Kevin Straley, TuneIn

The Future of Sports Radio, Through ‘One-To-One Audio’

Even as the delivery mechanism has evolved to mobile, smart speakers and connected car, TuneIn's Kevin Straley believes "it is still a magical experience when a listener connects with the voice coming out of the speakers." And, it is his view that this experience is made even stronger by the fact that Sports Radio "can bridge where we are now with where we used to be, physically and emotionally."

Letter To the Editor: Uvalde, Tex., Still Has A Local Radio Voice

On July 1, RBR+TVBR informed its readers about the sudden closure of South Texas Radio, which operated the lone locally focused English-language and Spanish-language radio stations serving the Texas communities of Eagle Rock and Uvalde, the site of a recent school shooting. While these broadcast stations are silenced, a local internet radio operator shares that his three-year-old operation stands tall — now as the lone voice of a grieving community.

USA TODAY: More Diverse, And Older

The last two decades have seen the country grow continuously older. Since 2000, the national median age – the point at which one-half the population is older and one-half younger – has increased by 3.4 years, with the largest single-year gain of 0.3 years coming in 2021, bringing it to 38.8 years. This newly released 2021 Population Estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau could have long-term implications on the programming your radio and television stations choose.

The Future Viewing Experience: A Global Outlook

What does the future viewing experience look like? That was the subject of a globally delivered webinar presented on Wednesday by the data analytics and media research company.
Rosemary Ravinal

Thirteen Tips To Ace Your Next Podcast Interview

A guest appearance on a podcast is a highly effective way to grow your brand, assert your expertise and share your big ideas, says veteran PR professional and "Zoom expert" Rosemary Ravinal. She offers ways "to be the perfect guest and rock the podcast every time" in this new column.
Kelly Abcarian

Emotional Measurement and Ad Quality: Certified by NBCU

It's being hyped as "latest major milestone in NBCUniversal’s efforts to shape the future of measurement." The media company's Executive VP for Measurement and Impact, former longtime Nielsen figure Kelly Abcarian, shared details on Tuesday of a new certification for emotion and ad quality within the NBCU measurement framework.
Rosemary Ravinal

Add Questions to Your Speaker’s Toolbox

Questions open a gateway for trepidatious others to chime in with their own inquiries. As such, public speakers in person — or using Zoom — should always have questions at the ready that are designed to engage the audience. "It’s a great way to break the ice and spark curiosity in others," PR veteran and "Zoom expert" Rosemary Ravinal says in this new column.

A Call For A ‘Sustained Commitment’ To LGBTQ Media Representation

For a decade, the LGBTQ community has seen itself like other multicultural consumer segments. According to Horowitz’s State of Consumer Engagement 2021 report, the LGBTQ consumer represents 11% of American adults. "As brands rush to use rainbow colors and symbols during Pride Month, it is important that this effort be sincere and sustained," Horowitz advises.

Journalists In 2022: Passion, Tempered By ‘Turmoil’ Fears

A new Pew Research Center study shares journalists’ perspectives about the news industry they work in and their relationship with the public they serve. While journalists recognize the many challenges facing their industry, the Center’s survey of nearly 12,000 working U.S.-based journalists finds that they continue to express a high degree of satisfaction in their jobs.
Rosemary Ravinal

Watch These Seven Danger Words When You Speak

Words matter. What you say matters. You may not be aware of certain words you say habitually that can have negative effects on how you and your message are perceived. Here are seven words, courtesy of "Zoom expert" and public relations veteran Rosemary Ravinal that she believes endanger your ability to convey your best ideas.

Comcast Brings Advertisers ‘Actionable Insights for the Modern TV Advertiser’

A new, annual cross-industry report has been released from Comcast Advertising, and its aim is to provide "a unique view" into the current viewer landscape and mesh it with that of media buyers and ad sellers.  We take a peek at the findings, which could prove of interest to broadcast TV companies.

NABOB, BIA Partner For A ‘Detailed Analysis’ of Black-Owned Radio

What are the audience metrics and what does the revenue for Black-Owned Radio look like? The National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters (NABOB) and BIA Advisory Services partnered up to provide the industry answers to those questions. The results have just been released.

ENGAGE 2022: The Company Culture Report

The report from the Center for Sales Strategy studies the current landscape of company culture and employee engagement, including work models, people development, mission and values, and analysis on what the data means for organizations moving forward.
Rosemary Ravinal

Use Visualization to Speak Like an Athlete

"Everyone thinks in pictures," notes "Zoom expert" and veteran public relations professional Rosemary Ravinal. In this think piece, Ravinal offers three ways that speakers and presenters can use visualization for optimal outcomes, whether you speak online or in person.

How Is Gen Z Consuming Video Content Today?

How young consumers relate to long-form content, user-generated content and even eSports means a lot to today's broadcast and cable TV programming, sales and leadership teams. Thus, this Horowitz Research study is a must-read, as it seeks to tell advertisers what they should consider when looking to engage "these politically aware digital natives" — Gen Z watchers — in a big year for political dollars.