The Early Stages of A ‘Voice Search’ Boom

"Twenty years ago we could have produced a chart like this for Search Advertising," says Gordon Borrell, the noted local ad forecaster. Borrell's latest Chart of the Week shows how much advertisers are engaging with another early-stage platform: voice devices.

Live TV Consumer Changes, And Its Ad Consumption Impact

In this day and age, if you miss a live broadcast of your favorite program or awards show, it’s no big deal. But, this means advertisers are losing their consumers. A new report examines the impact of time shifting on TV consumption and ad viewership. 

Serious Questions To Ask Before Securing Your Next AE

Never assume anything about a sales candidate — even if they come from your industry or a competitor, says sales training expert Barrett Riddleberger. In this freshly written column, Riddleberger shares some top tips on how your Director of Sales can do some solid due diligence.

More Tales From The Alternative Inspection Trail

"One of the greatest joys of life is being appreciated by those for whom we can lend a helping hand," says Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner. "It could be a simple explanation of some basic problem never previously experienced by someone." During a recent Alternative inspection tour involving dozens of radio and television stations, Ken and his wife, Karen, found this conduct so very helpful.

Chart Of The Week: Local Ad Buyers In the Dark

Across the summer months, Borell Associates is offering a weekly look at what local ad buyers think. This week's chart gauges whether 100 years of advancements in media measurement may have improved the way local advertisers feel about what "works."
Cable / Satellite

‘Millennials Have Commitment Issues With Streaming TV’

Millennials are a key driver of “cord-cutting.” New research released this week by finds they have other commitment issues with their TV viewing. What does this mean for broadcast TV? Have a look.

‘Traditional TV’ Very Strong, But Millennials Are Killing It

A wide-ranging study released Thursday at VidCon 2019 in Anaheim, Calif., offers a deep dive analysis into ever-evolving consumer media trends ranging from the connected TV's growing use to the rise of mobile and streaming.

A Glossary For Washington Regulatory ‘Complexification’

In this Media Information Bureau exclusive, Ken Benner shares some of his "Bennerism Wizdomics." We share these with you, as it greatly reflects his views—and perhaps those of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai—on the layers of regulations that broadcasters presently deal with from the Commission.
US Congress

How to Master the License Renewal Juggernaut

"Now is the time to gird yourself for the license renewal juggernaut," John Wells King and Erwin Krasnow declare in this freshly written exclusive column that is a must-read. They've prepared a list of "what’s and what-not’s" designed to assist you in your stations' license renewal process.
Erwin Krasnow

Breaking Apart the Purchase Price: A Taxing Endeavor

When RBR+TVBR reports on a broadcast transaction, we report the full value of the sale. When the IRS looks at it, it sees a variety of assets, many of which are treated differently for tax purposes. As attorney Erwin Krasnow of Garvey Schubert Barer explains, the way the total is broken down is important.

Nielsen’s Latest Consumer Report Tackles ‘Streaming Pitfalls’

Nielsen is touting that -- for the first time -- its quarterly Total Audience Report includes insights surrounding content discovery on streaming platforms and "the potential pitfalls these players face." It also showcases new data into the streaming and media-related landscape that are particularly topical. 

Kantar: ‘Brand Advertisers Should Brace For Clutter’

With political advertisers investing heavily on local TV particularly in battleground states, the result can be competition and clutter that crowds out brand advertising. That's based on Kantar’s analysis of the 2016 election cycle — in particular, the final three weeks of the campaign season.
USA Flag

Census 2020 Citizenship Question Nixed … For Now

For broadcast media, Census 2020 is vitally important, as it will help shape the content radio and television provided to consumers on a market-by-market basis. A question regarding citizenship has been a hot-button issue. As of now, that question won't be asked ... just yet.

The ATSC 3.0-Dominant Media World: Less Disruptive Than 5G?

While many of us postulate the wide-ranging effect ATSC 3.0 and 5G will have on the broadcast media industry, we rarely actively plan for it until that change is upon us. A group led by Magid; FOX; and 20th Television; in tandem with the Council for Research Excellence; aims to do just that. 

All You Need To Know On New FM Translator Complaint Procedures

On May 9, the FCC issued a Report and Order that set in stone new procedures used to resolve interference complaints against FM translator stations. This article breaks down the changes to the FCC’s existing FM translator interference complaint procedures.

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