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The 2020 Year-End Music Industry Revenue Report

Despite a pandemic, 2020 marked the fifth consecutive year of growth for the music industry. To little surprise, paid subscription services continued to be the primary driver of revenue increases and reached a record number of subscriptions. Revenues from recorded music measured at wholesale value grew 8.9%.

Spotify HiFi: Should Radio Be Concerned?

During its “Stream On” event, Spotify announced that it plans to launch a Hi-Fi streaming plan offering lossless streaming in CD quality later this year in selected markets. This announcement is significant. But, is it noteworthy and of concern to radio broadcasting companies in the U.S. and Canada?

TV Deals In 2020: ‘Relatively Good Results In A Challenging Year’

With the last broadcast transaction of the year the broadcast deal volume for 2020 passed the $1 billion line, closing with a total of $1.02 billion. That's an 87% drop from 2019, Volker Mörbitz of S&P Global Market Intelligence notes, clearly highlighting the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is, however, a volume 27% higher than that of 2010.

Re-Evaluating Media for Recovery: Radio’s U.K. Rebound

"Radio is one of the best performing media to help brands recover from a recession." Really? For broadcasters across Great Britain, that seems to be the case, new research from Ebiquity indicates. What learning lessons are there for U.S. radio broadcasting companies that can't seem to propel themselves out of the COVID-19 bog?

Are ‘Cord Cutters’ Still Saving Money?

The cord-cutting movement is no longer just about saving money on cable versus streaming. Subscription fees for streaming services continue to rise. At the same time, choices are multiplying. Are cord cutters still saving money?

How Far Did Broadcast TV Spend Fall Globally In 2020?

Global marketing firm WARC has released its latest Global Advertising Trends report, with the subject of "Next Generation TV." The study focuses on where ad dollars flowed in 2020. To little surprise, streaming platforms are siphoning dollars, pounds, euros and more away from linear video opportunities.
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Online Sports Betting: Where Radio Listeners Show A Winning Hand

To better understand the consumer reaction in Michigan to the launch of sports betting, Cumulus Media and its Westwood One national radio arm commissioned MARU/Matchbox to conduct a study of 700 Michigan adults aged 21 and older. The findings are now being shared.
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The ‘OPIF’ Filing: ‘What Goes In Must Come Out’

The FCC’s Online Public Inspection File server for radio and television broadcasters has been “live” for nearly three years. Much has been written about what goes in the OPIF, and when. And, the FCC provides a good summary online. Little attention has been paid, however, to what comes out of the OPIF: the co-equal obligation to remove expired material.
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A Small-Market Owner Takes Aim At Syndicator, Network Flubs

Stonecom Radio owner Larry Stone came to Tennessee in 1997 to build a new radio station group serving the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee from the ground up. Now, he's frustrated and has something to say about the state of the industry. In short, Stone laments, "We are a crisis point in radio." Why? He points to syndication company frustrations of late.

TV’s Time Spent Consumption Story

Here's something you may find weird: The time spent watching television increased across 2020. Yet, eMarketer analysis finds, viewership "plummeted" last year. The data suggest television was punished by COVID-19 in very much the same way broadcast Radio was.

MIW Group Releases 2020 Gender Analysis Report

The Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio (MIW) Group has just released its 2020 Annual Gender Analysis study. It tracks the career progress of women in radio broadcasting rising to the ranks of management. "Even with the unpredictability of 2020, you will still see glimmers of hope within the findings," they say.

GroupM Teams With Uniliever On ‘Data Ethics Tool’

GroupM released a blog post on Friday that shares more details on how it is operationalizing data ethics with a proprietary scoring logic, criteria, and standardization tool. The topic could be of key interest to broadcast TV and radio executives. As such, we are sharing it in its entirety to RBR+TVBR Members.

‘Smooth Transitions and New Challenges’: Media Thoughts for 2021

In this Media Information Bureau column, veteran programming consultant Clark Smidt writes about "Smooth transitions, new styles, new challenges, adjustments, attitude, cooperation and teamwork." It could prove to be a catalyst for positive growth at your radio or TV stations.
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The Children’s Television Filing Deadline is Fast Approaching

The deadline to file the 2020 Annual Children’s Television Programming Report with the FCC is Saturday, January 30, reflecting programming aired during the 2020 calendar year. But, since this date falls on a weekend, you have until the end of day Monday to make your submissions, Scott and Lauren Flick of Pillsbury Law note.

Why Facebook’s ‘Encouraging’ 2021 Outlook Deserves Attention

A new report from Pivotal Research Group Senior Research Analyst of Internet and Media Michael Levine notes that, while impressive, the Q4 2020 results Facebook shared pale in comparison to something even more eye-popping. That would be Facebook's first-half revenue projections for 2021.
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