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Radio’s Ad Attraction Factor, Format by Format

Years ago, the April/May Arbitron book was essential for advertising across the rest of a year. Today, in the top markets, monthly ratings reports have erased that paradigm. And, as we welcome the first day of summer, veteran consultant Clark Smidt offers up an exclusive review of what Nielsen Audio is telling us about radio's sell-ability, by format.

CPG Spending Continues Its COVID-19 Fueled Surge

While not quite as impressive as the year-over-year increases seen in March and April, as much of the U.S. was in strict shelter-at-home quarantines tied to the novel coronavirus, household consumer packaged goods (CPG) spending in May 2020 was still up significantly compared to one year ago.

‘It’s Time To Re-Conceptualize Linear Television’

In an exclusive column, the founder and Chief Product Officer of TV data company Alphonso Inc. notes that the demise of this structure and linear TV in general has long been prophesied and discussed, but still commands the majority share of overall video advertising.

Black Media Owners To America: ‘Actions, More Than Words’

First, it was the disproportionate COVID-19 pandemic impact on the Black community. Then, it was the murder of George Floyd, and the resulting nationwide protests tied to a message that "Black Lives Matter." Now, a group of NABOB members believe it is time for Corporate America and Capitol Hill to speak up.

A Matter Of Trust: American Opinions Rise On Government, Business

Is this a positive COVID-19 effect ... or something else? Since the start of the year, Americans' trust in government has risen nine points, while their trust in business has risen by six points. Those are the key findings of the 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer Spring Update: Trust and the COVID-19 Pandemic.

To Attract Top Talent, Consider A Purpose-Driven Culture

The role of a sales executive has evolved, says Alexander Group media-focused change agent Matt Bartels. Today's sales pros require knowledge of new technological skills, and younger pros tend to have them all. However, as Bartels writes in this fresh column, they may not be considering sales careers because they don't see it as a lucrative profession.

The Best Way to Evaluate a Sales Candidate

How do you evaluate a sales candidate? A resume, background check, and interviews are indeed important elements of your hiring process. However, expert sales training consultant Barrett Riddleberger says one needs to do more than ask questions.

Are TV Newscasts’ Protest Reports A Negative To A Key Audience Group?

From a big-picture perspective, TV news is largely trusted. But, that differs with respect to how some Gen Z and Millennial consumers feel about the coverage of protests tied to the murder of George Floyd by some television news organizations. Negative aspects of the protests have dominated coverage, they lament.

How A Sales Manager Can Support Seasoned Reps’ Efforts Best

"Of the different types of Sales Managers, the Maintenance Sales Manager is typically the easiest job of the group," says expert sales training coach Barrett Riddleberger. For him, Maintenance is the key term here. Why? It shows that the Sales Manager maintains an effective sales team and processes that someone else has put into place.

Is Ad-Supported Streaming Ready For Broadcast TV’s Sales Execs?

Among the many streaming-focused reports sent to the Radio + Television Business Report of late is a CordCutting.com study that wonders just how premium-tier, subscription-based streaming services are faring through the COVID-19 pandemic. While streaming surged, did advertisement-based video on demand benefit more? If so, could broadcast TV benefit?
Pile of Money

Five Sure-Fire Ways to Truly Irritate Your Lender

In March 2016, John R. Brooks and Erwin Krasnow penned a Media Information Bureau column that deviated from their common topic of how to find a lender, or ways to work with your lender in tough times. How should a broadcast media owner act if the lender-borrower relationship has failed? Examples of what not to do can be found here, in this encore presentation.

‘Automated, Performance-Based Media Buying’ For Local TV

The company gaining attention for its "cross-screen, multi-touch attribution" across all linear and digital television content has partnered with the cloud-based SaaS platform used for media buying and media planning developed in 2016 by Hudson MX.

Formats … Without the Ratings: Radio Revenue In COVID-19 Times

Longtime Boston-based radio programming consultant Clark Smidt has combed through the April Nielsen Audio ratings results for his home market. There, as in other locales where the PPM is used, cume -- the number of people actively tuning to radio -- has tumbled since the COVID-19 pandemic began. But, Smidt believes ratings are only part of the story radio can tell.

Cultural vs. Multicultural Insights: A Battle Of Meanings

With the right insights, marketers can create solutions for today, and also shape how their media buy looks. In this Media Information Bureau column, brand strategist Whitney Dunlap-Fowler offers her expert analysis of how the right cultural insights can be best used for one's branding needs.

Measuring Offline Marketing Effectiveness In COVID-19 Times

While business has changed significantly over the last two months, one thing remains the same: the need to track behavior as customers weave their way through the buying journey. This, says our guest Media Information Bureau contributor, is an opportunity for broadcast radio and television sales leaders and their AEs.

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