Satisfied car shoppers become car buyers

Just as sales force quality varies from station to station in broadcasting, the quality of the staff on the showroom floor plays a big role in the success of

Radio is Gaining First-Time Advertisers

In a time when advertising dollars are being reevaluated and stretched, many advertisers are turning to radio for the first time as a way...

Inflate your brand awareness

Consumers are so busy rushing from one place to another to the extent that it’s is more and more difficult to stand out as...

T-Mobile launches new TV effort (video)

It’s the first in a new series of ads that will air over the next few months leading up to the brand relaunch this...

Stop rebooting and start building

I recently received a cold-call from a mobile marketing company trying to pitch me on using their services. This is a large company and...

Sports marketing and ESPN score high

In the radio and media sales world we hope that we can stand out. That we can prove our relationships are stronger and better than our competition. That our ideas are top notch and our service is second to none. All of those attributes are wonderful for a sales person but it really does help when the product or brand they align themselves with backs up their product with cold hard facts that they are noteworthy in the hustle and bustle of the social era.

Call volume vs. relationships: Who wins?

I think we all agree that media sales is a game of relationships. Meaning, it is almost always easier to close a deal when we know our client. I think we all would further agree that sales is a game of math. Meaning, that if we have a lot of activity in our pipeline we are usually going to see better success. The point of argument with management comes when sales people think they shouldn't have to make a ton of calls because the media business is all about relationships. I like to coach my clients on a gentle combination of math skills and relationship skills. Being able to understand that you need both to be a successful media sales person. If you rely solely on building relationships to make your goal, the time required to close the deal grows significantly.

Hiring your next ad sales executive

As an ad sales training consultant, I am often asked to pass along the names of ad sales reps that are looking for work. When asked about candidate qualifications, most of my media company clients respond by saying they are looking for 7-10 years of ad sales experience, great communication skills and the ability to work with little or no supervision. Oh, and the candidate should be “highly motivated.”

Smart Sales Managers Know How & When to Switch Hats

Barrett Riddleberger shares the 3 hats sales managers should wear and why.

Watch Out For This Tricky Sales Candidate

Sales coach Barrett Riddleberger often identifies the types of salespeople who fail to meet expectations but always seem to have one thing on common: they interview well. "You struggle to hire good salespeople but experience frustration when they fail to meet their sales goals," he laments. This columns provides one example of why this happens.

Are Advertisers Pledging Your Ad Dollars To ‘Oath’?

"Building brands people love" is the marketing tag line associated with Oath, the parent company of AOL and Yahoo! owned by Verizon. But, what is its purpose? A Thursday evening marketing mixer in Miami sponsored by the company delivered one glaring answer: Oath is about gnawing away at ad dollars going to radio and TV, and building a bigger case for digital media.

Critical Steps To Take Your Brand From Purpose To Profit

Profit — it's the No. 1 goal of every radio and TV advertiser, and of every radio and TV station owner. But, what if you've just relaunched a radio station? There's certainly been some thought into the execution of the format change, and the expectation of what will come in 12 months ... right? If that's not happened, perhaps these "10 critical steps" from Simon Manwaring can help bring riches to your newly launched product.

Is One Of Your Sales Reps Failing? Here’s A Reason Why

Got a sales rep who is not hitting their sales quota? Can't figure out why? You might find your answer in this freshly penned Media Information Bureau column from expert sales training coach Barrett Riddleberger.

Customer Experience, and the ‘Human Experience

Marketers love to talk about the customer experience, but maybe this sort of thinking needs to change—or at least, expanded, argues Tom Kaneshige, Chief Content Officer at the CMO Council. In his view, "They should be delivering a human experience."
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