The Gig Economy: A New Source For Media Growth?

An interesting new Marketplace-Edison Research Poll sheds light on such employment as driving for a service such as Uber or Lyft, selling products or services online, or working as a freelancer. What does this mean for broadcast TV and radio? Are there ad dollars here for the taking?

Radio’s Time Spent Advantage: A Deloitte Highlight

Just how vital is radio to consumers? This just-released report from Deliotte has a quote you'll want to incorporate into every sales pitch your AEs and GSMs wish to make.

The Asian American Tide Toward Streaming Video

Consumers are shifting to streaming both short-form and long-form video. Broadcasters will need to stay ahead of these trends. One solution for a TV station owner may lie in understanding how Asian Americans watch television. Simply put, they are leading the streaming wave.
U.S. Congress

A Goodbye To Mulvaney, And A Call To Curtail Lobbying

A Senate vote on Thursday affirmed who will take over the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from acting director Mick Mulvaney, the subject of this column from Ken Benner. Mulvaney's attitude towards how things, in his mind, get done in D.C. irks Benner yet again.

The ‘Welcome Return’ Of Economics At The FCC

After several years of silence — at least that’s what it seemed like from the outside — FCC economists again have a voice, says a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. In this column, Mark Jamison argues that the communications industry will benefit from this return of economic voices.

Fake News? Radio Audience Dwarfs Streaming Champs

The third quarter 2018 edition of Edison Research's "Share of Ear," released Monday, was the focus of a blog post from Cumulus Media and Westwood One Chief Insights Officer Pierre Bouvard. Front and center is data suggesting that AM and FM radio outreach ad-supported audio platforms daily. Really??

An Outstanding Standard For American Broadcasting

What is the common denominator to successfully serve its community of license for any broadcast operation? Here's the answer, courtesy of featured columnist Ken Benner, who has tallied at least 2,000 station visits.

Broadcast TV’s Bright Future, As Seen By Sook

With more choices than ever for visual entertainment, there’s still this thing called “broadcast television,” featuring free over-the-air channels with a plethora of local and network programming. Nexstar founder and CEO Perry Sook is confident in his belief that broadcast television has a bright future.

The Near-Ubiquitous Use Of Video Streaming

New data from the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) show a huge jump in the number of adults aged 25-34 streaming video. Today, 9 out of 10 people in this age group are streaming something they can watch.

Who Will Control The Voice-Activated Smart Home?

Who will have control as voice "pervades" the Smart Home? That was the subject of a panel moderated by Futuresource Director of Research Simon Bryant at the British media research firm's recent Audio Collaborative event in London.
Your Fired

‘Big Money’ Success, Yet Year-End Layoffs

Something doesn't add up for one longtime radio industry observer and former big-market OM: If one growing operator of AM and FM stations is making "big money" running less spots, then why is it cutting 11 jobs? It's a good question to ask as Hiring and Firing Season is upon us.

Addressing Essential Broadcast Issues

Media Information Bureau columnist Ken Benner is again sharing ways a radio or TV station licensee can avoid paying needless FCC fines and consent decree payments to the U.S. Treasury. In this column, Benner discusses two must-have guides for saving money.

Goodbye, Black Friday? Turkey Day Buys Surge

Pass the turkey ... and the credit card. PwC’s 2018 Holiday Outlook suggests that a steady shift in attitudes about Thanksgiving Day shopping is underway: more than 70% of respondents saying they plan to shop on the actual holiday, rather than on Black Friday.

Teen Aversion To Androids Hits New Apex

Is your radio or TV station seeking to lure teens and young adults through apps exclusively available through the Google Play store on Android-powered smartphone? Good luck with that. A new Piper Jaffray study shows that with teens, it is all about Apple.

Acceptance Without Protest: A Fading FCC Fact?

What do "junk faxes" have to do with the level of acquiescence to federal agencies -- including the FCC -- in interpreting the statutes they administer? As Boston College Law School associate professor and AEI visiting scholar Daniel Lyons writes, it has everything to do with FCC deference.

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