Best Practices for Marketing Product Features

By its very nature commerce is competitive, and that means companies are going to gauge success by comparing themselves to other companies that sell...

Why 100% Commission is Killing Radio–Part III

A new approach: The approach is like that of the New England Patriots; they concluded it is the franchise, the massive machine that earns the

Overcoming the hijackers: How to retake control of your local direct rates

“Our market’s different,” says the manager of a medium-market station. “Increased competition, the bad economy and little agencies are driving our local direct rates...

Guvera gets traction with advertisers

Guvera, the on-demand service that recently launched here in the US, has gotten some early traction with big national advertisers who like the streaming...
Michael Rudd

Hot dog stand marketing version of sales: Volume 7

Michael RuddI think your product doesn’t work. You guys have no idea what you are talking about, advertising doesn’t work anymore. We just need to be on social media. You are overpriced and won’t deliver the results that I need, I have no doubt about that. Sales objections. We all get them. Every single day if we are really doing the job that we are expected to do.

Driving tune-ins, ad revenues with MMS mobile marketing

Mobile phone usage is at an all time high with no slowdown in sight.  With over 50% of American’s now owning smartphone, the burgeoning...
Michael Rudd

Hot Dog Stand Marketing Version of Sales: Volume 6

Have you recently heard or said something like this? “I hit my budget, that’s all I can do! I mean it’s not my fault everyone can’t be as motivated as I am.” Or how about this one? “How can I be expected to do all of these things? I need some more help.” Too often than not we forgot in our world of media sales that to truly make gains, to really stand up and stand out in the work you do, you have to embrace being both a great teammate AND a leader!
Michael Rudd

Using Your Benefits

One of the underused keys in radio sales is to really use your benefits of your medium and show them to your client or prospect in a way that will impact their business. I received a stat last week that jumped out at me: The use of radio in a company’s marketing campaign results in a 7.7% higher ROI than when the same companies have done a similar campaign without radio as part of their media mix.
Michael Rudd

Six ways to improve your social media marketing

The shifting of social media strategy and outlets--the game will never stop changing. The second you might think you have an inkling of how to do something new questions arise. Do I pay for sponsored posts on Facebook?

5 Reasons Predictive Analytics Make or Break a Modern Sales & Marketing Engine

Cloud Signalytics founder Lang Smith tells us why firms depending on

Watch Out For This Tricky Sales Candidate

Sales coach Barrett Riddleberger often identifies the types of salespeople who fail to meet expectations but always seem to have one thing on common: they interview well. "You struggle to hire good salespeople but experience frustration when they fail to meet their sales goals," he laments. This columns provides one example of why this happens.

Are Advertisers Pledging Your Ad Dollars To ‘Oath’?

"Building brands people love" is the marketing tag line associated with Oath, the parent company of AOL and Yahoo! owned by Verizon. But, what is its purpose? A Thursday evening marketing mixer in Miami sponsored by the company delivered one glaring answer: Oath is about gnawing away at ad dollars going to radio and TV, and building a bigger case for digital media.

Critical Steps To Take Your Brand From Purpose To Profit

Profit — it's the No. 1 goal of every radio and TV advertiser, and of every radio and TV station owner. But, what if you've just relaunched a radio station? There's certainly been some thought into the execution of the format change, and the expectation of what will come in 12 months ... right? If that's not happened, perhaps these "10 critical steps" from Simon Manwaring can help bring riches to your newly launched product.

Is One Of Your Sales Reps Failing? Here’s A Reason Why

Got a sales rep who is not hitting their sales quota? Can't figure out why? You might find your answer in this freshly penned Media Information Bureau column from expert sales training coach Barrett Riddleberger.

Domination marketing – How advertising sells with intimidation

"The one who loves the least, controls the relationship."      -Dr. Robert Anthony, self-help author He is the perfect dream husband for women everywhere.  No,...

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