Five Reasons for the Increased Interest in Radio Advertising

There are 5 reasons for the recent comeback of radio: Radio attracts more ad dollars this year than it has in a decade:

Mobile Banking: A Growing and Lucrative Market

Time to sit down with your local bank marketing departments and show them the real world of how today's consumers are doing their

Copywriting best practices: Using humor to conceal a product message

So there I am, doing an emotional marketing workshop for 30 people and trying to remember everyone's name

Ways to Avoid a Self-Obsessed Marketing Strategy

If you want to build a deeply passionate emotional marketing campaign, it is important that you build the brand backwards.  That means stripping away...

Why social media exists

The essence of why social media exists in the first place is…explained largely by science. I have always said that unless we know “the why”...
Michael Rudd

Failing is awesome…

There is no greater feat that you can achieve each day beyond being kind to everyone you interact with than failure. Failing is no longer...
Michael Rudd

Think Opposite Day

The only time we can truly learn is when we push ourselves into what we consider the unknown. The times when we can really stretch our minds to expand and explore new directions is when we dedicate the time to involve ourselves into an area where we don’t typically go.
Michael Rudd

You can’t be everything!

We would all prefer in a perfect world that every single one of our clients would be open to sitting down and having a true conversation about their marketing strategy. Telling us exactly who they wish to target, in what time frame, and what we can provide for them both from a marketing side and an advertising side to reach those goals. We also wish all of our clients paid their bills after 30 days so we didn’t have to track them down, the ones who year after year ask for so many extra free spots that maybe one of these years they will ask for a few less, and the ones who are so hard to deal with due to their grumpiness would suddenly become your best friend like a few of the clients that you have. It’s not going to happen…and you can’t change all of them, and you can’t be everything to your clients!

Take the commercial apart and see how it works

One of the ways to improve your skills in any field of expression whether it’s visual art, poetry, songwriting, filmmaking or writing is to analyze the work of the masters in each medium and discover the principles that make the piece successful. Will it work for radio commercials? In my experience, yes. Whether you use it as a way to break writers’ block, or as a continuing method to improve your writing this exercise may be useful.

Transmitter & Programming Considerations For HD Radio

Seattle radio industry veteran Marty Hadfield in 2008 shared ideas about what stations could put on an HD3 signal. His advice remains

Is Contextual Ad Buying An ROI Dud?

While evidence exists in support of the benefit of contextually relevant advertising in aggregate, its benefits on return on ad spend (ROAS) for digital campaigns and unaided ad recall for TV ads is uncertain. Those are the findings of original research presented today by the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) at its 2017 Audience Measurement forum, “Modern Measurement: Media, Models & Methods.” Is that good news for broadcast media?

Why You Shouldn’t Promote Your Top Sales Rep

Your top sales representative is bringing home the bacon. They are a true catalyst for growth at your radio or TV company, and the C-Suite knows it. What's the smartest reward? Media Information Bureau featured columnist and sales training coach Barrett Riddleberger says it isn't a promotion. In fact, giving this sales star the title and duties of sales manager could be a fatal error, he says in this video report.

Facebook’s Ad Revenue: A Stall For National Dollars

Is the ad foundation at Facebook a bit shaky? New data from Standard Media Index, released in response to news that another security leak is plaguing the social media giant, has arrived that looks specifically at Facebook's ad revenue. Guess what? There's some slowing growth in an area that's been healthy of late for radio.

Add This, And You’ll Hire Better Sales Reps

"Don't get fooled by another sales candidate," says expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger. "Uncover the truth about their capacity to perform." This Media Information Bureau installment gives you the answer to what you're missing in your hiring process, he promises.
Rosemary Ravinal

Six Team-Building Ideas to Spice Up Your Next Zoom Meeting

"A year after most of us were forced to work from home, I cringe when I hear from online meeting managers that they still struggle to get participants to turn on their cameras," says noted communications and PR veteran Rosemary Ravinal. "Speaking to a black tile on screen is a morale crusher." These tips could aid in your virtual team building needs.