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Irwin Gotlieb on moving the media business forward

Irwin Gotlieb is the Global CEO of GroupM, the full service media investment management company

Citizen Journalism: Everything old is news again…

As many news staffs at radio stations have been cut to the bone, stations are increasingly relying on

"TheOne" 50-channel radio receiver to offer "Target Market Broadcasting"

Ludwig Enterprises, Inc, (LUDW) is a Florida based company which is entering the ethnic broadcasting market on a national scale.

What the users say…

In today's Traffic and Revenue Management System Intel Brief, we've gathered some quotes from radio and television traffic personnel

ESPN Radio’s Mo Davenport

It’s time to write a series of success stories about radio fighting back against all of the negative news. What is it that ESPN Radio is doing that’s working so well? They’re up healthy double digits

Cooper Lawrence: It’s about the listener

Cooper Lawrence is a developmental psychology expert and the host of her own nationally syndicated radio show

Entertainment Radio

The idea here, is an unfamiliar, seldom used approach to radio ... entertainment. Radio as an entertainment medium ... pretty wild idea, huh?Entertainment, not...

Tim Spengler, Initiative North America

Tim leads Initiative’s North American channel activation efforts and oversees the unification of all buying departments including national

Talk radio: the real revenue generator

Here’s some interesting data on just how powerful the talk radio medium is as a revenue generator–it’s mind blowing stuff. A while back, I had my staff analyze

Is it Time for a Change?

We've come to this special time of the year again, when the networks have shared their strategies for the upcoming year and marketers are considering how to align these options

How to shut up Bob Neil

We’re speaking today with Bob Neil, the CEO of Cox Radio. And Bob your company and Inner City recently launched an ad campaign

The Next Generation of News Branding

For a lot of years local TV news has stayed away from more contemporary advertising tactics and stuck with tried and true creative campaigns born in the 80s and 90s.

Hispanic Radio Upfront

While most think of the annual Network Radio Upfront being held in September and October, the Hispanic Radio Upfront has been held in May, prior to the television upfronts.

Getting the most mileage out of your sponsorship

Auntie Mame proclaimed: “It's a time for making merry, and so I'm for making hay. Tune the grand up, Call the cops out, Strike...

Upping HD Radio signal strengths

The possible rulemaking proposal for increasing power on FM HD Radio signals: What does it mean at the station with engineering and costs involved?
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