than ever before and arguably more affluent, too.
TVB / Television Bureau of Advertising

TV: The Media That Moves Marketers The Most?

Of all media, TV's impact on consumer purchasing behavior is tops. In fact, the impact is greater than all other media combined, a new study finds. Who commissioned this rosy report? None other than the Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB).

Large Telcos, Attorneys General Agree on Anti-Robocall Principles

Twelve large telecom companies and the attorneys general of 50 states and D.C. announced August 22 an agreement on eight voluntary principles that the companies will adopt to combat illegal and unwanted robocalls. It's a subject generating more complaints at the FCC than anything else.

Foreign-Language Homes Reach A New High

In America's five largest cities, some 48% of residents now speak a language other than English at home. If you own a broadcast media property, in particular in such locales as Chicago, Houston, or Phoenix, perhaps offering content appealing to these consumers would be prudent.

How to Hold Your Salespeople Accountable

"Never let the inmates run the asylum," warns expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger in this latest Media Information Bureau installment. In this column, Riddleberger provides details on how sales managers and those in the C-Suite can learn how to effectively hold their sales reps accountable.

A Hollywood Goodbye, With An Unwarranted Swipe At Radio

Financial analyst Michael Nathanson fears that the COVID-19 pandemic has created another period of economic duress, accelerating shifts in consumer and corporate behavior. Now, Nathanson believes that "the fundamental pillars of media," which were starting to crack heading into 2020, are crumbling. This could be a permanent wound ... and likens it to Radio's woes.

‘Broadcast Internet’ All Set For Deployment, One Player Says

At least one LPTV company is ready to go with “Broadcast Internet” service, whatever that may ultimately turn out to be. Here's what Spectrum Evolution has to say on the data side benefits of ATSC 3.0, which is powering NEXTGEN TV, courtesy of a longtime D.C. communications attorney who has formally announced his retirement.

Daytime TV: The ‘Second Prime-Time’ For Total Consumption

With the newly established routines of consumers, the colder winter months and increased movement restrictions will further solidify daytime TV as a true work companion, Nielsen believes. In its words, "Understanding these behaviors now is vital, as they can leave a lasting impact on a post lockdown world."

Spotify HiFi: Should Radio Be Concerned?

During its “Stream On” event, Spotify announced that it plans to launch a Hi-Fi streaming plan offering lossless streaming in CD quality later this year in selected markets. This announcement is significant. But, is it noteworthy and of concern to radio broadcasting companies in the U.S. and Canada?

Battlegrounds: Early read on 2012 US Senate races

The political handicappers are starting to take stock of the political situation in the 33 states that have a Senate seat on the table...

Early look at 2012 US Senate races

One of the most exclusive organizations in this nation is the United States Senate. It is generally difficult to get in, particularly for residents...

Increasing ratings and revenue: Should you focus on promotion or programming? – Part 1

One thing the PPM ratings method has shown is how large the cumulative audiences
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