Why You Shouldn’t Promote Your Top Sales Rep

Your top sales representative is bringing home the bacon. They are a true catalyst for growth at your radio or TV company, and the C-Suite knows it. What's the smartest reward? Media Information Bureau featured columnist and sales training coach Barrett Riddleberger says it isn't a promotion. In fact, giving this sales star the title and duties of sales manager could be a fatal error, he says in this video report.

‘Understanding the New American Mainstream’: Hispanics

A new 10-page report from the research company Claritas offers fresh details on the Hispanic market opportunity -- including why Hispanic Households will spend $538,636 more than White American Households in their lifetime.

OOH News Viewers: ‘Crucial’ New Insights As Election Day Nears

Who knew that out-of-home viewing of TV news was a thing? Indeed it is, and Nielsen on Wednesday released some very interesting new insights that zeros in on news viewing around the pivotal 2018 Midterm Elections. Simply put, every broadcast TV station should see this.

Is Over-the-Air Broadcast Making a Comeback?

That's the title of another research study suggesting that cord-cutting is putting renewed vigor into over-the-air television ahead of ATSC 3.0's voluntary roll-out.

How Different Are Millennials from Boomers On iPhone Use?

How much time do we really spend staring at our screens? Digital Third Coast just surveyed 1,000 millennial and 1,000 baby boomer iPhone users about their average daily screen time to learn more about generational smartphone use. The findings are very intriguing.

What’s So ‘Odd’ About Media’s Q1 Occurrences?

"In the investing world, as in life, it is hard to change a narrative," says analyst Michael Nathanson. "For much of the past four years, the media industry has been rightly defined by declining Pay TV subscribers, falling linear TV consumption, and slowing ad spend." But, something "really unusual" is afoot.

Pai On 5G: Trump Will Let Private Sector Take The Lead

Ensuring 5G's rollout is done smartly and efficiently will see the private sector take the lead. That's according to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, who said so in an editorial appearing in the April 26 edition of The Kansas City Star.

The 2019 Sports Report: Everything TV Stations Need To Know

Kagan analyst Adam Gajo has completed The 2019 Sports Report, and we've got details on his findings. They shed light on "the highly valuable commodity of live sports content in the television industry."

Is the Sprint, T-Mobile Merger Deal Dead?

A new analysis by Phoenix Center Chief Economist Dr. George Ford has been penned, prompted by recent media reports that DOJ is “not impressed“ with the latest proposals from Sprint and T-Mobile regarding its merger plan. George has summarized some of the hurdles. 

Is OTT Eating Into OTA, While Killing Cable TV?

We've all seen the studies that point to continued cord-cutting thanks to the rise of over-the-top (OTT) choices for video news and entertainment. But, is broadcast TV at risk from OTT growth? This study says yes, making it required reading for all TV station owners.

It’s Coming: The C-Band Certification Deadline

On April 11, the FCC released a Public Notice outlining the procedures for submitting the required certifications and related information by May 28.  Operators of FSS earth stations that were licensed or in use prior to April 19, 2018, must therefore submit information detailed here.

AARP Yawp: A Generation Still Ignored By Marketers

Some 77% of U.S. adults 50 years of age and older feel they are being ignored by advertisers .That's likely no different than what was seen 20 or 30 years ago. But, here's the rub: The AARP generation is bigger than ever before and arguably more affluent, too.

Procurement and Media Buying: Optimizing Forests

Marketing procurement has demonstrated, in the eyes of Wall Street wordsmith Brian Wieser, now at Groupm, "that it can be very effective optimizing the industry’s trees." Wieser says procurement is an increasingly crucial aspect of the ad industry, and it should be unsurprising.

The State Of The ‘Broadcast’ Industry, From An OTT Lover

There's been a surge of major streaming services into the consumer video market. With this has come a "multi-billion dollar" expansion of original content creation ... and an increase in M&A activity among broadcast companies. These are the integral themes of Ooyala's State of the Broadcast Industry report for 2019.
Stack of Files

Benner on Washington: Public Files and Alt-Inspections Redux

What is truly needed for a broadcast television station to remain in compliance with FCC regulations regarding its Public File? Media Information Bureau columnist Ken Benner has quite a tale to tell of one of one station’s compliance efforts to keep its “Issues/Program Lists” up to snuff.

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