Teen Aversion To Androids Hits New Apex

Is your radio or TV station seeking to lure teens and young adults through apps exclusively available through the Google Play store on Android-powered smartphone? Good luck with that. A new Piper Jaffray study shows that with teens, it is all about Apple.

The Top Shopping Tool Tomorrow: The Smart Speaker

Ask anyone in the radio industry what the biggest boost has been in the past year for audience building, and you'll likely get two responses: podcasts and Smart Speakers. It is the latter that is "bringing radio back in the home." Now, there's evidence that suggests radio broadcasters' sales coffers could further grow thanks to the nascent use of Smart Speakers as a shopping tool. For that to happen, it must take eyeballs away from the top consumer shopping aide of today -- also a radio industry must.

A Pragmatic Look At Programmatic Ad Spending

A just-released forecast and report from eMarketer provides some keen competitive insight into ad spending projections over the next two years. Video is powering "significant growth" through 2020, with the "vast majority of U.S. digital display ad dollars expected to transact programmatically by 2020."

Six Things Top Reps Want From A GSM

The top performers among your account executives "leave clues" as to why they are successful, says expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger. So, what is it that they crave from their boss? Here are six things Riddleberger says sales reps want to help them achieve their sales goals.

What To Ask Sales Reps Who Aren’t Hitting Their Quota

The sales manager’s goal is to have 100% of their sales team consistently at or above quota. If there is a gap and one or more sales reps are not hitting their quota, then the source of the problem must be identified and fixed. Here are eight questions expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger offers to find out why your sales rep is not achieving their sales goal. 

Seven Things Smart Sales Leaders Do When Coaching AEs

What does a productive coaching session look like with your sales rep? Media Information Bureau featured columnist Barrett Riddleberger has some guidelines to offer that are designed to improve your sales leader's performance as a coach.

Take Risks With Your Commercials

Every day you can see and hear commercials that were created by committee. These, says Jeffrey Hedquist, are commercials that sound like … well, commercials. "They make you want to change the station, or at best, ignore the message." His recomendation? Take a few risks.

Audience ‘Identity’: A Primary Need For Marketers

Determining audience “identity” has become a major priority over the past year for U.S. marketers, many of whom plan to increase their investment in finding and developing identity solutions. What might this mean for your radio or TV station group? A newly released study from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) based on research conducted by Winterberry Group could provide some fresh answers.

Can A Sales Leader Be A No-Experience Rookie?

Can a non-sales person lead a sales team? Of course, says sales training expert Barrett Riddleberger. Many companies have leaders over sales teams that have never made a sales call in their life. In fact, many small business owners are the sales managers of their sales teams and have never been a sales rep, either. In this column, Riddleberger shares three reasons why, in his view, experience matters.

Better Conversations Equal Better Ad Sales

To stay abreast of the latest in ad sales training, Ryan Dhorn often listens in on fellow sales coaches to learn and observe.  "What seems so odd to me is the lack of common sense in what is being taught today," he laments. Here, Dhorn shares why the need to "perfect your pitch" is so off base that he's amazed that people still try and teach this age-old way of selling. 

TV Media Sales: Good, But Room For Improvement

What's the state of TV Media Sales? AdMall's 8th annual white paper on the subject is out, and it finds that the state of the industry is good year over year. But, there's a lot of room for improvement. How so? Some 44% of managers failed to meet their sales goal in 2017.

Seven Solutions For Fixing Underperforming AEs

What do you do when your sales reps fail to meet their quotas or fail to meet your expectations? Uncovering the root cause and applying the right solution is critical, expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger notes in his latest Media Information Bureau column. His advice could spark your sales team's performance just in time for the busy holiday season.

Critical Steps To Take Your Brand From Purpose To Profit

Profit — it's the No. 1 goal of every radio and TV advertiser, and of every radio and TV station owner. But, what if you've just relaunched a radio station? There's certainly been some thought into the execution of the format change, and the expectation of what will come in 12 months ... right? If that's not happened, perhaps these "10 critical steps" from Simon Manwaring can help bring riches to your newly launched product.

Six ‘Commercial Ruts’ To Avoid

On Thursday RBR+TVBR offered commentary from Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson on how the biggest problem with TV and radio spots may be content-related. Today, Jeffrey Hedquist offers his thoughts on how to make an audio commercial bring greater ROI for the advertiser. "If your commercials sound like commercials," he says, "listeners will probably ignore them."

Dear CMO: It’s Not The Spot, It’s The Creative

Among the news stories that caught Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson's attention on Thursday morning was a report out of the U.K. involving Channel 4, a major commercial broadcaster. It held a "summer upfront" on the Fourth of July, and the channel is trying out "a new linear ad format," The Wall Street Journal reports. Marketers may be salivating, but our editor argues that there's nothing wrong with the :30 or :60 — except the content.

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