Time-Shifting TV Consumption: What’s A Marketer To Do?

A new Nielsen study examines how consumers lean into delayed viewing of TV content over broadcast and cable. It found that the proliferation of ways to view content has also helped influence them to be more patient viewers, tuning in past live, same day and even seven days.

Benner On Washington: ‘From Molehills To Mountains’

The week of Sept. 23 will likely go down as one of the most contentious ones in the history of the U.S. government, says featured columnist Ken Benner. It began with an excellent speech at the National Press Club by the one person in D.C. Benner has the greatest respect for: Ajit Pai.

TV’s Live Love: News/Politics Programming Rivals Sports

TV news coverage of political events is some of the most watched programming in the U.S. In fact, viewership of news events related to political topics rivals even the most popular sporting events. That's one key insight from a new VAB report, which examines the appetite for news and the corresponding rise in ad spending.

Keep Your Data Safe from Hackers

In June 2016, Garvey Schubert Barer's Judy Endejan warned that hackers are targeting stations. Today, Entercom, Max Media, Urban One and Townsquare Media are on the victim's list. Prevent your company from adding its name to this list in an encore Media Information Bureau column.

The Top Nine Reasons Your Top AE Left

Losing a good salesperson is painful. Sometimes it can be prevented by adjusting how you manage them. This freshly penned Media Information Bureau installment from expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger might prove to be very helpful across your entire sales organization.

Appeals Court’s ‘RIFO’ Affirmation: D.C.’s Partisan Reaction

The much-watched Mozilla v. FCC case was decided on Tuesday by a D.C. Federal Appeals Court. Petitions sought to return Title II classification for broadband services, something the Wheeler Commission passed on party lines in 2015 and was erased by the Pai Commission. Those who want "net neutrality" back won't be pleased.

AEI: Media Shouldn’t Be Protected From Antitrust

In this column from AEI Visiting Scholar Mark Jamison, questions the "Journalism Competition and Preservation Act of 2019." The Act would give media companies an antitrust exemption to collectively withhold content and negotiate prices with online distributors with at least 1 billion monthly users.

Is One Of Your Sales Reps Failing? Here’s A Reason Why

Got a sales rep who is not hitting their sales quota? Can't figure out why? You might find your answer in this freshly penned Media Information Bureau column from expert sales training coach Barrett Riddleberger.

In-Car Connected Voice Assistants: A Four-Year Rollout

Next generation voice assistants and associated CE technologies are going to be the next battleground for in-car technology leadership. Voice assistants are also developing intelligent interjections, such as Amazon Alexa hunches, which could lead to wider use.

New Study Shows Share of Streaming Eclipses TV Among Adults

After exponential growth in adoption of streaming between 2010 to 2016, the share of adult TV viewers who stream at least some of their TV content has plateaued for the past three years at around 65%. That's according to a just-released report from Horowitz Research.

Growing Sales With ‘The Right-Hand Rule of Three’

"The Right-Hand Rule of 3" is a simple technique for the Needs Analysis step of the sales process, says expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger. "The goal is to maximize the mutual value for yourself and your prospect," he says. "Therefore, when you get a buying signal from your prospect, here’s what you do."

CMOs and Brand Managers: ‘It’s time to #SEEALL’

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) on Monday (9/23) released an open letter to marketing and advertising leaders imploring them to develop and executive campaigns that reflect today's U.S. populace and consumer. The letter appears in its entirety at RBR.com.

Benner On Washington: ‘TAC’ Tact and Regulatory Compliance

On March 27, FCC document "DA 19-214" was released by the Commission. Featured columnist Ken Benner took notice, as it included a request for membership in the Technological Advisory Council. "My colleagues, with far more experience and talent than I, expressed interest in this 'wonderful, prestigious' invitation," he notes.

Consumer Reports: Cord Cutting Continues, Fueled By High Cable Pricing

When Consumer Reports asked its members for feedback on their pay TV, home internet, and bundled plans, most companies got poor marks for value and many for customer service. But, a couple of bright spots emerged from the survey of more than 108,000 CR members.

Kantar: A Strong Lack Of Confidence In Marketers’ Media Programs

If the media buyer or planner your company works with lacks access to all the data needed to create actionable insights, they’re not alone. According to a new report from Kantar, only 8% of marketers think they have all the data they need. It's a top takeaway from "Getting Media Right: Marketing in Motion."

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