MMTC Celebrates African Americans’ Media Contributions

In honor of Black History Month, the Multicultural Media, Television and Internet Council is paying tribute to a host of African Americans who have made significant contributions in radio, television, print, and digital media. "We hope they inspire you to learn about and celebrate the contributions of African Americans in media all year long," MMTC says.

Benner on Washington: Recalling The ‘Greenmail Scam’

Long before Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner got involved with the ABIP programs, he used his time off from his full-time job to visit radio stations in the Upper Midwest to conduct the then-FCC required annual proof of performance measurements. It was during these tours that Benner first learned of how some FCC regulations, in his view, were distorted for "extortion." Yikes!

The Top Questions To Ask Your Clients Today

Once you acquire a new customer, retention and account growth become the focus, says expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger. In this column, he shares "powerful customer questions" designed to be given to your sales reps today. Click here to see what he's talking about.

With Little Fanfare, FCC Racks Up Successes

The FCC recently released a list of its accomplishments under Chairman Pai. It includes over 220 items adopted in 36 meetings, more than twice the number adopted by the prior administration over a similar period, notes AEI Visiting Scholar Roslyn Layton. As there is "scant coverage of these successes" in the media, Roslyn believes, she's provided some key accomplishments for readers.

Radio: The Media That Has Evolved The Most

Throughout his career, Richards/Lerma Creative Director Aldo Quevedo has been motivated by his passion for big ideas and innovation. Now, he says in a Q&A appearing in an Argentine marketing and advertising industry publication that Radio is the one media that has evolved the most. What does that mean for marketers and for radio broadcasting companies?

How To Successfully Attract Political-Year Ad Dollars

No matter the election outcome, ad spend will continue to increase. This means marketers will need to spend more time strategizing how to best navigate the ever-changing political influence landscape and rising spot costs, says guest columnist Paul Jackson of Marketing Architects.

A Tribute To A Tucson TV Reporter

In October 2018, Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner wrote about a “most remarkable reporter” at his local NBC affiliate, KVOA-4 in Tucson. Benner singled out Matthew Schwartz for his “extraordinary content” as an investigative reporter. Benner recently reconnected with Schwartz, and offers a renewed acclamation for the KVOA mainstay.

Eight Ways to ‘Speak Human’ … and Change the Game

"Speaking human" in business is not as easy as it sounds. What exactly what that mean? That's the subject of a column everyone in your C-Suite should read. The focus is on learning how to speak human, and striving to employ an effective "conversation marketing" approach. This, says writer Merilee Kern, can create "a lifetime value with customers, foster maximized marketplace engagement and breed brand loyalty."

How are ‘The Streaming Wars’ Poised To Pull Video Viewers?

The "Streaming Wars" have begun as more Direct-To-Consumer platforms hit the market and vie for consumer attention. But, the industry likely has questions, and a newly released Nielsen report addresses many of them.

Elections: Subtle Marketer Influence, Added Ad Spending

New research from Christine Moorman, T. Austin Finch Sr. Professor of Business Administration at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, suggests an election year’s continuous exposure to comparisons, such as how candidate A differs from candidate B, can disrupt a manager’s typical decision-making process.

Another ‘Complexification’ From D.C. That Could Cost You

Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner has written countless words related to the practice of how keeping something complicated keeps things profitable, and how "most legislation" serves one party at the expense of another. Benner's at it again, and points to a 35-page "classic example of this" issued Thursday by the FCC.

Election, Plus Olympics, Equals ‘Offline Media’ Money … But Not For Radio

Despite being knee-deep in the digital age, marketers have not turned their backs on offline media. So says a Winterberry Group report that finds that the 2020 presidential election and the Summer Olympics will result in $5 billion year-over-year growth in media spend. There's just one problem: Radio won't reap big benefits from the increase.

A Defense Of Alternative Inspection Services

Featured Media Information Bureau columnist Ken Benner has received several requests for a comprehensive Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program document that covers the services he provides for radio and TV stations. He's obliged, while also taking time to explain why he has the right to do what he does.

How to Hold Your Salespeople Accountable

"Never let the inmates run the asylum," warns expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger in this latest Media Information Bureau installment. In this column, Riddleberger provides details on how sales managers and those in the C-Suite can learn how to effectively hold their sales reps accountable.

Media Polarization and the 2020 Election

As the U.S. enters a heated 2020 presidential election year, a new Pew Research Center report finds that Republicans and Democrats place their trust in two nearly inverse news media environments. What could this mean for your broadcast media station, and the implications on ratings and long-term ad revenue?

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