Radio At 100: ‘Imagination, Information and Entertainment’

On November 2, 1920, KDKA-AM in Pittsburgh made the nation's first commercial broadcast. As many prepare to mark radio's centennial celebration, longtime programming consultant Clark Smidt suggests operators work harder to bring "instant radio magic" back.

Location Advertising’s Wasted Dollars: A Radio or TV Opportunity?

Despite strong results being realized by brands from location targeting advertising, nearly two-thirds of spend is still being wasted because of poor quality data and mistargeted location impressions. That’s the finding of an analysis conducted by global location intelligence company of 500 million digital location targeted impressions delivered in the U.S. and United Kingdom January to June 2019.

Five Stellar First Appointment Questions

You only get one first appointment with a prospect. Here's some great advice from expert sales training coach Barrett Riddleberger on how to never waste one again. Five questions, and his answers, could provide great learning for your entire media organization.

The Asian American Tide Toward Streaming Video

Consumers are shifting to streaming both short-form and long-form video. Broadcasters will need to stay ahead of these trends. One solution for a TV station owner may lie in understanding how Asian Americans watch television. Simply put, they are leading the streaming wave.

It’s ‘National Radio Day.’ Here’s Why America Should Care

According to the statisticians at National Day Calendar, August 20 is, in fact, National Radio Day. The fact that it took a Tweet from Fred Jacobs for us to know this is yet another pathetic F on the Radio Industry Report Card.
Cable / Satellite

‘Freaking Ugly’: MVPD Sub Dip, and a vMVPD Growth Wall

MoffettNathanson's two big analysts, Craig Moffett and Michael Nathanson, were horrified at the then still-preliminary Q2 cord-cutting results. The final numbers are in, and they are indeed distressing — not just for traditional distributors, but for the programmers as well.

What Local Ad Buyers Love, And Dislike

"Love it or hate it, this is the chart that gets the most attention every year," says noted local advertising analyst Gordon Borrell. "It's basically a barometer indicating where it's going to be sunny, cloudy, or stormy in the local advertising world."

How The Media Fuels Terrorism … and What Can Be Done

This column, says Media Information Bureau columnist Ken Benner, is respectfully dedicated to the memory of the thousands of innocent worldwide terrorism victims and to those who will continue to suffer the same fate as these horrific practices continue to escalate.

Come In, We’re Open: Retail’s True Growth Story?

Barney's New York on August 6 filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. CNBC reported that the move "makes the luxury department store the latest victim of the retail upheaval, as shoppers buy online and from brands directly." The National Retail Federation takes issue with this.

Ten Smart Ways to Make Your Sales Training Better

"Sales training is critical for growing and sustaining a successful sales team, but you've got to do it right," says expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger. "You can't afford to waste your money or time." This Media Information Bureau column is guaranteed to be a winner.

Local Agencies: Warming To Advanced TV

The latest "Chart of the Week" from Borrell Associates features a particularly intriguing insight from its recently completed survey of 442 local ad agencies. "[It] looks like they're still in love with broadcast TV, but they've started open relationships with other video platforms," says Gordon Borrell.

The SBE, Yesterday And Today

"It all began in the summer of 1964, when hundreds of radio and television stations received an envelope addressed simply to the 'Chief Engineer,' postmarked Cleveland, Ohio." That's how columnist Ken Benner begins his latest installment -- a tribute to the Society of Broadcast Engineers.

New Research Shows MC Media Spend Disproportionately Low

Multicultural consumers comprise almost 40% of the total U.S. population, yet multicultural media investments make up only 5.2% of total advertising and marketing spending. That's according to PQ Media, which conducted a research study on behalf of an ANA group.

What Great Sales Reps Do To Be Great

Stellar sales reps do things that others don't. Want to learn what they've done to reach these achievements, so it can be shared with your radio or TV sales leaders? Click here for the latest Media Information Bureau installment from sales training expert Barrett Riddleberger.

More People, Less TV Homes: The USA In 2019

A just-released research study concludes that U.S. households with TV dropped by four million over the past decade. "The drop is surprising," says InMyArea Research. Why? The U.S. population grew by 20 million people between 2009 and 2019.

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