This Simple Form Can Prevent a $15K FCC Forfeiture

Featured columnist Ken Benner is particularly incensed over a proposed $15,000 fine handed to a Virginia radio station. Why? He has a simple form that could have prevented the signing and mailing of a hefty check to Washington, he writes in this Media Information Bureau exclusive.

Can OTT Tip the Viewership Scale … In Broadcast TV’s Favor?

The online video market as a whole is working "to put the nail in the coffin of broadcast TV," says a just-released State of Online Video report that purports to reveal that over-the-top video delivery vehicles are making headway. Is this report yet another biased look at digital TV?

Gen Z: Done With the Negative, Divided America

Some 87% of Gen Zers are worried for the environment and the planet, according to the 2019 Porter Novelli/Cone Gen Z Purpose Study. The study, surveying Americans ages 14-22, examines this emerging generation's expectations of and attitudes toward company involvement in social and environmental issues. It could shape the programming on your radio or TV station. 

Here’s Another Potential Sales Rep You Shouldn’t Hire

There are some sales candidates you should never hire. Here's one of them, sales training expert Barrett Riddleberger shares in this latest column. His advice: Avoid the Wandering Sales Candidate!
John Pelkey

Six Steps for Avoiding Unwanted Delays in Closing a Transaction

By paying due attention to those items that require a long lead time, the parties to a transaction can help ensure that the closing takes place on the appointed date. That's a key takeaway in this classic Media Information Bureau column from attorney John M. Pelkey, which is still relevant today.

What’s The Next Growth Engine For Digital Advertising?

If small businesses have shifted most of their spend online and digital-first companies are beginning to mature, double digit digital ad growth will depend on sustained expansion in digital business transformation from “traditional” marketers - brands whose businesses have historically existed offline primarily, says Brian Wieser.

Benner On Washington: Recalling The Golden Days of Radio

One common question presented to Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner in his quarter-century of work as an Alternative Broadcast Inspector is this: How can we be more financially successful with our station(s)? He has one simple answer: Content, content, content.

Why Qualifying Makes You An Awesome Sales Rep

Want your sales reps to increase their closing ratios? It all starts with qualifying properly, says expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger. "Share this column with your sales team and they'll love you for it!" He exclaims.

‘AEE’: What Young Adults Seek

At the MIPCOM trade show, Glance (Global Audience & Content Evolution) unveiled the latest trends that are drawing the young adult audiences in. We've got a look a what Glance, from France's Mediametrie, shared.
Kids watching TV

ADHD In Action? Kids Multitasking While Consuming Entertainment

As new video platforms continue to proliferate and entertainment trends evolve, children are consuming increasing amounts of content from a wider variety of sources, and often multi-tasking to fit more in. That’s according to the latest Kids Tech consumer survey results from Futuresource Consulting.

Another 10 Questions To Ask Every Sales Candidate

Looking for the right way to get the answers you seek from potential sales candidates in your organization? Perhaps these 10 questions from expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger can help. Good interview questions can go a long way in enabling the hiring party to accomplish this task.

Advanced TV Solutions: A Big Local Market Advertising Shift Agent

Specialists in local media buying and planning are looking at data-driven and advanced TV solutions to help clients reach their customers in new ways. It is one key takeaway from a survey of FreeWheel's Strata platform users, most of whom work in local ad planning and buying. 

Seeking Alignment: New, Improved Media Company Accounting

Deloitte’s Telecom, Media & Entertainment Industry Sector Leader for Audit & Assurance explores in this exclusive column the important accounting changes taking place in the TV industry, and the implications these changes will have for CFOs of broadcast TV organizations and their finance departments.

Benner On Washington: ‘The Ostrich Syndrome’

Long before featured columnist Ken Benner began writing about "the abuse of the media and, in particular, broadcasting," he focused on consumer financial abuse. This fueled his desire to fight for radio and TV station owners. In this column, his discontent with Capitol Hill leaders continues.

A Top Wall Street Analyst Is Disappointed With FOX

"Fox’s early life as a new company has been nothing short of disappointing." Ouch. That's the assessment of the reborn Fox Corporation from Michael Nathanson, who laments that Fox has been hurt by multiple headwinds. As such, it has been able "to prove the superiority of their strategy and assets."

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