A Big Holiday Advertiser Shows Its e-tailer Strength

Across the final weeks of 2017, one of the nation's largest retailers weaved its way back to radio by investing in a holiday season campaign that very much included the medium. With 2018 efforts expected to appear in the next Media Monitors reports, Walmart is emerging as an e-retailing giant -- something radio GSMs and AEs may wish to take note of.

Here’s The Number Of Households That Own A Smart TV

Whether you like it or not, broadcast media C-Suiters, the "smart TV" is capturing more homes than ever. Just how many homes are acquiring these internet-connected devices, allowing viewers to seamlessly view Netflix, Amazon Prime and other OTT services just as easy as a cable or over-the-air channel?

Conquering The Smartphone: Broadcast Media’s Big Test

Stream this, radio and TV C-Suiters: With an estimated 270 million Americans viewing their smartphones about 14 billion times per day, the smartphone continues to reign supreme as consumers' preferred device for online actions, as well as for controlling and monitoring many daily activities—including consumption of your stations.

How To Lose Your Station’s FCC License

On Dec. 28, 2017, RBR+TVBR published what has emerged as one of its most popular Media Information Bureau columns. The title of this piece by John Wells King and Erwin Krasnow says it all. With the Federal government closed Monday in observance of Veterans Day, we are pleased to share it anew.

The Top Shopping Tool Tomorrow: The Smart Speaker

Ask anyone in the radio industry what the biggest boost has been in the past year for audience building, and you'll likely get two responses: podcasts and Smart Speakers. It is the latter that is "bringing radio back in the home." Now, there's evidence that suggests radio broadcasters' sales coffers could further grow thanks to the nascent use of Smart Speakers as a shopping tool. For that to happen, it must take eyeballs away from the top consumer shopping aide of today -- also a radio industry must.

What We Can Learn from College Students

RBR+TVBR featured Media Information Bureau columnist Kelly Orchard returns with a tale that involves the leaders of tomorrow. The final weekend of October was spent in Seattle, at the College Broadcasters Inc. (CBI) conference. "I discovered that these young college students are excited about the prospect of getting a radio job," she writes. Holy Pandora, Batman! What's more, Orchard says there's much radio's leaders can learn from today's university students.

How To Navigate The Unknown and Overcome Uncertainty

It’s 1999, and Julie Benezet is the new director for a fledgling dot-com called Amazon. Her challenge: to figure out how to lease just the right real estate in just the right places, to help the company survive and thrive. She has no idea what the future will bring. Her new book, "The Journal of Not Knowing," recalls her challenge and offers C-Suiters the opportunity to "chart a course where there is none."

Why Inclusive Marketing Matters For Radio and TV

More than ever, connecting with multicultural consumers through "inclusive marketing" is a must among CMOs seeking to build brand longevity while reflecting the reality of America today. For P&G Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard, this means starting from within, and ensuring that the internal composition of a company matches the audience it seeks. Is radio and TV far behind on this effort?

What Luxury brands Can Teach Us About Consumer Branding

Take a look at the list of top luxury brands. More than half have been around for more than 100 years. How have they maintained this amazing track record? By escaping the confines of the crowded and cluttered world of needs-based advertising, says guest Media Information Bureau columnist Graeme Newell. Could learning lessons from the luxury brand category help maintain your station's brand allure for decades to come?

How Hitting Digital’s ‘Mute’ Button Helps Radio

A 2017 webinar featuring Veritone ‎Managing Director of Enterprise Radio Solutions Paul Cramer yielded some eye-opening details on an"AI"-powered way to "aircheck" for an advertiser. That webinar came on a day when Google's Chrome browser was experimenting with a "mute" setting for autoplay video ads that start playing when one scrolls to the ad on a web page. The timing was perhaps perfect, and it's still very timely. Here's why.

Facebook Fakery Is All Political

Here's a news item we fully thank NAB voice Dennis Wharton for bringing to the attention of RBR+TVBR. Hipster news organization VICE took a bold step forward in trying out something on Facebook that has mushroomed into a potentially major problem that only extends the problem of fake news -- and ad manipulation -- on the social media Goliath. It's great news for radio and TV.

How The FCC’s Website Can Help You Avoid Fines

"It is amazing how much you can learn from only a few minutes on this site," Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner says of the FCC's digital gateway to all of its rules and regulations — FCC.com. More importantly, Benner notes, a visit to the Commission's website can potentially save substantial forfeitures, consent decrees, frustrations and legal expenses. 

Why FMs Will Face Repack Expenses Too

In February 2016, RBR+TVBR offered insight and exclusive details on how the upcoming spectrum auction and subsequent television repack can affect FM owners. With the NAB's filing of comments on Friday slamming the Commission for how it plans to reimburse FM radio stations, we are pleased to revisit this Media Information Bureau column from a senior RF engineer at Dielectric.

Digital’s Rapid Rise For Radio … In Britain

The latest radio listening data from RAJAR, the United Kingdom's source for ratings that's owned by the BBC and the British version of the RAB, is out. Why should U.S. broadcast media care? The digital share of all radio listening has nearly doubled in seven years, and has surpassed 50%. Is America set to follow the U.K.?

Radio: The Audio Consolation Source

A 24-hour excursion to New York inspired RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson to pen a column about his latest Uber, Lyft and hired driver experience when it came to the audio entertainment of choice each ride provided. In every instance, for the first time, a local radio station was playing. It led Adam to two conclusions: Radio is alive in New York, and marketers need to know this.

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