Are ‘Traditional’ Media Companies Scaring Away Good Talent?

Seven years ago radio industry veteran Lee Abrams, co-founder and CEO of V-Satcast (described as “a hybrid broadcast/broadband OTT multicast streaming platform with original highly differentiated branded programming channel”) penned a highly received RBR + TVBR Intelligence Brief. In this Classic installment, Abrams discusses how “traditional” media companies may wish to better attract talent.

How Radio Can Capitalize On Listener’s New Year Resolutions

Do you have a New Year resolution? If not, think about your listeners. Many do, and even if they don't hold to their promises, radio is still empowered to profit from them. How? Here's some food for thought ... unless, of course, dieting and exercise are your New Year resolution.

A Welcome ‘Breeze,’ Or A Stiff Wind For Radio?

The "Breeze" is swaying Radio. Soft AC is exploding. But, is it a smart move, or just another reactionary wave from companies looking for a quick fix to long-term problems? RBR+TVBR reached out to a veteran consultant known for bringing "Softrock" to Boston more than 40 years ago for his view on this newly hot FM programming choice.

How Automation Can Rev Return On TV Ad Inventory

One of the biggest issues that continues to negatively impact digital advertising is the lack of end-to-end transparency on the buy- and sell-sides about the true effectiveness of ad campaigns. This trend will only continue to compound, says Videa SVP/Revenue & Operations Brad Smith, as more data sets are added to the ever complicated equation for success. 

Connected TV and the Fight for Television’s Future

Consumer attention has increasingly shifted to connected TVs and the streaming content and advertising that goes along with this new living room. What does this mean for broadcast TV's future?

Streaming Video’s Tipping Point: Majority Consumer Consumption

The growth of live and on-demand streaming video content in the U.S. is well-documented. But, just how many consumers are consuming this content via an internet-powered delivery platform? A newly released research study says that, among all of its respondents, a majority are streaming content at least once a week via a smart TV or external streaming device.

Facebook’s Ad Revenue: A Stall For National Dollars

Is the ad foundation at Facebook a bit shaky? New data from Standard Media Index, released in response to news that another security leak is plaguing the social media giant, has arrived that looks specifically at Facebook's ad revenue. Guess what? There's some slowing growth in an area that's been healthy of late for radio.

Fact-Checking The ‘Cord Cutting’ Phenomenon

We all see the headlines. "Cord cutting" is accelerating. Viewers may soon do away with TV as we know it. As Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming services gain traction, it may seem that traditional pay TV services -- cable and satellite -- are heading for the exits. But, headlines can be misleading -- in a big way. 

An Ode To Two Important Engineers’ Organizations

As one of the 17 surviving SBE Charter members, featured columnist Ken Benner played "a small but significant and proud role" in the development of The Society of Broadcast Engineers and, later, The National Radio and Telecommunications Engineers. With the recent passing of SBE Past President Barry Thomas, Benner reflects on the importance of these two groups.

The Year Ahead For TV, As OTT Players See It

With 2019 quickly approaching, executives are beginning to think about what the new year will hold for the TV industry. Among these industry voices are leaders engaged in programmatic, digital engagement measurement, a global ad-tech company, AI-driven advertising and a "second screen" DSP.

The Gig Economy: A New Source For Media Growth?

An interesting new Marketplace-Edison Research Poll sheds light on such employment as driving for a service such as Uber or Lyft, selling products or services online, or working as a freelancer. What does this mean for broadcast TV and radio? Are there ad dollars here for the taking?

Radio’s Time Spent Advantage: A Deloitte Highlight

Just how vital is radio to consumers? This just-released report from Deliotte has a quote you'll want to incorporate into every sales pitch your AEs and GSMs wish to make.

The Asian American Tide Toward Streaming Video

Consumers are shifting to streaming both short-form and long-form video. Broadcasters will need to stay ahead of these trends. One solution for a TV station owner may lie in understanding how Asian Americans watch television. Simply put, they are leading the streaming wave.
U.S. Congress

A Goodbye To Mulvaney, And A Call To Curtail Lobbying

A Senate vote on Thursday affirmed who will take over the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from acting director Mick Mulvaney, the subject of this column from Ken Benner. Mulvaney's attitude towards how things, in his mind, get done in D.C. irks Benner yet again.

The ‘Welcome Return’ Of Economics At The FCC

After several years of silence — at least that’s what it seemed like from the outside — FCC economists again have a voice, says a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. In this column, Mark Jamison argues that the communications industry will benefit from this return of economic voices.

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