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Behind The ‘Six Segments of Radio Listeners’

Edison Research and NPR have jointly released their findings from a first-of-its-kind study on Radio. The report identifies six segments of radio listeners, their listening behaviors and their attitudes toward advertising. 
Rosemary Ravinal

How Simple Hand Signals Can Better Your Consumer’s Online Experience

Simple hand and arm gestures may be more effective than emoticons to improve engagement during Zoom meetings. Research from the University College London (UCL) shows that an intuitive set of hand signals can warm up the virtual meeting room and help participants communicate better, Rosemary Ravinal points out in this column.

The Growing Role of Headphones Post-Pandemic

"As consumers have spent more time at home throughout the pandemic, headphones really have become an integral device in our daily lives," the U.K.-based research house Futuresource finds. "Households have spent more time multitasking." What defines their audio choices?

Can A Sales Leader Be A No-Experience Rookie?

Can a non-sales person lead a sales team? Of course, says sales training expert Barrett Riddleberger. Many companies have leaders over sales teams that have never made a sales call in their life. In fact, many small business owners are the sales managers of their sales teams and have never been a sales rep, either. In this column, Riddleberger shares three reasons why, in his view, experience matters.

The Rising Confidence Of Hispanic Consumers

Hispanic consumers are gaining more confidence in the nation's economic outlook and their own finances as COVID-19 vaccines become widely available and government support helps hard-hit households recover from the devastating pandemic. That's according to new research from Florida Atlantic University.

Mature Consumer Data Skills and Capabilities? Few Companies Have Them

Have you assessed the maturity of your consumer data? What about the level of capabilities seen across your organization? It may be a fine time to do so. The Mobile Marketing Association has just released its findings of a survey powered by EY that reviewed consumer data accessible to senior U.S. marketing leaders. Your clients have a lot of work to do.

Consumer Sentiment On Pandemic Recovery On The Rise

Newly released Nielsen research looks at consumer sentiment regarding the COVID-19 recovery. It examines several consumer sentiment areas and includes insights about activities consumers engage in, including health, schooling, employment, and transportation during the pandemic.

How To Sell A New Idea, From The Inside

In 2010, radio industry veteran Lee Abrams penned the following RBR + TVBR Intelligence Brief. In this Classic RBR+TVBR Media Information Bureau column, Abrams discusses how selling a new idea internally is often harder than the execution itself.

Beware of Radio’s Walled Streaming Garden

A big hire at Cumulus Media prompted our editor-in-chief to access the TuneIn app, and start streaming one of its stations. That's when something struck us: How did we know that we could stream WDVD on TuneIn, and not Radio.com or iHeartMedia? This only begs the following question: Why can't the industry unite and support Radioplayer?

FreeWheel: ‘Viewing Has Come Back to the Living Room’

As people’s consumption of media has fragmented across devices over the past 10 years, many have returned to the living room to watch video programming, FreeWheel reports. But, are viewers watching your TV station?

Building a Strong Brand Through Authentic Advocacy

Without inspiration, employee advocacy can feel like giving a bland speech on an assigned topic, says guest Media Information Bureau columnist Kelsey Taylor. The Austin-based millennial argues in this essay that authenticity and originality should be the foundation of promoting your organization and generating exposure for it. "Without a sincere spokesman or exciting content, employee engagement is hardly convincing," she argues.
Rosemary Ravinal

Five Things You Should Never Do on Zoom

You've seen it. Your morning show hosts have likely discussed it.  That horribly embarrassing Zoom gone wrong has become the stuff of lore. How can you prevent a repeat of these Zoom fails? Veteran PR executive Rosemary Ravinal has some great advise to share on avoiding your next e-meeting from becoming the latest social media humor vehicle.

The Future Of ‘All-Screen Commerce’ Expands at NBCU

Monday's global ONE21 gathering offered marketers a showcase of the insights, stories, technology and data into how the entire Comcast NBCUniversal Sky family sees commerce shaping the connection between content and advertising.
NFL / National Football League

Has The NFL Sparked The Next Cord-Cutting Wave?

With Thursday's announcement that the National Football League has handed exclusive rights for "Thursday Night Football" match-ups to Amazon, respected Wall Street analyst Michael Nathanson has some "significant takeways" that need to be discussed.
Justin Nielson, Kagan

2021: A Year Of Continued Challenges For Radio, TV

The U.S. broadcast station industry, in particular TV companies, enjoyed record 2020 political revenue. That income is now gone for four years, and broadcast media has what Kagan analyst Justin Nielson calls "a transitional year" ahead. Keep those seatbelts fastened, and keep expenses under control, folks: It may not be time yet for quarterly comps to 2019.
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