Ask for the Pony

It breaks my heart to see broadcast sellers toiling away day after day chasing and servicing little piddly accounts when they could easily be asking for and getting real money.

Raiders of the lost ad budget

Advertising dollars are scarce in the best of times. Competition is always fierce. But in today's economy, can any businessperson afford to squander his...

Getting appointments with decision makers (video)

Once you identify the problem then you can think about businesses in product/service categories that could easily solve those problems. Then you formulate a creative strategy that goes right to the hearts of the people having the problems.

The Anal-Retentive Achiever – Building Brands for Confident People

Are you an adventurer or a nester?  Every personality has at least a little of both, and while most people think of themselves as...
Merlin Media

Carmel Car & Limousine Service signs with WEMP-FM NY

Carmel Car and Limousine Service, the largest limousine service in the world, announced a partnership with Merlin Media’s WEMP-FM News 101.9 Radio NYC. The...

Hot Dog Stand Marketing Version of Sales: Volume 2

I love what I represent. A sports talk radio station. While I’m not a die hard “super fan” I do love the competition of sports, the teamwork

Sales statistics or bust

Can statistics help you sell more? The answer is yes and no. To be clear, there is a distinct difference in my mind between ratings and statistics. Ratings are critical, statistics can be harmful if not used correctly. For example… “In morning drive we offer you access to more adult males than any other station. Here are the rating numbers to prove it”. A statistic is, “Dynamic Logic tells us that more people listen to radio than read magazines.” Ratings numbers are perceived as accurate and statistics can come from multiple sources with their own agenda.
Michael Rudd

Sports marketing community opportunities

There is a fire that burns inside of me to help improve the community that I live in. I want to help make a difference in it. And while every single one of us can day in and day out by our actions and the way we carry ourselves I realized that perhaps by using sports marketing as a tool and the sports talk radio station I work at as a platform I could create even greater change. And not just that but I thought perhaps I could deliver some opportunities to my clients that would help their businesses, help our community, and help my relationships with them. This struck me as a win win.

Build Relationships Before Budgeting

It’s one thing to sit down at a desk and jot down categories and numbers in preparation for 2015.

The One Thing To Ask All Job Candidates

One very common question is loaded with the opportunity to gather some great intel that often gets overlooked in an interview

Measuring, and Monetizing, Local TV Audiences

Of the $20.9 billion in the local TV ad market, only 5% of the revenue comes from digital properties such as web assets, mobile apps and distribution platforms such as Facebook. Can local TV operators find a path to increase their digital revenue growth? A new report from BIA/Kelsey may offer some successful suggestions.

Ten Smart Questions To Ask Your Top Sales Candidates

Before hiring a sales rep, conduct an apples-to-apples job comparison, suggests pro sales coach Barrett Riddleberger. Line up the structure and activities of your sales job and your candidate's current or previous sales job. "Good interview questions enable you to do this," he says. Why? "It’s easy to assume your sales candidate facilitated the same sales process and had a similar sales culture if they come from within the same industry or sold a similar product."

New Research Shows MC Media Spend Disproportionately Low

Multicultural consumers comprise almost 40% of the total U.S. population, yet multicultural media investments make up only 5.2% of total advertising and marketing spending. That's according to PQ Media, which conducted a research study on behalf of an ANA group.

To Attract Top Talent, Consider A Purpose-Driven Culture

The role of a sales executive has evolved, says Alexander Group media-focused change agent Matt Bartels. Today's sales pros require knowledge of new technological skills, and younger pros tend to have them all. However, as Bartels writes in this fresh column, they may not be considering sales careers because they don't see it as a lucrative profession.