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The Impact Of ‘Big Media’ Competition on Local Media

Tied to the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA)'s reintroduction in Congress was a Friday House Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial, and Administrative Law hearing titled "Reviving Competition, Part 2: Saving the Free and Diverse Press." On behalf of the NAB, which supports the JCPA, Graham Media Group head Emily Barr testified.

A COVID Vaccine for Radio

Andrew Curran, President/COO of DMR/Interactive, has penned an "open letter" to radio that takes aim at the industry's unfulfilled opportunity to attract women between 18 and 49 years of age who are struggling to hold their families and careers together. And, he's provided RBR+TVBR with an exclusive addendum to his widely distributed comments.

The Racial Equity Imperative

Challenge the status quo. Transform long-held beliefs and behaviors. Build a more equitable future, together. Businesses can help lead the way toward racial equity and our perspective can help you drive the change.

Dear U.S. Radio: Steal This Canadian Promo Gem

You never know where one can find the freshest ideas that can truly spark a radio station, making it vitally important -- and fun -- for its listeners. One successful FM serving Canada's biggest market has one that every AC, Classic Hits or Rhythmic "Old School" station should consider. Now.
Erwin Krasnow

How To Gauge The Real State of a Station’s Technical Facilities

Cavell, Mertz & Associates President Garrison Cavell and retired attorney Erwin Krasnow have made suggestions on assessing station potential from the technical side and deciphering station coverage maps. They then explored treasures that might be found in Cyberspace. Today, they take a look at tire kicking.

A Personalized Imagery Tool to Drive TV Viewership KPIs

It was developed to help entertainment providers improve content discovery and viewership KPIs on their platforms. Introducing "Personalized Imagery," a Gracenote platform the Nielsen-owned entity says brings linear and streaming TV providers the ability to display program images capturing different aspects of a TV show or movie based on viewer consumption.
John A. Knab of Foster Garvey

The Dollars and Cents Importance of Maintaining Company Records

It may seem obvious that corporations in the broadcasting field need to keep their records in order and up to date. According to communications law experts John A. Knab and Erwin G. Krasnow, it is not only surprising how many fail in this enterprise, but also how much it ends up costing them.

The 2020 Year-End Music Industry Revenue Report

Despite a pandemic, 2020 marked the fifth consecutive year of growth for the music industry. To little surprise, paid subscription services continued to be the primary driver of revenue increases and reached a record number of subscriptions. Revenues from recorded music measured at wholesale value grew 8.9%.
NBCUniversal logo

NBCUniversal Expands Addressable Footprint With Big MVPD Deal

NBCUniversal's U.S. household addressable footprint is set to expand by nearly 40%. To accomplish this, it has agreed to a newly formed advanced advertising pact with one of the nation's top cable TV service providers. Importantly, NBCUniversal says the deal makes its advanced advertising offering one of the largest offered in the market by a TV publisher.

Spotify HiFi: Should Radio Be Concerned?

During its “Stream On” event, Spotify announced that it plans to launch a Hi-Fi streaming plan offering lossless streaming in CD quality later this year in selected markets. This announcement is significant. But, is it noteworthy and of concern to radio broadcasting companies in the U.S. and Canada?
David Dworin

Digital vs. Linear Advertising: Bridging Two Worlds Together

Comcast-owned FreeWheel Advisory Service’s latest research report, “The Definitive Guide to Video,” explores the differences between linear and digital TV advertising. Author David Dworin examines the progress the industry has made in bringing these two worlds together, specifically across two dimensions, in this report.

TV Deals In 2020: ‘Relatively Good Results In A Challenging Year’

With the last broadcast transaction of the year the broadcast deal volume for 2020 passed the $1 billion line, closing with a total of $1.02 billion. That's an 87% drop from 2019, Volker Mörbitz of S&P Global Market Intelligence notes, clearly highlighting the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is, however, a volume 27% higher than that of 2010.

Re-Evaluating Media for Recovery: Radio’s U.K. Rebound

"Radio is one of the best performing media to help brands recover from a recession." Really? For broadcasters across Great Britain, that seems to be the case, new research from Ebiquity indicates. What learning lessons are there for U.S. radio broadcasting companies that can't seem to propel themselves out of the COVID-19 bog?

Are ‘Cord Cutters’ Still Saving Money?

The cord-cutting movement is no longer just about saving money on cable versus streaming. Subscription fees for streaming services continue to rise. At the same time, choices are multiplying. Are cord cutters still saving money?

How Far Did Broadcast TV Spend Fall Globally In 2020?

Global marketing firm WARC has released its latest Global Advertising Trends report, with the subject of "Next Generation TV." The study focuses on where ad dollars flowed in 2020. To little surprise, streaming platforms are siphoning dollars, pounds, euros and more away from linear video opportunities.
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