Election Winner: Local Radio

It might seem strange to say, but we are finding that stations in mid and small markets are growing BECAUSE of their size! It’s a tough market out there

Free News Research from Madison Avenue

Research budget get slashed this year? Well some good news is on the way. There are huge companies

Creating value in Sports Radio

I call it “the point of differentiation theory”. If all things are considered close to equal; price, quality, convenience and service, people will make the choice of one product over another because a product or service has

Radio, the Ultimate One-on-One Medium:

Why Certain Vocal Characteristics Can Make or Break an Ad -- Each radio advertisement that goes on the air is used to deliver a message to the consumer. These messages are

The Broadcast Genius You Probably Never Heard Of

Tim Russert, Michael DeBakey and George Carlin were just three of the extremely influential people who died this summer. Tony Schwartz was the fourth. Who?

Success with new media begins with commitment

There continues to be as many questions as solutions swirling around radio concerning the best approach for integrating new media with traditional media offerings....

Pt 2 – Marketing and the Economy, Knowing the Consumer

Knowing what consumers can and can not do or willing to do deliver you the pacing on how your local ad dollars will take shape. Areas consumers are focused on

Part 3 – Marketing and Personal Finance

Knowing what consumers can and can not do or willing to do delivers you the pacing on how your local ad dollars will take...

Part 5 – Marketing and Featured Aisle

While female shoppers are more likely to have a store preference for Skincare products, do their spending patterns vary as well?  In short: yes....

Part 4 – Marketing and Retail Sales

Where and what are the habits today on spending in the clothing retail sector. Examining the retail vs outlets like Wal-Mart. Areas consumers are...

Why Shouting Copy Doesn’t Work

Once upon a time (now…long ago), James Brown had a hit with “Say It Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud.” That song and its sentiment were right for the time. But in daily business practice, saying it loudly in a radio commercial doesn’t work so well, and here’s why

Part 6 – Sales 90 day Outlook

With the Back-to-School season on the horizon, the 90 Day Outlook for several clothing categories as well as Shoes brighten from June

How to Steal Customers from the Yellow Pages

There are a number of very good reasons that local direct decision makers who are advertising primarily in the Yellow Pages should begin advertising...

Master the Critical Skills

If you're going to sell more every year, you need to get better every year. Let's look at this a different way. If what you are currently doing would produce the results you are looking for, the results should have already shown up

Summer is a Great Time for Television

Like sand slipping through toes on a summer beach, viewers of television can slip away during the summer season.  Warm sunny days beckon and...
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