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Smart Questions To Ask Before Recruiting Your Next Sales Rep

Want to hire great salespeople? Expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger recommends you answer these questions before you recruit your next sales candidate. "Defining your sales role first is critical to the hiring process," he urges in this freshly penned column.

Spot Repetition: A Good Thing, Until It Turns Bad?

How many times have you had to endure that one commercial when accessing an audio stream on a popular app? For our editor-in-chief, its in the thousands, thanks to Volvo and TuneIn. That said, the spot recall is 100%. What about the advertisers using radio during a long holiday weekend? Um ...

Seven Reasons Why A Sales Manager Can Fail

High turnover. Low sales. Unmet quotas. Disloyalty. Pressure from executives. These are just a few of the outcomes when sales managers fail. In this Media Information Bureau installment from expert sales training coach Barrett Riddleberger, some of the reasons GSMs don't succeed are offered.

Add This, And You’ll Hire Better Sales Reps

"Don't get fooled by another sales candidate," says expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger. "Uncover the truth about their capacity to perform." This Media Information Bureau installment gives you the answer to what you're missing in your hiring process, he promises.

Four Simple Steps For Upselling Your Clients

Upselling is vital to leveraging more sales with your existing customers, says expert sales training leader Barrett Riddleberger. But, apart from simply asking for more business, what is the goal? This column offers an answer, along with a four-step strategy to intelligently upselling your customers.

Beware of the ‘Tricky Sales Candidate’

"Don't get fooled by this sales candidate," expert sales training consultant Barrett Riddleberger warns. "They look great in the interview, but the trouble starts once you hire them." Here's what your GSM should look out for, preventing any earnings disappointments.

Ten Tips On Excelling As A Sales Pro

Looking to get your sales reps selling more in the new year, or during the holiday season? Expert sales training coach Barrett Riddleberger checks in with 10 things one can do to become a better salesperson ... right now.

Run Away From the ‘Face Palm’ Sales Candidate

Want to avoid a lost of pain, frustration and unmet sales quotas? Follow this advice from expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger. It could prevent your organization from hiring yet another sales candidate incapable of doing the one task that they should be the best at: Sell.

How Your Sales Reps Can Master Cold Calling

Fear of cold calling can immobilize a sales rep. "Cold calling, prospecting, lead generation – whatever you call it, can be an intimidating exercise," says expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger. "If you or a sales rep you know struggles with making calls, here are three things to do to break the fear of cold calling."

Beware of the Marketing ‘Golden Child’

They interview well. They have a track record of breaking sales records. But you do not want to hire them. Expert sales training coach Barrett Riddleberger details in this freshly penned column why one should be very wary of the scary "Golden Child."

What’s The Next Growth Engine For Digital Advertising?

If small businesses have shifted most of their spend online and digital-first companies are beginning to mature, double digit digital ad growth will depend on sustained expansion in digital business transformation from “traditional” marketers - brands whose businesses have historically existed offline primarily, says Brian Wieser.

Why Qualifying Makes You An Awesome Sales Rep

Want your sales reps to increase their closing ratios? It all starts with qualifying properly, says expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger. "Share this column with your sales team and they'll love you for it!" He exclaims.

Another 10 Questions To Ask Every Sales Candidate

Looking for the right way to get the answers you seek from potential sales candidates in your organization? Perhaps these 10 questions from expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger can help. Good interview questions can go a long way in enabling the hiring party to accomplish this task.

Is One Of Your Sales Reps Failing? Here’s A Reason Why

Got a sales rep who is not hitting their sales quota? Can't figure out why? You might find your answer in this freshly penned Media Information Bureau column from expert sales training coach Barrett Riddleberger.

Kantar: A Strong Lack Of Confidence In Marketers’ Media Programs

If the media buyer or planner your company works with lacks access to all the data needed to create actionable insights, they’re not alone. According to a new report from Kantar, only 8% of marketers think they have all the data they need. It's a top takeaway from "Getting Media Right: Marketing in Motion."
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