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Growing Sales With ‘The Right-Hand Rule of Three’

"The Right-Hand Rule of 3" is a simple technique for the Needs Analysis step of the sales process, says expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger. "The goal is to maximize the mutual value for yourself and your prospect," he says. "Therefore, when you get a buying signal from your prospect, here’s what you do."

Is ‘The Power of :06 Ads’ A Concern For Broadcast TV?

Short :06 ads have now become a regular feature of the digital media landscape. Now, new research conducted by MediaScience for online video portal Vevo suggests there's an even greater potential opportunity associated with such short ads.

Coronavirus: Considerations for Marketers

The outbreak of Coronavirus is a widening tragedy. As GroupM's Brian Wieser sees it, "Many aspects of life and business will be altered in many countries around the world with the possibility of a recession realistic for many countries, at least on a short-term basis." What does this mean for radio and TV? "Shifts in media consumption and other behaviors are important to monitor."

RBR+TVBR Encore: ‘What Radio Can Learn From Wegmans’

Three years ago, our editor-in-chief visited a Wegmans supermarket for the first time. His visit sparked a column offering inspiration and innovative ways a radio station can best connect with your community, thus driving revenue and an increase in listeners. The column proved very popular, and we are pleased to offer it today as an RBR+TVBR Encore Presentation.

Media Outlook 2012 — the Financial Manager's Perspective

With so much uncertainty about what the economy will look like over the next several weeks, let alone months, how can we develop any...

The hurricane just blew through. You're off the air. Now what do...

The hurricane just blew through.   You’re off the air.  Now what do you do? There are a lot of things that need to be...

Sample That Stays Same Awhile Limits Fluctuation

Clark Smidt shares ratings estimates for Nielsen Audio August, markets #30-52.

Traffic and Rev Mgmt Systems: Part 2: How Mac-compatible are they?

 The Traffic Directors' Guild of America (TDGA) has asked radio and television traffic personnel nationwide to submit questions and issues for providers in the...

Reinvention Process: Re-Assess

Part Three in a Six Part Series: The past two weeks, we've been covering the topic of reinvention because it's a time of year when companies are planning

Mix up the structure of story packages

If you look at the basic structure of a newscast, it has changed very little since it was invented more than fifty years ago. ...

Are we in an Internet bubble?

The TV set top box was marginalized by Steve Jobs at the recent AllThingsD conference. Although counter to his stated position, Jobs is most...

A New Day for Radio

Back in the late 90’s I began work as a New Business Development director for a pair of start-up Smooth Jazz radio stations (it was a glorified title given to me by the owner of the stations

Fear is overrated

Perhaps one of the most famous quotes regarding the subject of fear is the one that was delivered by Franklin D. Roosevelt:

Wall Street woes: More of 2007 in 2008

The first quarter of 2008 was nothing to get excited about for broadcasting stocks, either radio or television. In short, it was more of...
Internet Address Bar

Streaming providers: Which is best for your station? (Part III)

We asked streaming/webcasting vendors in the radio broadcasting biz to explain their latest offerings and revenue models. We want stations to know if they’re...

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