Getting the most mileage out of your sponsorship

Auntie Mame proclaimed: “It's a time for making merry, and so I'm for making hay. Tune the grand up, Call the cops out, Strike...

Upping HD Radio signal strengths

The possible rulemaking proposal for increasing power on FM HD Radio signals: What does it mean at the station with engineering and costs involved?

Marc Goldstein: President-CEO GroupM North America

At GroupM, he’s responsible for overseeing general management as well as strategic and administrative activities at each of the unit’s networks

The Conexion Thalia Radio Show

(archived from 5/07) - ABC Radio Networks and Latin superstar Thalia got together to launch “The Conexion Thalia Radio Show, a two-hour weekly radio program via ABC Radio Networks en Espanol.

An Open and Shut Case on Garage Doors

Situation: There is nothing more frustrating than a broken garage door. Garage doors are complicated and eventually all of them need service or replacement.

Great Idea in One Minute: Accounting/bookkeeping services

Situation: Although the April 15th deadline has passed, there are many individuals and businesses looking for new accounting firms.  I talk to accountants and...

Nancy Hill: DTV multicast channels and HD Radio

In part III of our AAAAs CEO Nancy Hill Interview, we asked her about what she thinks the future is in monetizing DTV and...

Joe Uva: Univision CEO

Broadcasting Media Partners (the investor group including Madison Dearborn Partners, Providence Equity Partners, Texas Pacific Group, Thomas H. Lee Partners, and Saban Capital Group),...

Nancy Hill: The AAAAs mission

In part II of our AAAAs CEO Nancy Hill Interview, we asked her about why she took on the leading role at the AAAAs...

Nancy Hill: Moving the AAAAs forward

In part I of our AAAAs CEO Nancy Hill interview, we asked her about the most important industry issues today and which ones she’s...

Second time around another hit for Bustos

Amador Bustos sold his first company, Z-Spanish Media, to Entravision for approximately $450 million, cash and stock, in 2000; making a lot of money for himself and his investors.

Q4 ’07 trading: Radio takes the lead

For the first time in 2007, radio deals dominated a quarter. Over $1.7B was committed to radio station transactions in Q4, compared to only $622M invested in television stations.

Ad inventory systems companies surveyed

How are the different online radio and television transactional providers making dollars for stations? With the product offering changing rapidly with new functionalities and...

How to Make the Offer Your Local Client Can’t Refuse

If every time you saw or heard from me I solved a problem for you, would you be glad to see me? Would you take my call? Sure you would. You could have that same effect on local direct clients.

How to Sell Local Direct in a Recession

By Paul Weyland  1. Avoid negative talk.  Get out of the office and go see clients face to face.  Don't listen to the doom-and gloom-sayers that...
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