Rosemary Ravinal

The Importance of Being Your True Self, When You Speak

"You and who you are make the difference when you speak," says "Zoom expert" Rosemary Ravinal in this column. "Your pitch, rate of speech, volume, inflection, articulation, overall vocal variety, and accent are part of the individual tendencies that comprise your natural style."

OTT Competition For Screen Time Poised to Increase

Attention, broadcast TV station owners and managers: Streaming growth has stalled, and the fight for streamers is now to retain subscribers. That's the big takeaway from research released late last week by Kantar, which says this fight for retention will be heightened between now and the end of the year. Can broadcasters perhaps benefit from this, in particular with their digital multicast and/or OTT offerings?
Rosemary Ravinal, with her grandson and Zoom muse

Lessons In Storytelling From A Seven-Year-Old Boy

A change of setting and the company of loved ones can shift your outlook. But, respected public relations professional and "Zoom expert" Rosemary Ravinal did not anticipate that her seven-year-old grandson, Mo, would provide a fresh perspective on storytelling during her visit.

Introducing The ‘U.S. Audio Media Forecast’

It's being called "the most comprehensive and in-depth source of econometric data and analysis covering the entire U.S. audio media industry for the 2019-2023 period by all three industry KPIs. Here's your first look at PQ Media's "U.S. Audio Media Forecast," which covers over 40 audio media platforms, channels and categories.

Emmis Founder Shares Career Success, Misses, In New Book

Emmis Communications founder and CEO Jeff Smulyan has seen a lot in his career. Now, thanks to his teenage daughter, he's collected his thoughts, put pen to paper, and has written a book that is set for a 2022 release.
CIMM logo

‘A Common Language for Media Measurement’

CIMM and the ARF have just released the fourth iteration of their common language for media measurement. Lexicon 4.0 now has over 4,000 terms and definitions -- from Addressable Advertising to Vanity Metrics -- and is outlined here.
Rosemary Ravinal

Tips For Greater Online Team Engagement

Faced with the reality that remote teamwork will continue indefinitely, department heads and meeting managers are eager to find activities to bring teams closer together. Rosemary Ravinal, the veteran public relations executive turned "Zoom" master, has some suggestions.

NATPE Miami is Back. In-Person Protocols are In Place.

In late January 2020, the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) successfully staged its NATPE Miami conference. Even as concerns over the COVID-19 virus grew across Asia, there was little worry that a pandemic would sweep across North America. Now, two years later, NATPE Miami is back. And, it will very much be an in-person event.
Michael Nathanson

The Supply Chain Blame: Advertising’s ‘Fake News’ Story?

MoffettNathanson Senior Analyst Michael Nathanson is not sure who to trust: ad agencies who dismiss supply chain woes as a worry or some of their biggest clients, who believe they'll slice their ad dollars because of the problem. "We believe the difference in these views is that the agencies are not just exposed to media spend, but have a variety of businesses serving broader marketing needs for their clients," he notes.
Mark Pritchard, P&G

P&G’s Pritchard Offers ‘New Habits for Multicultural Growth’

Appearing at the ANAs Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference in San Diego, P&G marketing head Marc Pritchard spoke of what he calls "the entrenched habits in how we do marketing." He also outlined a path to building new habits he says are needed to widen the opportunity for multicultural marketing.

Study Suggests Gender Imbalance Continues In National Media

WMC researchers came to this conclusion after analyzing some 62,002 pieces of content from January 1 through March 31 for 30 news outlets across four platforms: print newspaper, online news, broadcast network and cable TV news, and wire services in the United States. Local radio and TV was absent from the study, prompting a RBR+TVBR Observation.
Bill Livek, Comscore

Comscore’s CEO Touts Company’s Abilities In ‘Open Letter’

CEO Bill Livek has made it clear that Comscore has "pioneered" the modern technology powering the future of media measurement. The company executive trumpets that view in what he calls "an open letter to the industry." Whether the letter is factual or a long marketing piece remains up to the industry to judge.

Properly Defining The Minority-Owned Media Ecosystem

The recent press about General Motors (GM) investing in the minority-owned "media ecosystem," while warranted and overdue, still treats all "minority" owners as Black or Hispanic. That's the theme of this Letter to the Editor from the President of In-Language Radio, Jamie Arbona.
People watching TV

Global TV Consumption vs. Ad Spend: A Disconnect

Here's something you may want to read while not consuming anything hot: Advertiser spend on TV and social media is twice as high as daily consumption. That's the not-so-pleasant takeaway from new WARC analysis, conducted on a global level, of more than 715,000 consumers across 100 markets.

Black Consumers Are Cord-Cutters, Too

As traditional cable and satellite providers struggle to retain customers in the highly competitive and increasingly fragmented streaming media ecosystem, Black audiences, largely known as loyal cable and satellite television customers, are increasingly opting to cut the cord.
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