How to Hire, and Keep, the Right People

The age-old concern for just about every employer, Media Information Bureau columnist Kelly Orchard notes, is this: “Where are all the good candidates? Why can’t people just come to work and do their job?”  Orchard discussed the topic with RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson at a NAB 2018 Broadcast Leadership Training reception held Sunday night in Las Vegas as one of several unofficial opening events tied to the 2018 NAB Show. She took her ideas to paper, and pens this report on how to find the best person for whatever job you seek to fill.

Ten Smart Questions To Ask Your Top Sales Candidates

Before hiring a sales rep, conduct an apples-to-apples job comparison, suggests pro sales coach Barrett Riddleberger. Line up the structure and activities of your sales job and your candidate's current or previous sales job. "Good interview questions enable you to do this," he says. Why? "It’s easy to assume your sales candidate facilitated the same sales process and had a similar sales culture if they come from within the same industry or sold a similar product."

The One Sales Rep Candidate To Fully Avoid

Hiring great sales reps means weeding out bad ones — especially those who interview well and come highly recommended by others, expert sales coach Barrett Riddleberger often notes in his Media Information Bureau columns. Now, Riddleberger gets behind the camera in this video podcast to share an expereince he had with a client who was considering a top sales candidate.

Three Hidden Issues That Could Impair Your Sales Reps

If you have a sales rep (or sales team) that is not hitting their quota, this Media Information Bureau column from regular contributor Barrett Riddleberger is just for you. Anytime you have an underperforming sales rep, there is always a reason. The goal of the C-Suite? Find the source of the problem and remedy it, even if it involves the top executives.

Engage Millennials, And Integrate Fresh Ideas For Company Growth

In an earlier column, featured Media Information Bureau columnist Kelly Orchard proposed a diagnosis about radio people suffering from “adjustment disorder,” a treatable condition that in most cases is a short-term concern. "Keeping a positive attitude in a negative world is challenging!," Orchard notes. "But, those of us who are on the path to shake things up and make a difference consider those negatives new opportunities to grow." Now, Orchard suggests that in order to grow successfully, one must introduce methods in company culture, and properly adjust or adopt them to engage and encourage teams.

Seven More Qualities Of A Great Sales Coach

Frequent Media Information Bureau contributor Barrett Riddleberger enjoyed such a strong response from his last column on the top qualities that make a terrific sales coach that he's gone back to his laptop and pounded out another column. Without further ado, here are seven additional traits of a top sales coach, as noted by Riddleberger, an expert sales coach in his own right.

How People-Based Marketing Is Driving Change

Marketers are searching for ways to solve these challenges, and are increasingly finding the answer in people-based marketing. As radio and TV stations seek to capture consumers via smartphones and social media more than ever before, a newly released report from Viant could provide valuable insights as to best practices in digital consumer delivery.

RBR+TVBR ENCORE: Unilever’s Safe Choice Is Radio

There's been a ton of press in the last week about Unilever, and how it's very concerned about the safety of its brand messages in digital venues including YouTube and Facebook. Our editor-in-chief has something to say to them, and by popular demand we're sharing it again with you as a Presidents' Day bonus: Radio is your safe place for your brand messages and the strong ROI growth you've been fretting about in the digital world.

Be My Sales Valentine? It Depends On Your Skill

Have you ever hired a sales rep to "hunt" for new customers, but they simply "failed miserably?" Expert sales coach Barrett Riddleberger knows all too well how much of a nightmare that can be for you, your team, and the gang upstairs in the C-Suite. In six short minutes, you could have a much clearer vision of who to bring in for this important role — and who to shy away from.

Six Commercial Ruts … And How To Fix The Problem

If your commercials sound like commercials, listeners will probably ignore them. Jeffrey Hedquist returns to the Media Information Bureau with some fresh ideas on why your ad copy needs a reboot -- and how this can help build your station's advertising revenue. Considering the god-awful spots we keep hearing on radio stations -- and their increasingly important digital audio streams -- this just might be the most important column you've read so far this year.

The Seven Qualities Of A Great Sales Coach

In this Media Information Bureau column from expert sales coach Barrett Riddleberger, seven qualities he's experienced and observed of great sales coaches are outlined. "Coaching your reps is the primary function of your job," he implores. "It’s the best pathway to achieving the sales quota."

Enter The Matrix: Ad Spend Flat In ’17, New Study Shows

There's a new entity that has jumped into the arena of ad spending reports, and according to its key findings, overall ad spend remained relatively flat from 2016 to 2017. The assessment of the year in ad spend comes from Matrix Solutions' first annual Advertising Spend Report. 

The Biggest Factors Transforming The Media Industry

The just-released Connected Audience Report, from SalesForce, takes an up-close look at how audio and video are being consumed. How are these preferences impacting your business? What does it mean for your future growth? Talking points for your company's evolution may lie within, and we've reviewed the key highlights for you.

Why You Shouldn’t Promote Your Top Sales Rep

Your top sales representative is bringing home the bacon. They are a true catalyst for growth at your radio or TV company, and the C-Suite knows it. What's the smartest reward? Media Information Bureau featured columnist and sales training coach Barrett Riddleberger says it isn't a promotion. In fact, giving this sales star the title and duties of sales manager could be a fatal error, he says in this video report.

The Ideal Profile for Outside Sales Reps

Research conducted by Media Information Bureau columnist Barrett Riddleberger, an accomplished sales training consultant, shows that there is a psychological "ideal" for a Hunter sales rep. He's now offering a template for hiring sales superstars, and RBR+TVBR Members can download it by clicking here.

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