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Best Practices for Marketing Product Features

By its very nature commerce is competitive, and that means companies are going to gauge success by comparing themselves to other companies that sell...

Why 100% Commission is Killing Radio–Part III

A new approach: The approach is like that of the New England Patriots; they concluded it is the franchise, the massive machine that earns the

Overcoming the hijackers: How to retake control of your local direct rates

“Our market’s different,” says the manager of a medium-market station. “Increased competition, the bad economy and little agencies are driving our local direct rates...

Guvera gets traction with advertisers

Guvera, the on-demand service that recently launched here in the US, has gotten some early traction with big national advertisers who like the streaming...
Michael Rudd

Hot dog stand marketing version of sales: Volume 7

Michael RuddI think your product doesn’t work. You guys have no idea what you are talking about, advertising doesn’t work anymore. We just need to be on social media. You are overpriced and won’t deliver the results that I need, I have no doubt about that. Sales objections. We all get them. Every single day if we are really doing the job that we are expected to do.

Ideas clients want from you now

Local direct clients don’t like paying for “spots”. They like paying for ideas.  So, give them ideas they can use immediately and win their...
Michael Rudd

Think Opposite Day

The only time we can truly learn is when we push ourselves into what we consider the unknown. The times when we can really stretch our minds to expand and explore new directions is when we dedicate the time to involve ourselves into an area where we don’t typically go.

Collecting Unicorns

Unicorns are rare and magical creatures. In the European folklore of the Middle Ages a Unicorn was depicted as a white horse or goat-like creature with a long golden horn imbued with magical properties located in the middle of its head. They were commonly described as wild creatures and symbols of purity and grace that could only be captured by an innocent soul. But, I have another way to describe them…
Michael Rudd

Give away your best ideas!

What can we do to separate ourselves from all others in the sales field? What can we do to enable ourselves to thrive and not just survive in the media sales world for decades to come? There are many necessary action steps we need to take to achieve the questions asked above but one that I believe works best is to

Smart Sales Managers Know How & When to Switch Hats

Barrett Riddleberger shares the 3 hats sales managers should wear and why.

Run Away From This Type Of Sales Candidate

Featured Media Information Bureau columnist Barrett Riddleberger has made a living out of identifying sales candidates who, when hired, fail to meet expectations. In this latest column, Riddleberger notes that all of these bad hires have one thing in common: They interview well.

Why ‘Live Day’ Can Aid Your Stations In Myriad Ways

Here's something that's cool, and definitely establishes Radio as the one media that can truly connect with local listeners in ways Spotify, Pandora, and even TV stations and newspapers can't do. It's all about going live -- and that includes all on-air elements, including commercials. Entercom is the company behind this "more than just a stunt" opportunity — and it's something that could get your stations get noticed, and more listener love, too.

Seven Solutions For Fixing Underperforming AEs

What do you do when your sales reps fail to meet their quotas or fail to meet your expectations? Uncovering the root cause and applying the right solution is critical, expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger notes in his latest Media Information Bureau column. His advice could spark your sales team's performance just in time for the busy holiday season.

Another 10 Questions To Ask Every Sales Candidate

Looking for the right way to get the answers you seek from potential sales candidates in your organization? Perhaps these 10 questions from expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger can help. Good interview questions can go a long way in enabling the hiring party to accomplish this task.

Tips To Identify, and Connect, With Potential Customers

As Matt Sunshine, Managing Partner for the Center for Sales Strategy sees it, one of the most important things to do in uncertain times is to raise our expectations on what radio and TV can expect out of its sales team's performance. This observation came alongside lots of helpful advice in an exclusive Hispanic Radio Conference LIVE virtual presentation held Thursday.
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