New Insight On Digital Advertising, And ‘Better Ads’

Google can block ads on a website without the publisher even knowing it. That's just one big takeaway from a new MediaRadar report on online advertising. It's great intelligence for broadcast media AEs looking for more fuel to win over clients skeptical of radio and TV.

Seven Ways To Fix Underperforming Sales Reps Today

Got some sales reps that aren’t meeting your expectations? Here’s an article that might help, courtesy of expert sales training consultant Barrett Riddleberger. Here, Riddleberger shares seven ways one can fix underperforming sales reps ... right now!

Five Stellar First Appointment AE Questions

"Here's a great post to share with your sales reps," says featured columnist Barrett Riddleberger. This information is also great for use as a coaching tool designed to get sales reps make the most of their first appointment with a potential buyer. "Arm them with these questions to help set them apart."

Why You Shouldn’t Promote Your Top Sales Rep

Your top sales representative is bringing home the bacon. They are a true catalyst for growth at your radio or TV company, and the C-Suite knows it. What's the smartest reward? Media Information Bureau featured columnist and sales training coach Barrett Riddleberger says it isn't a promotion. In fact, giving this sales star the title and duties of sales manager could be a fatal error, he says in this video report.

Three Key Tasks To Make Successful Event-TV Spots

Successful ads during major broadcast events, such as the Super Bowl, need to meet three goals. What are they? A new analysis from Kantar provides TV industry ad sales execs with the answer.

Five Things To Know About Millennial Shoppers

Radio and TV C-Suiters are obsessed with millennials. They've been credited with upending entire industries, says an eMarketer analyst, and retail is hardly an exception. He's penned a piece on what retailers need to know about attracting and retaining consumers from this consumer group. It could help you, too.

Engage Millennials, And Integrate Fresh Ideas For Company Growth

In 2018, Kelly Orchard proposed a diagnosis about radio people suffering from “adjustment disorder,” a treatable condition that in most cases is a short-term concern. Now, Orchard writes that in order to grow successfully, one must introduce methods in company culture and properly adjust or adopt them to engage and encourage teams.

Facebook’s Ad Revenue: A Stall For National Dollars

Is the ad foundation at Facebook a bit shaky? New data from Standard Media Index, released in response to news that another security leak is plaguing the social media giant, has arrived that looks specifically at Facebook's ad revenue. Guess what? There's some slowing growth in an area that's been healthy of late for radio.
Rod Schwartz

Finding and Keeping A Great Salesman

Six years ago, Seth Godin noted the difference between the perception and the reality among professionals regarding their allocation of time in operating their business.  He used professional photographers to illustrate his point that managing time and resources involves trade-offs, but it certainly extends to entrepreneurs and leaders in any field. We revisit his points today.

Teen Aversion To Androids Hits New Apex

Is your radio or TV station seeking to lure teens and young adults through apps exclusively available through the Google Play store on Android-powered smartphone? Good luck with that. A new Piper Jaffray study shows that with teens, it is all about Apple.

The Top Shopping Tool Tomorrow: The Smart Speaker

Ask anyone in the radio industry what the biggest boost has been in the past year for audience building, and you'll likely get two responses: podcasts and Smart Speakers. It is the latter that is "bringing radio back in the home." Now, there's evidence that suggests radio broadcasters' sales coffers could further grow thanks to the nascent use of Smart Speakers as a shopping tool. For that to happen, it must take eyeballs away from the top consumer shopping aide of today -- also a radio industry must.

A Pragmatic Look At Programmatic Ad Spending

A just-released forecast and report from eMarketer provides some keen competitive insight into ad spending projections over the next two years. Video is powering "significant growth" through 2020, with the "vast majority of U.S. digital display ad dollars expected to transact programmatically by 2020."

Six Things Top Reps Want From A GSM

The top performers among your account executives "leave clues" as to why they are successful, says expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger. So, what is it that they crave from their boss? Here are six things Riddleberger says sales reps want to help them achieve their sales goals.

What To Ask Sales Reps Who Aren’t Hitting Their Quota

The sales manager’s goal is to have 100% of their sales team consistently at or above quota. If there is a gap and one or more sales reps are not hitting their quota, then the source of the problem must be identified and fixed. Here are eight questions expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger offers to find out why your sales rep is not achieving their sales goal. 

Seven Things Smart Sales Leaders Do When Coaching AEs

What does a productive coaching session look like with your sales rep? Media Information Bureau featured columnist Barrett Riddleberger has some guidelines to offer that are designed to improve your sales leader's performance as a coach.

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