The 7 Most Common Negotiating Mistakes

When crafting a deal, what you don’t do can be every bit as important as what you actually do. In short, it’s easy to make the kind of error that can give the advantage to the person or team sitting on the other side of the table. Deal-making expert Eldonna Lewis-Fernandez details seven things to avoid.

Global Media Ad Forecasts: Not As Good As The USA

Despite solid growth from the U.S. and Britain, GroupM's Brian Wieser is predicting ad growth deceleration on a global level in 2020. Wieser has specific thoughts about both radio and TV. Are global trends in line with what is expected domestically in the year ahead?

How Many Social Media Platforms Do Your Consumers Use?

Research conducted by GoodFirms on social media usage paints a most interesting picture of how much time people spend using a varied range of social media platforms in a given day. A majority of Americans use a handful of platforms on a daily basis.

Media Trends and Predictions, Courtesy of Kantar

From 5G to shopvertising, e-sports, influencer marketing, brand activism, and media in-housing, which are the major trends that marketers and media owners need to be aware of over the next 12 months?

Four Simple Steps For Upselling Your Clients

Upselling is vital to leveraging more sales with your existing customers, says expert sales training leader Barrett Riddleberger. But, apart from simply asking for more business, what is the goal? This column offers an answer, along with a four-step strategy to intelligently upselling your customers.

From the Archives: Who is a Legally Qualified Candidate?

Now that the presidential primary season is heating up and California Sen. Kamala Harris on Tuesday dropped out of the race for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, it's a great time to review what lies ahead for those committed to campaigning in earnest some six months from now.

More People, Less TV Homes: The USA In 2019

A just-released research study concludes that U.S. households with TV dropped by four million over the past decade. "The drop is surprising," says InMyArea Research. Why? The U.S. population grew by 20 million people between 2009 and 2019.

Beware of the ‘Tricky Sales Candidate’

"Don't get fooled by this sales candidate," expert sales training consultant Barrett Riddleberger warns. "They look great in the interview, but the trouble starts once you hire them." Here's what your GSM should look out for, preventing any earnings disappointments.

Spotify and Radio’s Shared Exposure Problem

In this RBR+TVBR Observation, our editor-in-chief comments on the rise of recording artist Arizona Zervas, an internet sensation who was recently signed to a major record label and is now getting global attention thanks to Radio. His point: Spotify, and Radio, are guilty of lack of external exposure.

Translator Complaints Addressed

In June, Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner and his wife, Karen, were engaged in a 100+ station alternative broadcast inspection tour during which there was substantial concern about translator compliance. He writes about his experiences in this exclusive column.

Congress and STELAR Reauthorization: What’s Next

At the center of the dispute is STELAR’s compulsory license, which permits satellite providers to retransmit some broadcast signals at regulated prices without consent. Cutting to the chase, Phoenix Center's Chief Economist asks if broadcasters should charge whatever retransmission fee the market will bear.

Ten Tips On Excelling As A Sales Pro

Looking to get your sales reps selling more in the new year, or during the holiday season? Expert sales training coach Barrett Riddleberger checks in with 10 things one can do to become a better salesperson ... right now.

A Random Encounter Reinforces Radio’s Localism

Does local media still matter? Who knew that the answer to this question would come while riding the F train from LaGuardia Airport to midtown Manhattan, by way of a first-time traveler to New York City who offers play-by-play of his local high school baseball team on the radio.

Here’s A Horrible Contest For You To Ignore

What's the last truly great contest a radio station has had? Our editor-in-chief recalls a February 2017 Safeway visit in the Phoenix area while walking through New York today. Nothing immediately came to mind. That's a problem, and he says it's a C-Suite issue.

Gains for vMVPDs Can’t Take Sting Out Off Cable ‘Defections’

U.S. multichannel "defections" ballooned in the third quarter, amplified by tighter promotions at a time when consumers need little additional motivation to seek over-the-top alternatives. That's according to S&P Global Market Intelligence's Kagan group.

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