Bob McCurdy

The listener is different but the advertising isn’t

A couple of years ago a creative director said something to me that I’ve not forgotten. His observation
Scott Flick

October 1 Must-Carry.Retrans Elections Drive the Future of Local Broadcast TV

The deadline for selecting MVPD must-carry or electing to negotiate

At-Home Inventors Spread the Word with Broadcast Outreach

It is well known that broadcast is a great way for entrepreneurs to get the word out far and wide...

Skall On Misuse of EAS Tones

Womble Carlyle's Gregg Skall explains the ramifications of misusing EAS tones.

Did You Know FMs Will Face Coverage Cuts During Repack?

Dielectric's Dan Fallon says FM owners on shared towers should expect power disruptions during TV repack.

Who’s Going to Pay Your Repack Costs?

Garvey Schubert Barer's Art Harding explains who will pay your repack costs.
Michael DeLier

Here’s a Novel Idea for Convention Anchors, Commentators

DeLier Group President Mike DeLier has a novel idea for convention anchors and commentators.

Millennials: Hopeful Aspirations, Harsh Finances

A new EY/Economic Innovation Group study paints a picture of millennials as a generation convinced the economy is failing them.

‘If It Ain’t In Black & White … It Ain’t’

Alternative FCC inspector Ken Benner advises you to back up everything you say and do in writing, if FCC penalty avoidance is wanted

Should Advertising Remain A ‘Short-Term Expense’?

After studying a wide array of research on the issue, two professors from Loyola Marymount University reach a conclusion

Has Snap Cracked The Code On ‘Road To Register’ Success?

The hottest social media platform for the youngest members of "GenZ" and so-called "Centennials" is developing a tool designed to tell marketers if their advertising efforts designed to drive traffic to specific stores actually bring in these consumers. It sounds like something the radio industry has championed for years. Is Snap trying to take business away from radio, or emulate an "original" social media platform? We have our thoughts on the matter.

Where ‘Fake News’ Meshes With Ridiculous Research

According to a study conducted over a three-day period in May, more than half of U.S. pay television subscribers did not see having live sports channels as an important consideration. That's according to a study that seems dubious, biased and just one more example of how ridiculous "facts" are being masqueraded as research, our Editor-In-Chief notes in this Media Information Bureau report.

All About That ‘Mock’ Inspection Program

More than two decades ago, RBR+TVBR featured columnist Ken Benner was invited to the office of the president of a state broadcasters' association. He was told that a new means of compliance certification was being considered. It sounded like a good idea to Ken. Was it?

Don’t Blame The Commission

For well over 50 years, featured Media Information Bureau columnist Ken Benner has communicated directly with the FCC on what he calls a "friendly good faith basis, with never a problem" He's asked them for suggestions. They've asked Benner for propositions and recommendations. Such communication has led to what he considers "significant common-sense changes" on more than occasion, he writes. Unfortunately, there's another enabler at play. That would be Congress.

Step One On Becoming A ‘Mock’ FCC Inspector

Here's a column on a topic that could rattle some bones, warns Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner. He's been an independent Alternative FCC Compliance Certification Inspector for more than five decades. Who will follow in this octogenarian's footsteps? It could be you, or someone you think is perfect for a role that could save your broadcast media company thousands of dollars in preventable forfeitures sent to the FCC.