How to Remove Unconscious Bias in the Sales Hiring Process

The case for diversity is solid and has long been established, says Rainmakers CEO Michael Ferguson. "Diverse teams outperform their peers when it comes to revenue generation, workplace efficiency, innovation, market share, and employee wellness." Yet, he argues, many still struggle with unconscious bias.

Britain’s Radio Assessment: Smart Speakers Surging

The U.K.'s radio ratings for the first quarter of 2022 are out, courtesy of industry consortium RAJAR. The rise in smart speaker usage is perhaps the biggest takeaway, and its usage among older audiences is something noteworthy for U.S. broadcasters, too.
Rosemary Ravinal

Ten Golden Rules of Great Public Speaking

"Public speaking can be simple if you follow the rules," says "Zoom" expert and veteran public relations executive Rosemary Ravinal. Yet, more than 40% of the people of planet Earth say they fear public speaking more than death. Are you included? Here are 10 rules to help you break through the obstacles holding you back from presenting with ease and authority. 

To Attract Top Talent, Consider A Purpose-Driven Culture

The role of a sales executive has evolved, says Alexander Group media-focused change agent Matt Bartels. Today's sales pros require knowledge of new technological skills, and younger pros tend to have them all. However, as Bartels writes in this fresh column, they may not be considering sales careers because they don't see it as a lucrative profession.
Rosemary Ravinal

Two Poison Pills for Great Speaking

"If you hem and haw when you present, you are hedging and tagging and unconsciously chipping away at your ability to command the room," says "Zoom" expert Rosemary Ravinal. In this column, the public relations veteran offers some great tips on great public speaking.

Audio Ad Spend: Down, In Sequential Months

Standard Media Index (SMI) took a sequential look by quarter to gauge any particular trends of note. And, it did notice something: Audio ad spend declined in Q1 2022 compared to Q4 2021. But, by how much?
Rosemary Ravinal

Seven Tips to Help Introverts Become Better Speakers

If you think that introverts are shy and fearful of public speaking and extroverts are chatty and confident, you may be mistaken, says public relations veteran and "Zoom" expert Rosemary Ravinal. "I discovered early in my career that I’m an introvert," she writes. The tips in this column combine Ravinal's experiences with those of many colleagues and clients.
Hadassah Gerber, TVB

TVB Releases Two New Media Usage Studies

The TVB 2022 American Conversation Study, conducted by Engagement Labs, examines media’s influence on word of mouth marketing, while the 2022 Political Media Usage Studies look at media usage across linear and digital platforms in 2022 politically competitive states.
Michael Nathanson

U.S. Media: The Point of No Return?

Analysts Robert Fishman and Michael Nathanson opine that the recent struggles at Netflix mean the business model isn’t as attractive as once thought. And, that's due to "the intensifying competition for time, attention and consumer spending." What does that mean for broadcast television station owners and managers?
Rosemary Ravinal

Let Your Hands Do Your Talking

"Hand and finger gestures amplify the impact of your spoken words by as much as five times," notes public relations veteran and "Zoom expert" Rosemary Ravinal. "In fact, people will remember more of what you said if you gesture while you speak." Learn more in this freshly penned column.
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Are Potential Cord-Cutters Considering A Final Adieu To ‘Traditional TV’?

To little surprise, those between the ages of 18 and 24 are more likely than all adults to cut the cord. But, why? And does this signal a goodbye to "traditional TV" — including over-the -air channel consumption?
Rosemary Ravinal

Why Bad Introductions Can Ruin a Great Speech

"Short attention spans in person and online compel us to do better when we want to engage people when we speak or set the stage for the featured guest who will follow," says Rosemary Ravinal. In her view, the introduction is the on-ramp for a powerful opening. Her latest column offers valuable tips for both main stage speakers and emcees.

A Social Media Ad Market Analysis Broadcast Media Should Know

What's the size, share and trend headline associated with social media advertising? It's a question many linear media sales associates should have the answer to, as it could help them better compete for dollars in an increasingly competitive space.

Nielsen: Marketers Lack Confidence In Audience Data

Not happy with the ratings data Nielsen provides your radio and/or television stations? Marketers are right there with you, it seems. That's according to the nation's dominant audience measurement and consumer data firm.
Rosemary Ravinal

Love: ‘The Path to Great Public Speaking’

Have you ever felt that your heart just wasn’t into what you were presenting? "The motivation, attitude, and feeling you bring to speaking can be more important than what’s in your head," says "Zoom expert" and public relations industry professional Rosemary Ravinal. This latest column uncovers why heart-centered speaking is key to winning oration.